World War I Simulation Student Journals: Greece, Serbia Montenegro 2

World War I Simulation

Serbia 2 1913

I feel a war brewing. My enemies, the Austria-Hungarians, might try to start a war with me. I really want to do something that will make them mad, not because I want a war…. I really don’t because I’m so tiny…. but because I like making them mad. First, though, I plan on allying with France, Romania, and Bulgaria because I’m going to need the man power to scare them off from starting a war, and I’m hoping that my neutral pal Bulgaria will let me have an opening to the Aegean Sea so I can get out. If they start a war with me, I’m going to get Russia to help me take over A3 and A2 to they have less territory. I’m calling a meeting with my allies tomorrow to see if they will stand and fight with me, if it comes down to that!

Greece 2 1913

Oh man, I’m go glad that I’m neutral. I think I’ve caught a bad wind coming from Serbia. Jimmy Christmas if they do something so stupid and get taken over, I’m going to laugh from the sidelines. Although, if they start a war, I’m going to get into it hopefully around the end, kind of like a surprise kick in the butt to the war. I’ll ally with some big shots, like Russia, because I’m small and they can seriously kick butt. For right now though, let’s sit back and watch the crazy descend.

Montenegro 2 1913

Dear God, I pray that Serbia, my neighbor, doesn’t deliberately provoke a war with the Austria-Hungarians. I’m so small, they would probably pick on me too. I want to live. Hopefully, if Serbia does get into a war, my allies will protect me. Oh Lord, please let me live. In all Heaven, if Serbia does anything and they get into a war with Austria-Hungary, I’m asking Russia for help.  Let my little country survive!

Serbia 2 1914

OMG!!! The Central Powers are taking over so many countries, I’m really scared that I’m going to get attacked… I have a good army, but it’s small. I’m planning on starting a war with Austria-Hungary because they took part of Russia, and I’m going to help Russia get that back, and I want some of Austria-Hungary. I’m also going to make sure that I’m not being attacked from both ends by Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. I’m hoping that the Ottoman Empire might strike a deal and betray the Central Powers.  Please Jesus help protect me from the Central Powers.

Greece 2 1914

I’m freaking out right now! I think the Ottoman Empire might try to take me over with the help of Bulgaria. If they do, I don’t know if Serbia will help, but no other country is close enough to help. I want to live and not get into the fight right away. I wish I had a navy to kick some sea butt. For right now, I’m just going to watch the battle and prepare when I need to be ready.

Montenegro 2 1914

Really scared right now! Austria-Hungary and Germany are attacking the littlest countries first right now. I’m so small, they could literally probably just come in and take over. I need to get some back up, but I want it from Russia, and they are so far away. I wish I had a navy because I could travel to another country, like Russia or France, and bring reinforcements to my country. Begging God right now that I can live for a little while longer! Wish me luck!!

Serbia 2 1915

I’m so livid. I cannot believe thatAustria-Hungary attacked me three times!! THREE TIMES!!! Freaking out right now because the Central Powers are taking over everything. I’m so going to fight them to get back to allied powers. I really need to get France and Great Britain over to help me fight. Let’s see if they’ll help!

Greece 2 1915

I’m going to die!! I’m going to get taken over!! Austria-Hungary and Germany are closing in on all of the surrounding countries. They took Serbia!! They’ll come for me next; I can just feel it. I hope that if they attack me, I can get Russia to help me fight back, and maybe Italy and France will be willing to help! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, let’s see who stands with me!

Montenegro 2 1915

I HATE Austria-Hungary and Germany!! They declared war on Serbia THREE TIMES!! I tried to help, but we lost the 3rd time! I’m down to 5 soldiers now. I hope that if I am involved in another battle, someone will come to my rescue. I’m hoping maybe Russia, France, and Italy will help me. I’m so small, and I need to know that they will back me in this war. Frightened Montenegro, signing out…. for now.

Serbia 2 1916

I’m Central Powers now. They used me to attack Greece. Greece is neutral!! I guess there’s nothing I can do about it though. I can only hope that when the United States comes in, they can help get me back.

Greece 2 1916

I’m so angry! I got attacked today and the Central Powers won. They attacked me twice! I was neutral. I didn’t plan on getting into the war until later. UGH!! I so wish the Allies can help me get back my country.

Montenegro 2 1916

I cannot believe those Central Powers… well I guess I kind of can. They attacked my 5 troops twice! I needed Italy the second time, but they didn’t help. I guess all I can do now is wait and watch. Hopefully the Allies will help me get my country back!

Serbia 2 1917

GO ALLIES GO!!!! They took back F3 of France because the United States kicks butt. I hope they sweep through Germany and destroy everything the Central Powers had going for them.

Greece 2 1917

All of the Allies are pretty much piling up in F3 now. I think something is gunna go down soon. I think they’re trying to take back F1 and Belgium. I hope they get everything they want. May the force be with them.

Montenegro 2 1917

OMG!! Germany tried to attack F2 and they lost! YAY!! This war in really fun to watch right now. So many things are happening and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope the Allies destroy everything that Germany and Austria-Hungary had. Let’s see which way the table turns!

Serbia 2 1918

I’m so upset. The Allies tried everything they could to defeat Germany, but they lost. The Central Powers had more territory than the Allies. I wish that Germany wouldn’t have taken over so much with Austria-Hungary. I would have gone in from the bottom instead of the top like they did. I would have taken the smaller countries back first, but it’s too late now. If we have another war, hopefully it will be more in favor of the Allies.

Greece 2 1918

Crying tears of joy and sadness. Tears of joy come from the fact that the Allies took back France and Belgium!! That was very exciting and a great accomplishment. On the other hand, tears of sadness come from the fact that the Allies attacked the Central Powers trying to get me back, but the Allies lost. I was so excited that they might win, but the Central Powers were just too strong!

Montenegro 2 1918

Worst year ever! I cannot believe that the Central Powers won the war! I mean, come on!! The Allies should have won because they were so much better than the Central Powers. Germany was so happy, they were jumping around and yelling…. real mature (NOT)! Oh well, I guess it’s over and done with (JK!)…. Germany better watch their backs and sleep with one eye open… I’m not happy…..