World War I Simulation Student Journal: Italy

World War I Simulation

Italy 2, 1913

While the rest of Europe is beginning to spiral into chaos, I will remain neutral. I have formed a secret alliance with France and Russia. I need to make sure I have backup incase of an attack. Currently I am forming a secret alliance with Germany. In the near future I plan on forming an alliance with Great Britain and Serbia. By forming alliances with countries on both sides, I have proved my neutrality.

Italy 2, 1914

I’m beginning to grow weary of attacks from either side. Luckily, I have secretly allied with both Germany and France. I have faith that my alliances will keep me safe for the rest of the year. In 1915 I will carry out my grand attack on Austria-Hungary with the help of France and Great Britain. I have discovered one of Great Britain’s objectives and I’m using that against them to help me take over Austria-Hungary. I plan on publicly allying with Serbia and Great Britain in 1915. At this point I will have formally joined the allies and I will be able to take back the land that was once mine. I fear that my public alliance with the allies with backfire on me in terms of my alliance with Germany, but after all, this is all in my own self-interest. If I didn’t need the land from Austria-Hungary, I would’ve joined the central powers by now.

Italy 2, 1915

This year I mobilized for war and joined the allies. Unfortunately, this year was rough for the allies. We lost France’s capital along with many small eastern European countries. I lost many troops fighting on the behalf of Montenegro, but I suppose avoiding the loss was worth the fight. I almost lost my own capital to Austria-Hungary, but I was able to successfully fend off their troops. Germany has continued to try and sway me to the central power’s side, but I won’t give. I want to see the allies win, and most of all I want to defeat Austria-Hungary and take back what’s mine. Austria’s declaration of war on me was just the tip of the iceberg. They have no clue what I have in store for them.

Italy 1916

This year was another rough period for the allies, I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to recover from the losses we’ve suffered. Russia has descended into a civil war and despite them putting thousands of troops into war they lost every battle. I’ve gained more troops and am currently more powerful than Austria-Hungary, so it’s only a matter of time before I’m able to take over. I think that they’re going to attack me next year, so Great Britain and I are prepared for battle. The United States will be joining us next year.

Italy 2, 1917

This year was somewhat successful for the allies. I almost took over part of Austria Hungary, but I miscalculated how many troops were surrounding the country and was easily overpowered. Luckily I only lost 500 troops, and can repeat my actions again in the coming year. This year we were able to take back part of France which was a huge relief. I was attacked by the Ottoman Empire in Libya but neither of us were victorious and I maintained my territory. I know for a fact that Austria-Hungary is going to attack me next year and I’m desperately trying to convince the other allies to back me up. Austria currently has me overpowered in that specific region and an attack would be devastating. I have faith that I can defeat them not only when they attack me but when I attack them again. They’re fools for thinking they can defeat me when they’ve already failed. If the allies refuse to back me up I will most likely abandon them. I’ve tried explaining to them just how much they need me, but they don’t seem to understand.

Italy 2, 1918

This year the allies were able to pull together and take back lots of territory. We took back all of France and Belgium. Though the allies still lost, we fought hard. I convinced the United States to take back Belguim by disabling the German troops around Belgium so that there was no way for them to back it up. Despite our loss I think that we fought hard and did all that we could.