WW2 Lesson Plans

Second World War Lesson Plan Student Journal: Great Britain

Second World War Lesson Plan

Great Britain 2 1938 

Today we started scouting other countries and figuring out how we are going to approach this war. We know what materials we have. Currently we are sitting well with iron ore. We need more oil, coal and rubber. If we gather more of these materials we can grow our overall rating up higher. When we gather the materials we need we will look into how we can help Poland from being invaded by Germany. A German invasion is bound to happen in Poland. It is difficult to have to send troops over right away because of the German navy. France will have to stay close allies to us if we want to succeed in this war. Having the US on our side will also help. We can’t allow Germany, Italy, and Japan to gather too much land and resources. Containment is key early on. 

Great Britain 2 1939 

The war has started today. We have seen what the axis powers are capable of. Japan will continue to dominate in the Pacific if they are left unchecked. We really need the United States to come in and keep Japan contained. We don’t stand a chance in this war if the United States doesn’t join soon. The USSR has been up to some suspicious activities. I’m concerned if they have decided to ally with the axis powers. I overheard Japan talking to the USSR about giving them materials. The USSR with materials teamed up with Russia would be unstoppable. We intend to make an alliance with Norway and Sweden to be able to bring our Navy up to control the Baltic Sea Zone. 

Great Britain 2 1940 

Our navy and the French navy has proven itself today with our first invasion. We first started the year out by making a secret alliance with Sweden and Norway. The naval attack succeeded in defeating the German ships in the Baltic Sea Zone. We don’t have to worry about the Germans making any advancements over the sea in that direction. Some ships were lost in the process, but that is war. Germany is moving masses of troops into the Netherlands, threatening France with an invasion soon. To help as much as we can, we are shipping in troops expect a standoff against the Germans. The thing we have been waiting for has finally come. The United States has entered the war on the allies side. This is huge good news for us. The next thing that would help is if the USSR joined the allies as well. We lost all of our territory in the Pacific except for Australia. We might need to get those troops out of Australia unless we are reinforced by the United States. Australia could be a good place to stop and store up troops to go against the Japanese. 

Great Britain 2 1941 

This year has started off tough with Germany moving 5,500 troops into Belgium. Things are looking grim for France. We were right, even with the US and Great Britain shipping all of the troops that we could. France has fallen, F1 and F2 have been taken over. Italy has come in from the south and Germany from the North to form the 1 2 punch out to France. We as Great Britain did everything that we could. F3 is still unoccupied by any of the axis powers and is still in ally control. We plan to send in troops to get the defensive bonus if they try to attack any more. The axis powers troops are very weak to the East. If the USSR would join the allies we might stand a chance at retaking France and defeating the axis powers. We would have to share materials with the USSR to get their army rating improved, but we need them to do something. 

Because Great Britain is on an island and all hostile ships around it have been destroyed, we don’t have much of a threat against us. We will just have to keep shipping as many troops as we can into F3 to try and eliminate the axis forces. If the United States wasn’t so far away we might be able to take it back faster. It takes 2 turns to move any US troops into France which is time wasted. 

Great Britain 2 1942 

As expected Italy and Germany have sent in the majority of their troops to F3. We sent in as much defense as possible, but it wasn’t enough. The good thing is, the Germans and Italians troops are all spread out and weakened. We plan to work with the US and send in more troops where they are weak, to eventually retake France and destroy the axis powers. The Germans have attacked the USSR causing them to join the allied forces. This is a big positive for us, now we have a force of troops allied with us to the East of Germany. The US keeps getting more and more troops and ships allowing us to be able to take advantage of their military rating and bring the fight back to the axis powers. Japan has seen the threat that the USSR has against them and they are moving troops to defend against, or possibly invade Eastern USSR. The United States will have to deal with Japan. We are willing to use our ships to transport US troops over into Japan’s territories. An attack by us and the United States together will bring down their dwindling troops in France and Germany. We will have to communicate and work together with the USSR to plan our attacks strategically. 

Great Britain 2 1943 

This year was all about preparations. We have loaded troops into Great Britain to prepare for a invasion into France to take it back. Germany realizes that they don’t stand a chance agains Great Britain and the US together. Germany continues to try and take over parts of the USSR. The USSR’s rating is hurting them as Germany is winning the small battles. Italy is being a real pain as well as they keep shipping troops into the Middle East that is controlled by us. To help out the USSR we are bringing those troops out of the Middle East and into Southern USSR. As we see how all of the Axis Powers troops in Europe are dwindling, it gives us hope. The only real threat in the Axis Powers is Japan. USSR has a large number of troops in the East but I fear it will not be enough. As we work our way into Europe, hopefully it will distract them. We plan on using our ships to the West of the US to help ship troops over into Japanese territory. The US will need to help out in the Pacific if we want to win the war. We could send US troops into Australia to hold them there before taking over different Japanese territories.  Europe is just ground that is ready to be taken over. Japan’s rating and troop number will be difficult to take over, especially because of how they are geographically positioned. It will take time to get anything all the way over to Japan. 

Great Britain 2 1944

This is it, D-Day. We’ve made enough preparations and have enough troops along with the United States. We are ready to take back France. We expect some resistance, weather or not Italy will assist Germany we cannot say. We have been successful in taking France back. Now we have a strategic place that we can ship troops to keep taking the fight to the Germans. Italy has been taking over more and more places in the Middle East. After they were done and we threatened to overtake their homeland, they sent an alliance paper to us. We decided to ally with them so that we could cleanse the rest of Europe. More time spent fighting another country like Italy, is time wasted. Making allies with them was in our best interest. USSR is barely holding in there, Japan is pushing to the East and Germany is getting dangerously close to Central USSR territory. With more movement of the troops that were in the Middle East we will be there to help defend against an invasion. We have also strategically moved our ships to the North Sea Zone to be able to ship our troops directly into Germany. Taking all of this land in Europe has also given us more and more resources. This takes resources away from the enemy and gives us resources. Japan proves as the biggest threat now, our ships will come in handy for moving US troops into Japan. They can be stored in Australia if they need to be. 

Germany 2 1945

The war has become a game of cat and mouse. Germany is running from us as we liberate Europe. The USSR as expected has failed to hold off both Japan and Germany pushing on both sides. We couldn’t chase down Germany in time to save them from being invaded by Germany.  Our troops in Australia have withstood an attack with some help from the United States. Australia is an important place to have so that we can store troops there until we are ready to attack Japan. If we had one more year of war, the rest of USSR would be cleansed of all axis powers. If we only had more time during each invasion and movement period, this war would be over. Many more opportunities would have presented themselves. We could have helped protect the USSR if we had more time to move our troops into Ukraine. The US is moving more ships into the Pacific helping to defeat the Japanese in their territories. With a few more turns, all axis powers will be defeated. The United States has helped out so much in the war.