WW2 Lesson Plans

WWII Activity Student Journal: Poland & Netherlands

WWII Activity

1938-Orientation Day:


Poland is not a strong country we have 1,000 troops with the military rating of 2. Our natural resources aren’t good we have 3 out of 5 oil, 0 out of 5 iron ore, 3 out of 5 coal, and 0 out of 5 rubber. I am put in a very bad situation I am stuck between Germany and the USSR and either one of them or both of them are coming at me. My objectives are to retain my territory, Negotiate vigorously to get Great Britain and France to defend you,  and persuade Great Britain and France to announce publicly that will guarantee your borders. 


Netherlands is very weak. Army of three hundred and fifty, and a navy of 50. The army rating is a one, and the navy rating is a seven.  Our resources were 0/1 oil, Dutch El 8, Iron ore 0/1, Coal 1/1, and Rubber 0/1. The Netherlands have been at peace for almost 100 years.  I am very concerned about the German forces, and I can’t do anything about it because their troops will stomp mine. I have to surrender I can’t try and fight back.  My objectives were remain neutral, if you are occupied, flee to Great Britain, if the Germans declare war on you surrender, and join the Allies work to help them in the pacific. 


Poland: Today is the day when we start to prepare for war because we know it’s coming. We aren’t very strong, we know that and so do other countries. Our strategies are to keep on the low and make sure France & Great Britain can keep there promise to help me if needed. Everything changed when Germany came to attack P1. I held in as long as I could, but my troops couldn’t hold them off they were the rulers of P1 and I knew they would becoming for P2 very soon. I was so dumb! I listened to the USSR expecting them to help me if Germany came for P2. Out of no where USSR lied! They went to war against me! My troops were so weakened from before they couldn’t protect P2, and now Poland is no longer mine it belongs to the USSR & Germany. 

Netherlands: My troops are weak and Germany is going to come after me. I need to remain neutral to make everyone happy. The German President came to me asking if I would join their side, but I had to decline the offer. I knew as soon as that happened it was not going to be good for my troops. Next thing I knew Germany was attacking the Netherlands, and my troops were nothing compared to theirs. I had to surrender to them. Germany took over the Netherlands and no one could stop them. 


 Both of my countries have been taken over now I am just helping out my allies mentally. It’s a whole knew year, and Great Britain and France are trying to start an alliance with U.S. Japan just made a huge move and took over all of Asia. The U.S. was finally able to make some moves and help out the Allied powers.The U.S has a lot of resources, and their army should be able to help our troops a lot, and we can take down axis powers together!


Germany is on the move they moved in 4,000 troops into Belgium.  They are on their way to France and I don’t think France can hold them off. From the other side Italy is moving into France to invade F2.  They don’t have the troops to fight them off and prepare for Germany there isn’t much they can do. Italy took over part of France and they are just going to keep moving on. Germany moved in soon after to F1 and France’s troops are trying to keep fighting but they are getting weak they can’t hold on for much longer. The axis powers are victorious yet again they are unstoppable, all we have left for Axis powers are Great Britain and U.S.  


France has just a small portion of land left and Germany is moving in yet again to defeat them all for good. France knows they are coming and they are ready for them but they are really beat up and Germany keeps coming back stronger and stronger but France can not give up. They have sent everything they could which is not a lot and Great Britain is trying to keep the small portion of France on the board but it’s not looking good. It was not a good day for my allied friends from France they had a harsh battle with Germany and France could not make it through. Germany has taken over France for good, and now we have to see what will happen next with our other allies. 


France has been through a tough war last year and they were unfortunately  defeated. Our allies are going down one by one. All we have is Great Britain and the U.S.A. You could cut then tension between Axis powers and Allied powers with a knife. Not only was Germany trying to take everything from the Allied but they went after the USSR. Great Britain needs a break they have been trying to defend their land. A lot of movement was done which I think gave the Allied powers a huge advantage. Looks like Germany didn’t really have a strategy they just wanted to destroy things with Japan. The Allied powers had been secretly talking to Austria Hungry to join us.  


The Allied powers are tired of being pushed around by Germany and Japan. Germanys troops left Germany wide open and in came the U.S, and France. They used Great Britain’s ships. The United States and France are taking over Poland from the axis powers, because they left it wide open with no troops. 


The allied powers can’t take much more but Great Britain and the US are moving in on our enemies and defeating them one by one. All France, and Poland can do is sit back and help the other Allied powers mentally. This war will be over soon and we will not stop until it’s in our favor!