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WWI: Ottoman Empire Student Journal

WWI Daily Journal 

Ottoman Empire 2 1913

There has been no sign of war for the past couple of years. There has now been a word going around about the assasination of the Archduke. If these rumors came out to be true, what would that leave my allies to do? What will Austria Hungary do? If they get involved in war that means we will too. We are their allies. We told them that if they were involved in war, we would help them. If all the central powers mobilize and get in this war, who knows what will happen to all the other countries in between. We need to get as many of the neutral countries on our side. It will make our job so much easier. If we get in this war, we are going to win. We will defeat our enemies. Tomorrow, there is a press conference and we will see if we are getting into this war or not. We will see who mobilizes and who doesn’t. Just hope you know that if one of the Central Powers mobilizes, you get the whole team. This Means War!

Ottoman Empire 2 1914

So we decided to mobilize. All thanks to the Serbians. Austria-Hungary, our allies, had declared war on Serbia for what they did to the Archduke. If Serbia wants war, we will give it to them. Us as the Central Powers will take over the whole land of Europe and take every country one by one. We have the army to take down anyone. The Ottoman Empire as well as Austria Hungary don’t have any Navy while Germany has 1,000 boats and submarines. Even though the Central powers have a small navy but we don’t need a navy to win. We have troops and you (Allies) don’t. Have fun losing. What are the allies alliance members going to do about it? What will the neutrals do? Are they going to come in and save the day? We will most certainly take them down as well. Allies, you better watch your back! Not only you Allies, but Serbia, you are next. You are our first target!

Ottoman Empire 2 1915

Not only did our armies win wars, but we took down as many men of the allies as possible. The battles that we lost, we weakened the allies armies so that we will beat you the next time. We have a new army that will be better than yours. I will take my land from the Blakans. Once we do this, The Ottoman Empire will be more as powerful as they once were. Once we take back the Balkans, we will have all of our original territory. We already took Crimea back from Russia. Once we get the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire will be bigger and more powerful than it once was. We will take Northern Africa and Russia. I will continue to attack France and Italy. Russia is slowly weakening and is going to fall in a couple of years. The Central Powers will then have that territory as well. Russia and France, we are coming for you and you have nothing to do against it! 

Ottoman Empire 2 1916

Our empire is growing slowly. We took back the Balkan states because our army was more powerful than their weak troops. Russia is going to be our next target because their army is really weak. I keep building up my troops and Germany keeps building up their troops. We are going to take Russia by attacking from both sides. This is the same strategy that France and Russia had on Germany. Obviously that didn’t work. We have lost some land due to the lack of troops and the Allies having so many countries and troops. Don’t worry, we will still take back the land that we just lost. We didn’t have to lose any troops getting the land, but you did. Great job Great Britain! Way to waste your men for nothing. Are we gonna win the war? At the moment, I have no clue. We looked like we had a clear path towards victory, but the allies navy just kept bringing in troops. We are going to win this war! I would be scared if I were you Russia, you are next!

Ottoman Empire 2 1917

We are slowly attacking France and wasting the troops of France, USA, and Great Britain. All of the neutral countries have joined the allies in war so it is making us as the Central Powers look even greater than we are. Our troops are bigger and better than everyone else’s. We are planning on slowly attacking France so that we can get their capital and we will also start to slowly move into Russia and take their capital as well. Once we take over Russia, it will allow us to focus more on France. It will allow us to send more and more powerful troops into France to defeat them. Will we lose some of our men in the battle? 100% we will, but we will still be victorious at the end of the day. I just hope the Allies realize that they aren’t as good as us. I hope that the Allies realize that even if we don’t have boats, we can still be as powerful on land. 

Ottoman Empire 2 1918

With war coming to an end, we wanted to make one final push towards victory. Even though there was no clear winner to this war, we tore apart the allies land. We took huge chunks out of the allies troops as well. If the war kept going, the Central Powers were going to take over all of France because that was all that was left. We were going to win this war. We would have taken our troops from the Ottoman Empire and brought them through the Suez Canal and taken over Egypt, Libya, and French North Africa. We would have pinched France like them and Russia tried to do on Germany. Did we have non-believers? We most definitely did have non-believers who thought that we couldn’t do it. No one thought that Russia would fall or especially create a civil war within their own capital. 

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Turkey

Turkey 7, Orientation day

Initial Thoughts: Turkey is going to try and not become a radiation land, as well as keep the allies that I already have

Strategy: Turkey is going to try to stay close to Great Britain, France, and the United States because they are the places that have the nuclear war fare meaning that they are more powerful. The country Turkey is also gonna help anyone out that possibly needs help, so that Turkey can help if something goes wrong in the country. 

Turkey 7, Day 1 

Thoughts: Turkeys thoughts for this 1st day in war is to try to stay alive and to be able to help anyone and everyone out that needs it. 

Strategy:The Soviet Union just announced that people are leaving their country because people are leaving so they are now blocking Berlin making it so no body can leave the Soviet Union . And they just announced that the Soviet union was going to attack us. The United States had 200 troops in Turkey and so did turkey but I just wasn’t enough. The entire Nato group then asked if the country of Turkey would like to go down to DEFCON 4 and we agreed. The country of Turkey now belongs to the Soviet Union and would like to see them fall by the rest of the NATO group. The Nato group then had troops from any and all allies that wanted to send troops over to Eastern Germany to take it over and they were successful. They are now talking over if they want to take over Czechoslovakia or not. The Soviet Union now wants to attack Greece. The country of Turkey’s original plan was to sent 50 of my troops over the Greece so that when Turkey was attacked they would still have troops but sadly troops didn’t get moved and so now Greece is on their own and the Warsaw pact being successful. Now the Soviet Union is decided that they want to keep attacking and wants to take over East Germany with them taking it back and winning. NATO decided that we are mow moving to DEFCON 3. The Warsaw pact decided to go to DEFCON 4, hopefully letting the NATO allies to start winning. Turkey jumped to conclusion the Warsaw now just announced that they moved to DEFCON 3 like us allies. The Soviet Union is now attacking Italy. Sadly they were sucessfull. Now attacking West Germany because they want to destroy any and everything that they can. NATO just announced that we are going to DEFCON 2 and Warsaw announced that they turned Launch On Warning on. 

Turkey 7, Day 2 

Thoughts: Turkey was taken over by the USSR yesterday, so on this next day of war. Turkeys is just going to sit back and observe what the rest of the NATO allies do, and help with anything that the voice of Turkey is able to do.

Strategy: The NATOs today decided that they were going to attack Cuba. We were very successful and now have Cuba in the NATO territories. France just now announced that they wanted to use a nuke to target West Germany and Italy and wiped all the troops out of hose areas. The NATOs are now moving troops to prevent from any attack on them. The Warsaw pact just announced that they too are now at DEFCON 2. France is now moving troops over to Italy to attack them and now we are victories and Italy is ours again. France also moved troops back over to West Germany to take it over, now the NATOs have West Germany back to themselves. The Country of Italy now is i control of the Belgium troops. The USSR just sent a tactical nuclear strike to all the troops in Norway, West Germany, Italy and killed all of our troops on those areas. The United states is now moving troops to Cuba and to France. The United states just moved troops back over to Turkey and Turkey is now apart of the United States. The NATOs also got Greece back. The USSR just nuked all the countries that the NATO just took over. The USSR again just decided that they wanted Turkey back and took Turkey back over. The Warsawpact also just announced that they are going to DEFCON 1 and we announced that we were turning Launch on warning on as well as moved to DEFCON 1. France now just moved 100 denmarch troops over to East Germany and won that battle. The NATO allies are now moving all their troops from the Netherlands to France. The USSR is now tactical nuking East Germany to take it back and they are attacking Denmark. France is now moving 10 troops over to turkey again and sadly we weren’t successful. The NATOs are now deciding that we are now indicating snap code and getting ready to nuclear blast the entire Warsaw pact and they are nuclear blasting us. We are all going to die in less than a minute and that’s that. 

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

Great Britain 8 1938

I believe that tomorrow is going to be the beginning for most countries but also the end for some.  I believe that initially Germany will instantly invade Poland and take as much as they can. My strategy going into the conflict is to use our incredible amount of surplus of resources to both help allies and try to gain new ones. We will use resources to help France  and try to get the U.S. on our side. We are going to use our strong army and amazing navy to both defend and attack countries that defy the allies in the war. We will work to tak out the Nazi and maybe get the help of the Soviet Union.

Great Britain 8 1939

With the start of the war as we guessed Germany instantly took the capital of Poland. Unfortunately we couldn’t do much to help Poland defend them. Initially I decided we needed to push into Norway and cutoff that land from Germany so that they couldn’t push up and attempt to surround us. We also needed to stop the onslaught of Japan pushing west. The only way we can successfully defend is with the help of the Soviet Union and possibly the United States. Our current plan is to do as much as we can to gain the help of the U.S.S.R. and the United States to help defend off the Nazi army.

Great Britain 8 1940

Lots of negotiating is taking place with the start of 1940. Thankfully the Soviets finally joined the allies along with Yugoslavia and Sweden. With an amazing show of France’s defensive strength against a massive Italian army aided by German forces, Italy may be considering flipping sides. I am still working on getting them to flip and I also am working to get Bulgaria and Hungary to see that staying with the axis is hopeless. I believe that the Germans will soon push into France and take as much land as they could.

Great Britain 8 1941

With continuation of negotiation Italy and now Hungary are really thinking about flipping sides. I believe that Japan is soon going to make a big push for the U.S. seeing that they took Hawaii. Allowing the U.S. to mobilize their troops and side with the allies. Our current plan for coming years is to continue reinforcing the two fronts of France to protect from a full scale attack. We also are going to try and utilize our navy forces to bring more and more troops all throughout allied lands. We also hope the Soviets will help push west and slowly weaken the Germans. The next few years will be all about reinforcing as much as possible.

Great Britain 8 1942

Our plans for this year is to take the empty lands and get American forces to France to help against the Nazi army. With lots of strategic moves and help from allies we managed to push into the Netherlands, East Prussia, and we took back Burma from the Japanese. We are constantly moving troops with our navy and we are still working to convince Italy to join the allies. We get closer by the second. We think that if the Soviets push west and France, Great Britain, and the U.S. all push east to weaken Germany we will be set to win the war.

Great Britain 8 1943

1943 was a bit of a slow year on both sides. Our plan going into the year was to build up large numbers of troops to take regions back that we originally lost. Using the U.S. troops we strengthened France’s power and numbers. We have a massive naval fleet constantly moving more and more troops from the United States into France. Japan is still pushing west so we have teamed up with the Soviet Union to build up forces in Iran to hopefully at some point within the next two years push back into China and weaken Japan. Unfortunately convincing Italy to join the allies came to a halt. They weren’t convinced they had a better chance if they flipped over to the allies. As a consequence when they decided they wanted to take French North Africa we stepped in to help a small and outnumbered French army. We defended against the Italians and pushed into Libya and kept pushing our armies east to enforce Iran. Next year we are going to hopefully take back both China and Belgium. We will work to eventually take out the Axis.

Great Britain 8 1944

This year we made our move to Belgium. We have reinforced and we will push back into Belgium. With a fairly easy win our next objective is to build up our armies to defend against any other attacks and we will try to push back into China and face Japan. The United States also took back Hawaii and now with a small naval fleet that includes Dutch, American, and British boats we will try to push back against Japan and take back the lands with a mass of resources by surrounding them. This year was a success for the allies and we have scared the Axis more than ever.

Great Britain 8 1945 

With the end of the war in sight our plan is to make our push for Germany’s capital and we threatened Italy to join the allies with a mass army that would push into the Italian capital. Italy had to make the move to flip sides to ensure their safety. Which allowed us to put all of our attention on Germany. They ended up barely defending their capital even while being outnumbered they survived with almost no troops left. After the loss they pushed east to take as much land as possible from the Soviets and all we could do was reinforce as much as we could. With the end of the war Great Britain had done all that they could to assist the allies with all conflicts. If we had more time I think we could eventually push farther east and use the numbers from the United States to wipe out the Germans. World War II Simulation

WWI: Belgium Student Journal

Belgium 7 1913

Today I got news that the ArchDuke and his wife have been killed! Surbianian Nationalists came in and took them away, we now do not know what will go one from here. We know Austrian Hungaria will not be happy…will this start a war…everyone is on edge. I have formed a secret defensive alliance with France and Great Britain. But on the other hand all of the Central Powers have asked me to have some sort of alliance with them. This is a tricky decision for me because I here either side has a little bit of beef with each other so instead of a defensive one we are thinking of a regular alliance. If someone attacked upon me the Central Powers said they would be there to protect and help me through things. Having both they alliances

Belgium 8 1914

Today I had some very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies. I am getting some great information from the Central Powers and having great discussion with Germany to make sure their troops do not get into my territory and hope France does not get attacked due to the secret defensive alley they would find out I was really with them the whole time while I just wanted information from the Central Powers. During the wars between the Central Powers and the Allies I have been able to stay neutral through it all and help France and Great Britain with some strategizing skills due to what I found out from the Central Powers. 

Belgium 9 1915

Today I had some more very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies again. Lots of war is happening and I had the option to join either the Allies or Central Powers, I did neither. I am still neutral at this point but am expecting France to come through my land the next year or sometime soon to try and take over the Central Powers and have troops ready to go just in case of any surprise attacks. Doing this I am honoring my secret alliance with them and this also means Germany can’t set up troops in my land which is also another objective. I’m hoping my land can stay neutral but if not at least help out the Allies and let them set up troops in my land before Central Powers are able to.

Belgium 10 1916

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries again. On the other hand I let France and Great Britain put up troops in my territory. This means I met my objective very well having them there because then they can easily defend my territory.  I then let Portugal come into my territory too. Now that they are there the Central Powers know something up with me and some of the Allies but I did cover it up pretty well and said I didn’t know they were going to do that and what was happening so I could keep getting information from them. Today was the first time the Central Powers threatened to come through Belgium territory after being upset they couldn’t set troops up in my territory. I had to talk to them for a while and finally convinced them not to come through and that I’m trying to stay neutral for as long as I can. By doing this I was following my objective and everything was going as planned. 

Belgium 11 1917

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries once again. The USA finally got involved in the war and moved to the Allies side. Hearing this was a good thing because until they switched I got some inside information from the USA about what they were planning on and how we were on the same page with the Allies. Today was yet again quite a stressful day due to Germany being very difficult to deal with and afraid they will invade Belgium to try to get to France’s land. Hearing this I told the Allied Powers right away to be prepared for this within the next year or even a surprise attack having it maybe happening, so they did move some troops around.Talking to them we had a game plan if Germany did invade I would join the Allies and help fight.

Belgium 12 1918

Today Germany declared war in Belgium, so I had a big decision to make. Will I ally with the Central Powers or the Allies? I chose the Allies. From there France, Portugal, Great Britain, the USA, and I (Belgium) sent our troops in and won the battle in Belgium taking out quite a bit of German troops. But planning all this and how we were going to defend took some thinking on our part because we could not lose Belgium, doing that the Germans would have taken over France very easily from there. We knew that the US and I had the best forces and me not having much. I had them all there while the US moved quite a bit of money into Belgium as well. Great Britain also brought about 4000 of their troops to help out and more from France and Portugal came along to help because we all knew the seriousness of the situation. After taking victory we all had a great relief that we had finally won!! From there I helped the Allies with some plans and helped France take over G2 with strategies. As the final day of war I am proud that I met all of my objectives. While staying neutral through it all besides the last day was very difficult but I had my secret alley with the Allies but also stayed civil with the Central Powers telling them I am staying out of it. Being able to accomplish my objective of Germany not being able to move their troops into my land and being able to defend it was great and also having the French and Great Britains defending me too was great. Not only that but I was also able to defend my territory and keep it and not let it be taken over by the Central Powers.

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Great Britain

Orientation Day: Great Britain 7 day 1

Initial Thoughts: My Initial thought was super confusing, but when Harms explained it to us it made more sense. I didn’t think the United States, France, and Great Britain were the only countries to get launch codes.

Strategy: My plans are to stay close with the United States and France and plan on attacking whenever they are attacking. Great Britain is a good country to control, but you can go over power with them. The codes are very useful, but they can be defective because they can go wrong if you send them the wrong time. We need to keep them in their own countries. We can’t let them go free roam. 

Day 1: Great Britain 7 day 1

Thoughts: I personally don’t want to send missiles back everytime they send them because we could make a come back (karma) if they run out of weapons. If we are getting destroyed or they are attacking us heavily then we will send our missiles back, but thats my prediction

Strategy: Soviet just closed the Berlin blockade. The Soviet Union is attacking Turkey right now with 881 troops. The Soviet Union took over turkey. We moved to defcon 4. Mostly just waiting for the warsaw to move or attack so I can get more plans in. They are moving troops upward closer to West germany. We are attacking east Germany. 150 west germany troops, 150 United states, 50 from Canada and 50 from lycanberg were sent to attack east germany. Poland, east Germany and Hungary are defending. Nato won the battle of East Germany just barely. Great Britain can’t move because I only have 300 troops in Great Britain. Soviet Union is attacking Greece with 548 troops. Warsaw took over Greece with ease. I didn’t know that you can move troops without the navy so I will be moving my great britain troops. The warsaw took back over east germany. I’m going to move my troops to France. We moved down to defcon 3 and Warsaw followed by going to defcon 4. The United States just opened a secret package. The United States talked to Great Britain and France and WE NEED to attack Cuba quickly before the Warsaw takeover. The wars were attacking italy. And they took over Italy. Plans are to wait for the warsaw to move their troops more and then attack. They just took over the battle box. The warsaw are attacking west germany. We just went to Defcon 2. And the warsaw went to launch on warning. 

Day 2: Great Britain 7 day 2

Thoughts: I plan on attacking Cuba with the United states. I plan on sending all of my troops to Cuba while the United States is sending 100. I think the United States needs to send more troops down into France because we need to defend West germany. I think we are testing the water too much and I think we need to come out strong. This is getting super slow because no one is attacking were playing the wait game.

Strategy: We sent 200 troops while The United States sent 300 more. France is using a nuke right now in West germany. Targets were destroyed in west germany. We just took over italy. We are moving our troops farther down to the germany and denmark region. The United States moved all of their troops from the west to the east. The USSR are moving their troops out of the USSR and spreading them out by putting them in Poland and romania. France is attacking Italy with 10 troops just to claim Italy. The United States sent 10 to west germany to claim open land. I moved 100 troops to France just in case of the Warsaw attack. The Warsaw nuclear attack hit everyone in Norway, and Warsaw nuked west germany and he took Italy back. Warsaw moved all of them out of the ussr. We are attacking the USSR to destroy their main land. That plan didn’t work because we could only send 400 compared to 500. The United States sent 200 troops to France while they sent another 200 to Cuba to back up the few great britain. Since the computer wouldn’t catch it, we just kept them in the east United states. Took Turkey back over with 40 troops since it was open land. France attacked Greece and claimed it back by sending 25 troops. We are testing the water to see how the warsaw reacts. They sent nukes to west germany, greece, turkey, and italy. We just activated defcon 1 and launched on warning. We are attacking east germany with 200 troops. Warsaw won, but still had 70 troops. Now we are counter attacking with 100 denmark troops to east germany. We are moving all the troops from the Netherlands into france. The warsaw are sending a nuke from poland to denmark to east germany. The warsaw are sending troops from norway into east germany attacking with 125 troops. They easily took over east germany. We just lost a 10 v 10 in turkey. The french are sending all of their troops into netherlands. We are just nuking everyone at this point. The whole battle sent their launch codes in. it will not be stopped. Nobody won because everyone died.

Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, Romania

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: This war is no joke. There are many advances for army power and the nuke is the worst of them all. If one side felt they were losing they would do anything and everything to end the war. Even if it meant destroying the entire world with war. The tension going into the war is very high as each side is going to continue to pick at each other. Not in a friendly way either. After orientation, I feel it’s best I lay low and not make any big moves. In the end I can’t do anything as I am required to stay behind the Soviet Union and let them be the deciding factor for everything. 


As we met with Arends he said his first move of attack is to go after Turkey because they have two different missiles sitting there. All of the other countries that make up this Warsaw pact are to just stick with the Soviet Union and follow in their footsteps. Unless we disagree then we can protect ourselves. We came to the senses to take over all of Europe, Arends however is nervous that as we move along with these attacks that the United States will launch their missiles at us. All of our army rankings are very high so we have no doubt in our attack plans. 

Romania 7 Day 1:


The Soviet Union’s leader, President Arends, gathered us in a secret location to express his thoughts as we began to prepare for war. We are aware of what the Nuclear war can do to the country, and we will make sure those effects stay fresh in our minds. It’s extremely destructible and for my country I feel as though it’s not necessary at all. 

As the day started with an announcement from President Arends, he expressed to everyone that he wasn’t going to put up with people leaving his country for the communism that the Nato had to offer. So he closed off the western side of Berlin so no one could get out. 

The Warsaw pact decided to go ahead with their attack on Turkey with 881 troops from the Soviet Union. Romania is a part of this alliance but I feel like attacking Turkey right off the bat will make Nato very angry, leading them to attack us in the most brutal ways. I’m going to sit quietly on this one and I’m going to hope and pray President Arends knows what to do. 

I’m glad I sat quietly as President Arends led us on a victory for this one. However, Nato moved closer to a nuclear war as they kept moving their Defcon down. 

Nato decided that they were declaring war on East Germany. They were successful as we had no one to help them at this time. Arends decides to attack Greece, East Germany, Italy, East Germany and Albania and I feel as though those are good moves as we continue to expand our territory. He led us to more victories.  


 The strategy Arends had for us is out of our reach. By that I mean we have to side with whatever he says. He is working on moving troops out of the Sviet Union in case the Soviet Union were to get attacked. Besides this, it gives us a bit of wiggle room if any of our other allying countries were to attack. If they were to get attacked, the Soviet Union will be right there to help. We don’t want to lose another country, like we did with East Germany, due to lack of troops in the surrounding areas. I just sit back and observe as of right now. Although, it was brought to my attention that my troops had to be moved out of Romina. It’s necessary they are moved because there’s no need for them where they were placed on the map before the move. If the Romania troops are moved outward towards the end of our territories and their borders they will be a whole lot more useful. We voted and decided that if Nato moves to Defcon 2 we will be launching our missiles and attacking with nuclear war. 

Romania 7 Day 2:

Thoughts: Nato decided to move to defcon 2 and like our strategy plans say, we are going to launch our missiles on warning. Great Britain announced an attack on Cuba which is misleading to me as they have been all by themselves. They aren’t a part of the Nato’s and they aren’t a part of the Warsaw Pact. This really threw me off as the Nato aren’t attacking the Warsaw Pact but instead decided to attack a country that has been minding their own business.  It makes me wonder if this is a part of an even bigger plan. What could they have in store? France decided to launch their tactical missiles and were successful in two different territories affecting us and our army. President Arends had told me that I needed to have troops of the Soviet Union throughout my country. I didn’t have a say in this so I just did what he wanted. 

As I mentioned in my strategy plans below we are sending tactical nukes to Norway, West Germany, and Italy. Arends went ahead with these plans to lower numbers/ armored divisions as we all noticed that the Neto has been stacking a vast majority of these troops into the countries that I had mentioned. At this rate it seems as though Arends goal is to make the Neto mad in any and every way possible. We sent out even more tactical nukes as well as attacking Turkey. Arends announced to us that we are moving to Defcon 1, this makes things more anxious as the Nato also moved to Defcon 1 and both sides are now standing with launching missiles on warning. At this point in time I don’t think we will be the one to attack first but I think we might need to in order to win. If we keep waiting on the other side to make a move, the Nato might strike at us while we’re tired and weak. We don’t want them to hit our blindspots either. I’ll still sit quietly, but I’m not sure how long I can keep quiet. 

In my strategy plans I did state that our pact came to the sense that we wouldn’t launch missiles unless they were launched on us; however, the tactical nukes kept going back and forth between each side. We got sick of it and launched our missiles first. This resulted in them launching it back on us. 

Strategy: At the start of the day we moved down to Defcon 2. This means that both the Warsaw Pact and Nato are in Defcon 2. One step closer to a nuclear war. As of right now the Warsaw pact decided on the vote of not launching missiles first. We will only launch these missiles if they are launched on us first. However, this can change as the leader of the Soviet Union can change his mind at any moment, just like he has been the entire time leading up to this day. Since tactical nukes were launched on our army we are thinking about doing the same. If we go ahead with this plan we want to target Norway, West Germany, and Italy. All of the troops in these countries. We will do this with the hopes of lowering their army that they’ve been stacking up in these countries. We are sending tactical nukes to Turkey, Greece, Italy and West Germany. We are going to continue to lower numbers as we want to keep decreasing their army. Since we believe our army now has a high stance against Nato, we will plan on moving to Defcon 1. One more step closer to nuclear warfare. Our strategy still stands the same as it was at the beginning of the war. Same old same old. We are going to wait for them to attack us first. 

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

USSR 1938

Talk about straddling the middle! First, I spoke with the Axis leaders, then the Allied, and both make appealing cases for joining their sides. However, both come with their difficulties. Joining the Axis is only possible if they allow me to take Rumania and Finland, and I doubt the Germans want me to have a monopoly on the oil in Europe, plus I don’t fully trust them. On the other hand, I can’t help the Allies against Germany until I’m attacked by Germany, and going to war with Japan will be risky if they get their hands on the southern colonies to increase their rating. At least the Germans have agreed to not supply the Finns when I attack, though I’m still going to use an overwhelming force in case they break the agreement, which wouldn’t surprise me. I am pleased with my foreign minister, we see eye-to-eye on many foreign policy decisions, and he has some helpful input as well. It also seems that Germany may be supplying Finland against our agreement, so we could use that to persuade them to give us Romania.

USSR 1939

I didn’t do much this year, I spent most of my time positioning forces, however we did manage to take P2, and we should be in position to take Finland soon. The Axis Powers appear to be doing better, so perhaps we’ll join them. We have also reached an agreement with the Swedes to transfer 15 of their 17 surplus iron ore to us in exchange for one coal and one oil to improve both of our ratings. I am still having talks with both the Axis and the Allies, the Axis can offer me a greater chance of victory at the moment, but the Allies can offer me resources and are less likely to stab me in the back. But right now, my foreign minister and I are listening to our national anthem as we watch mayhem unfold. This is going to be interesting either way.

USSR 1940

This year wasn’t executed very well on my part. It started off well, with us coming to an agreement with the Germans that I would take Romania for my victory conditions and give them the oil, as well as join the Axis. That went off without a hitch, unfortunately I was unable to join the Axis, and my turn ran out before I could move to take Finland, which will be a job for 1941. Knowing that joining the Allies would be inevitable, I decided it would be better to join them now rather than wait for a German attack, which would throw a wrench in the Axis plans. (I also think Ribbentrop is secretly the one running Germany). Hopefully I’ll still be able to take Finland.

USSR 1941

Victory hinges on one thing: America joining the war. They cannot do this until they’re attacked, which means we have to provoke the Japanese into attacking them. I have been scheming with my allies to make this happen. We have several options: send American troops into crucial zones like F1 and Burma on ‘training exercises’ or ‘courtesy visits’ and have them fight if the zone is attacked by the Axis. If the Axis refuse, that’s great because we still have those zones and don’t even need to defend them unless the Axis want the US in the war. Another thing we can do is move the US Pacific Fleet into the Western Pacific, right next to Japan, put troops in the Philippines, and play chicken with the Japanese. The Germans will inevitably take Rumania and will likely support Finland when I attack. I plan to still go for Finland, but I may move my troops out of Rumania to fight another day. I should also be able to hit Manchukuo and hopefully divert the Japanese from Burma with my Siberian troops. Hopefully that goes well. Update: Well, we got Finland and the Baltics, though we lost Rumania, but managed to pull the rug out from under the Japanese by taking most of their iron and some of their coal in Manchukuo and Korea, in addition to severely weakening their army. I am happy, as although we lost Rumania, we took light casualties in Finland, and will be able to repel whatever forces the Germans can spare to attack us with.

USSR 1942

This year greatly improved our chances of victory. The Soviet Union did little more than tie down German troops in the east and reinforce the British in Iran, but we helped with the strategy. The British Prime Minister is a great ally to have, and together we have led our alliance to attaining a great position for the next round. The Japanese also made the unwise choice of attacking the US. Now, I can understand that it might be one of their victory conditions, but they could have taken what they needed in 1945 against a very weak US, but instead the US is now gearing up for war to help us, and is already sending us resources. My opinion is that we should secure the Middle East and reinforce France in 1943, then push the Germans out of Belgium in 1944 while I move my forces to Belarus to attack P2. Meanwhile, the British and Americans should build up forces in Australia to hit the Dutch East Indies and weaken the Axis’ rubber supply before invading the mainland via the DEI’s connection with Thailand.

USSR 1943

This year was good, I held my positions and received more resources from the Americans. My western troops have more than doubled in rating since the beginning of the game, and I am confident that they can fight off the German troops currently on my border. Meanwhile, I am assisting my Alliance in planning other maneuvers. We have all agreed that taking back the rubber in Burma or the Dutch East Indies is of the highest priority, with making a move against Germany with the troops in F1 coming in second. I wasn’t pleased to lose East Prussia after briefly conquering it, but the territory is of little use or value for the moment. The securing of Africa by conquering Egypt took a lot of stress off me as well, as I was worried about the Italians taking the Suez Canal. I just hope my Siberian troops can hold off the Japanese in the Far East.

USSR 1944

This was the most boring and anticlimactic year so far. The US retook Hawaii and the WAllies took Belgium at a great cost, but other than that we are simply waiting for the Americans to build up a big enough army for us to take down the Germans. The Germans will not be invading the Soviet Union it would appear, but I’m not moving my troops back. Hopefully in 1945 I will be able to launch offensives with my troops in China in coordination with the armies in Iran. The goal is to retake Burma and give our troops better ratings. This is a fairly short entry because there was really nothing to journal about, hopefully 1945 will be more interesting.

USSR 1945

As a result of having an army meant to take over France and the Soviet Union without the Siberian troops, the Germans pushed into the Soviet Union and destroyed our armies while the Siberians were holding the Japanese at bay. As a result of Allied failure in the Pacific, if I had withdrawn those troops I would have lost there too. Overall, compared to Period 3’s map, I feel great about my situation, the Soviet Union is still intact and Germany’s army was shattered taking Central. I was also close to retaking Finland and Norway before the Italians and map glitches killed all of my time. World War 2 Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: France

The Point of View of France’s Foreign Minister  



France 8  

YEAR 1913  

To start the year of 1913, it is no surprise that it will be a  challenging war. As Foreign Minister of France, I know how  important each and every decision the President and I make is. Our  alliance made with Belgium today was the start to WWI for us. This  ensures that we will send defense if Belgium is attacked. Once we  mobilize our troops tomorrow I will feel much more secure when it  comes to Germany taking action against us. The President and I plan  to keep close with our alliances and make decisions as a team to be  successful. We know that we can’t win the war without the help of  our allies. Today was a surplus of thinking ahead and making sure  we will be as prepared as possible for the next war years coming.  This will be no easy challenge for us, but we strongly believe that  with smart movement of our troops and with helping each and every  one of our allies, we will be able to make an impact. The allied  powers have high hopes for WW1.

France 8  

YEAR 1914  

The start of 1914 was slow moving. This was a bit nerve  wracking for us Allies, because we had no clue what the Central  powers had up their sleeves. The first few battles did not affect us,  so we choose to highlight our own country and securing it for safety.  We chose to move troops inward and way from the coastlines to  protect our borders. Our reasoning behind this was because we do  not feel threatened by our coastlines. We feel more danger by the  borders because we have Germany and Austria-Hungary that could  come for us. As an alliance we came up with and strategized for our  first battle. It was a little defeating seeing Russia lose to the first  battle in the war so easily. But I think our alliance did and  outstanding job making a comeback. As a group we started to plan  for the attack on the Ottoman Empire. We began to prepare troops to  travel by sea over to began the attack. Both the President and I were  very eager to see Italy join our alliance. We feel they have a lot to  offer, including a shared border with Austria-Hungary. This will  help us attack them in the future. They also have an inside look on  the Central Powers motives and strategies as the Central Powers  were working to get Italy in with them. I see success in the years  coming.

France 8  

YEAR 1915  

1915 was the most eventful year yet. Here we saw every country  in the Allied powers getting involved in battles and helping each  other out. To start off, we were more focused on helping other  countries defend from invasions and planning for attack. We did not  worry about defense for France, as we feel the entire country is off  the Radar of the Central Powers. We moved troops into another  allied country for the first time, which was a huge stepping stone for  us. This felt like a true start to the war for France. We moved over  troops to Italy as backup as we were suspecting an invasion from  Austria-Hungary. We were indeed correct. This battle we were  successful, managing to hold off the central powers. The year 1915  was a successful year for us Allied Powers. We also developed  poison gas, which was a game changer for battle. We helped Serbia  hold off Austria-Hungary yet again. I feel it was our luck though as  they chose to not use poison gas. It was a close battle. Finally our  biggest success was winning part of the Ottoman Empire. This was  the battle that we had been preparing for, for 2 years. We were  successful in doing so and managed to get Bulgaria too. I am proud  to be an Allied Power, and feel we have conquered so much, and are  still not finished. 

France 8  

YEAR 1916  

This year was something else, to say the least. As soon as we  started this year, The President and I were bombarded by the rest of  our group to sign this treaty. The treaty was to make peace with  Germany. We as leaders of France were extremely hesitant and  knew that this HAD to be violating more than just our objectives.  After talking things over and deeply thinking about this, we chose to  agree. Our reasoning behind this was because we were the last  country in the Allied Powers to sign and without our signature, we  were afraid to cause conflict with the rest of the alliance. If we chose  to decline the treaty, we were potentially risking loosing 3 of our  objectives. Plus we just straight up knew that isn’t what we were to  be doing in the first place. It was a tough decision for us, but we  chose to sign. It ended up throwing Germany out of the game, which  I guess was a bonus for us. Later that year we were victorious with  the Russians as the Central powers attacked us in Russia. That  whole year kind of honestly through us off, but we came to  realization that we needed to focus on our original country, before  we put the alliance first. So that is what we plan to do for the years  coming.

France 8  

YEAR 1917  

This year, France decided we shall focus on our individual  country. We focused on how we were going to achieve each and  every one of our objectives. We got in touch with the United  States, and learned that they wanted to take a part of Germany  too. We formed a secret alliance with the US and it was this year,  1917, that it officially became one of us. We are gaining many  countries that benefit France and we all are plotting something  big. This year overall was a year of preparation and placement.  We prepared our troops to go after Germany and Austria Hungary. We have troops waiting in Russia, Romania, Italy and  France. The Unites States and us have come to an agreement to  go after the same place, G2. With this we can finally achieve our  5th and final objective. All of the allied power troops are patiently  but also eagerly ready to take on war. We have completely  surrounded the Central Powers. We are ready for year 1918.

France 8  

YEAR 1918  

And just like that, WWI is over. As foreign minister of France  I am more than impressed with how both the President and I went  through this war. To end things off, both the United states and I  had plotted a huge, game changing attack. Unfortunately we lost  time within the snap of a finger. We managed to get our troops  moved and planned to carry out our attack on Germany. We were  devastated to learn we would no longer receive an offensive turn.  We were forced to make quick thoughtless decisions. This put our  countries leaders, including myself into a quick panic and we  made decisions that was going to help us in the next turn, little  did we know it would end shortly after. The allied powers as a  whole worked tremendously together and there are was nobody  else both the President and I would want to work with. Although  the war did not end that way would have liked to, looking back  we were more than happy with our success. We managed to  achieve 5 of the 6 objectives. We will call this a win for France.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

WWI Simulation

1914:  Right now as we beggin 1914 there are many countries mobilizing for war. This is rising the tensions and has Great Britain I feel the pressure to mobilize for war as well. Japan has conquered some German colonies in SE asia which does not concern me. Right now my biggest concern is getting troops to Russia to strengthen their army. We know that Japan is on our side so we should be good. We are currently in good relations with Italy yet they want our help if there is a german offensive. So we plan on keeping some in the mediterranean. Austria hungary has taken over serbia. This creates ultra high tensions for 1915. I feel we may be busy with Italy.

1915: All caos has erupted, we tried to get some troops to russia but apparently it wasn’t enough because the german and austria hungary combined forces and took R3 in Russia. I felt that my plan was going to do well yet I didn’t realize how swift Germany would be. They have wasted no time starting to conquer countries, and the world on the street is that they have gave ultimatums to many of the remaining neutral countries in the balkans. As this progresses I am struggling to find a whole in them in which we could launch a counter attack. I feel our best option may have something to do with the ottoman empire. Right now their forces #’s are not high and I don’t see them being able to scrounge any backup. As far as the next year goes I feel (Great Britain) should try and capture the ottomans themselves while the other wage war on the east and west fronts. By doing this we may be able to get a more reliable supply train into russia to help them fight back because Germany and Austria combined are just too much. I think I will do this by transporting troops through the mediterranean to Egypt which we occupy. From egypt we may have a good chance at defeating a weaker ottoman Army. Once we secure this we should be able to work our way up the balkans and through russia and time it perfectly to take germany out. Yet as it happened before I’m sure there will be a wrench thrown into this plan. Tomorrow at the beginning of class I will call an Alliance meeting to get everyone on board (including Portugal).

1916: To start things off we did convince portugal to join the allies. This is what we wanted to do to gain whatever help we could have left. We tried to execute the plan that I had illustrated in my previous entry. This was to have russia take over part of the ottoman empire. They made an attempt at this yet despite having more troops the ottomans were too good and won. I have a gut feeling that it will not be much longer until all of russia is taken over considering that they don’t have much troops left. On top of this the central powers have taken full control of the Balkans. Some of these countries 

1917: This is a big year for us as britain because the central powers are nearing to our homeland, and it is essential that we retain our original land. This is where what I call the battle for Belgium goes down. In this war there are troops from Us, the united states, belgium, France, and Others from the central powers. This was a very close war that we lost by only a couple hundred troops. Despite losing in a way this was a strategic win for us. This is because in doing this we greatly depleted their army so they could not take all of France. Along with this we made it so that they would 100% not have any time to make an advancement on France. What else we did was send troops to F1 to help stall France being taken over. In my opinion anything we can do to stop them will help us defend in year 1918. For next year it is in ur best interest to have america help us. This is because I have learned that once they mobilize their army grows massively. Along with this their navy can help us knock out the German Navy.
1918: In the begging of this year we are preparing to help defend rance in the battle for F3 Overall I do feel that we can win this one considering we have help from the U.S.. Along with this there are two fleets of the france navy in position to transport troops along with a Big Fleet from us and the U.S. As I had expected we were victorious in this war against them. This is a huge victory considering it is the first time it seems we have won a ground war. Ultimately this is going to be enough to ensure that France does not completely fall to the central powers. My next Idea is to have help from the USA, and french Navy to help destroy the german fleet that has just moved into the North Sea Zone. I feel winning this is key to making sure that Germany cannot move troops from the east to help on the western front or even to prevent them from getting to england. As I expected we defeated them with ease. Like I said earlier this in a way immobilizes the German army from moving troops across the sea. I believe this is something we should have done much earlier. My final plan is to attack the italian fleet that is in the Adriatic. I hope that I can have the help of Japan for this even though I don’t feel that we need it. Like I had anticipated we beat the Italian navy and secured the Adriatic. The reason for this was to prevent the Italian navy from moving troops to take portugal. Because if they had enough time this would allow for them to sandwich us right before the end of the war. Overall we lost the war yet i feel that as the war went on we got a lot better at strategizing our attacks, and defences.

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: China & Finland

China 8, 1938

As China, we are at a clear and unfair disadvantage to start the war. We had just been beaten by Japan which took some of our land which had our resources. This led to the Japanese having a huge advantage over our Asian theatre. Our plan is to try to survive the first hull of Japanese attacks, then get enough resources from the U.S to get our military strength high enough to put up a fight against the Japanese. We also have some allied militaries like the British and French to help with the Japanese attacks. 

Finland 8, 1938

As Finland, we want to stay out of the war and out of Foreign affairs. We have the strength to hold our own if we need to, but if we have enough resources. We will really be a really strong country. We want to try to become allies with the Germans because we need some help with the bigger countries that are around us that might try to go to war with us. Our main plan is just not to do anything unless absolutely necessary. If all goes well, you will hear from us for a long time to come. 

China 8, 1939-

1939 was calm for China for the first half or so of it. We didn’t have our resources yet from the U.S, they were still being shipped to us from the U.S. So our plan was to stay away from any war with Japan since we knew that they were bigger and stronger than us. The Japanese attacked North China and as the foreign minister, I told our President that we should pull our troops back and let them take it until we were stronger and were able to put up a fight against them, but the president decided against it. The outcome was known from when he sent them in. He knew we had no chance against them. We lost North China and thousands of troops. Our plan now is to try to see if other allies around us can help us. 

Finland 8, 1939

Finland had an easy 1939. Nobody came for us and as Finland that was amazing. We have to stay out of war if we want to live. We also have an alliance with the Germans that if we go to war, they will help us if they can. One of our neighboring countries being Norway was taken by Great Britain. This is scary for us because it seems that Great Britain is just going to push further towards us and take us over at any time. Our plan for now is the same as it was to start. Just lay low and stay out of the war. 

China 8, 1940

Right to start 1940, we were attacked again by the Japanese, this time in South Central China. At this point we had the resources to have our military at a stronger point than last year, but even with that and the help of the British, the blow of soldiers we lost last year was the turning point of this battle. The Japanese took out the British and the rest of our soldiers. Leaving us with no soldiers. At this point our only plan is to survive and hope that the British can keep them out of parts of our country and keep part of China intack. 

Finland 8, 1940

1940 was a very slow year for Finland. No other countries came to battle us and we didn’t try to battle anybody. Listening to the radio, we heard about China get attacked by the Japanese again and losing. Also lots of battles between the Germans and Italy going against the French. Not a lot to talk about for this year. Our strategy is still the same, stay out of the war and survive. 

China 8,1941

We have been defeated. The Chinese were taken out by the Japanese. We were outnumbered and outplayed. The Japanese were too powerful for our weak army. On the bright side our allies took part of our country back in Manchukuo. The USSR were able to defeat the Japanese and take this part of our country back. Even though it means nothing for us, it was a small win for the allies. The USSR also took out the Japanese in Korea to take hold of that as well. It seems like the Allies are pulling ahead in the war, but it is just the beginning. 

Finland 8, 1941

To start the year, it was just like every other year, no movement and no war for us. Then came the Russians, 2,500 strong coming right for our throats. We thought we would have the help of the Germans, but they failed to help us. So gave our best, but lost. Losing our country. It was heartbreaking. Thinking we were going to be able to survive a little bit longer and be a lot stronger. We were sadly mistaken. 

Journal five 1942, Battles 24-38

China 8, 1942

The Japanese kept coming and attacking our land little by little. This year it was India. We couldn’t do anything about it since we had lost all of our troops. So they took it from us. Another heartbreaking loss for our country. We are helpless, defenseless. We are just sitting ducks hoping that our allies can and will keep us afloat. 

Finland 8, 1942

We were not able to survive any longer, but we could still listen to what went on in the war. The Germans sent hundreds of troops into Great Britain leading to a loss for the Germans. Italy attacked Greece and ended up with the win. Lots of small victories for  different countries, but now the question is will they become bigger in the long run. 

Journal six, 1943 Battles 38-

China 8, 1943

With the war evolving to something big, Japan is still reigning supreme over the Asian Theatre. Taking over the U.S country of the Philippines, and of our countries in Tibet. Still not being able to do anything about it, they took it with ease. Japan also took Burma, pretty much sealing that they now have all parts of our country but one. Nearing the end of our countries life we were heartbroken even more. If we would have made one decision differently years ago, we would have been able to put of more of a fight then you see now. 

Finland 8, 1943

Lots of war went on in 1943, seems to be the year which people tried to turn the tide of the war. Italy loses the battle to get French North Africa while Great Britian takes Libya from Italy and takes away some of Japans ships in the Central Pacific. A big surge in movement towards the Allies, but can they keep it up. Can the Allies win the Final Stretch? 

China 8, 1944

Not a lot happened in the Asian theatre during 1944. The U.S takes back Hawaii after the attack of Pearl Harbor against the Japanese. This leads to a huge win for the Allies. This seems like the turning point for what is to come in the hopeful final years of the war. 

Finland 8, 1944

Not much really happened in 1944, lots of stuns to keep armies in territories while flanking the other way and countries sending few men to capture land with no other armies there. At the end of the 1944, the French, UK, and U.S all sent thousands of troops to capture Belgium. With Germany being far outnumbered by the Allies, they lost Beligium and the Allies took control. This was a huge win over the Axis Powers and was indeed a turning point in the war. 

China 8, 1945 

This was the final year of the war, no movement or battles on the Asian Theatre. Japan had taken most of our land and had majority of the other countries in the Asian Theatre. This makes them the winners of our Theatre. We put up a fight, but were greatly outnumbered and had lost most of our land. If one decision was made differently, this is a whole different story for the Chinese I believe. 

Finland 8, 1945

To wrap up the war, we had three humongous battles take place. First being France, the U.S and G.B all sending their troops to try to take over Italy. This ended in a surprising victory for the Italians. Second, the U.S led the charge with the help of G.B and France to Attack the Germans. This was a war for the ages. Thousands of soldiers from both sides ready to slaughter each other for the biggest battle of the war. At the very end of the battle, the Germans came out on top. Not with a lot of troops left, but they had won the battle. To wrap things up, I believe there is not enough evidence to prove the either the Allies or Axis had won the simulation. They each had an equal amount of land. So in my eyes, I deem this a draw . World War 2 Simulation