WWII Simulation

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1939 WWII Simulation

First year of this war, and things I feel are going to get heated. Rumania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, our goal is to keep our original territory throughout this whole war. Bulgaria is going to remain neutral until 1941, and then hopefully we can ally with the Axis. We are going to ally with Germany and help them out as best we can for Rumania. Our biggest goal for Rumania is to acquire ⅓ of the territory from the USSR (Ukraine). Our biggest goal for Hungary is to obtain a large portion of Yugoslavia. The bad thing is that the countries we need don’t have any resources. I am hoping we can stay out of conflicts until 1941 for Hungary, but I am a bit nervous. First year of WWII and things are looking pretty good for the Axis powers! So far the axis powers have been victorious in all the battles we have fought, which is really exciting. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1940

Another year of Rumania, Hungary, and Bulgaria just sitting back and watching things happen unless someone needs us. I hope no one will need us because then that will ruin some of our objectives. I am doing really well at staying hidden. I am starting to think that I need to start talking with the Axis powers about allying with them. I am pretty sure they will let me ally with them which is a good thing. I can’t wait for next year because then I can start taking over countries and hoping I will be victorious in them all. This year we are going to try and get as much natural resources as we can. We did get our rubber complete thanks to the help of Japan. Rumania helped Italy with their oil that they needed because we had 15 and we only needed 3. Rumania also helped out Bulgaria and Hungary with their oil. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1941

Finally the year has come. This year, I am hoping we can attack Yugoslavia. One bad thing is that we can’t have Hungary help us out because they have to stay out of conflict until 1941. So what I am planning on is that we have Rumania and Bulgaria help out and then any other countries that are with us. Bulgaria and Hungary can finally start allying with people and start taking over other countries. I am going to attack Yugoslavia and hope we are successful. Italy, Germany, Hungary, and Bulgaria are going to help us attack those countries. That fight was victorious for the axis powers! The USSR/ Ukraine allied with the axis powers. That means we didn’t really conquer them. So we unfortunately probably didn’t get the points for that objective. The good news is that the axis powers are very victorious in all of our battles. We are undefeated! We are moving some troops into Yugoslavia to help Italy battle Greece. We won that war, again! Now we just sit back and wait for things to happen and help anyone that needs help on the Axis power sides. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1942

This year I am going to try and get all of our resources covered so we don’t have to worry about getting them later on. I am also going to move some troops from Rumania into Ukraine so that we can at least try and own ⅓ of that country. I let them move some troops into Rumania without thinking anything over. Even though they are allied with us, I think they still own part of Rumania. These next few years I feel are going to be pretty boring. All don’t really have to do anything unless someone needs our help, or if we are getting attacked. I am hoping people will give us some of their resources that they have extra in. We moved 50 of our troops into Ukraine successfully. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1943

Axis powers are doing so good! We have been successful in all of our wars besides like a few. Rumania, Hungary, and Bulgaria finished all of their objectives. These next few years we are going to try and get all of our resources, so then we will be done with everything, and like I said before, just sit back and wait till someone needs help or if we get attacked. It does not look like we will be getting attacked or anything anytime. Everyone that is on the axis powers, have pretty much all of their objectives done so they are just taking over more land just for fun, and so that there is more yellow on the map. Oh no, Allied powers just took Norway back. That is not good. I think they are going to try and start to take back some of the USSR. I really hope that they don’t go and ally with the Allied powers because then that will not look good for the Axis Powers. I don’t think they will be allying with the Allied powers. I really hope that they will not be successful in anything and then we can still have control over all of those countries. Things just keep looking better and better for the Axis Powers. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1944

Another year of us doing nothing besides trying to get the rest of our resources. So far no one has helped us with our resources. I wish there was something we could do but there really isn’t anything we can do. The Allied powers are trying to get at the Axis powers. Japan lost their navy to the US. They are planning to start taking over things that Japan owns because they will have nothing they can do. Japan moved a lot of there stuff over to the USSR which they shouldn’t have really done because then the US is going to start attacking countries that are with the Axis Powers. 

Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria 4 1945

Last year of WWII. We were not able to get all of our resources. The Allied powers are going to try to take over Hawaii from Japan which isn’t good for them. They are going to try and step up and start taking over more of our countries. I think that the US is going to try and take over Australia, but they will have nothing they can do because they lost their navy. I feel that this might not end well. I really hope the Axis powers are going to be victorious at the end of this war. I think that the Allied Powers are going to start taking over our weaker countries where there are not as many troops in them. The Axis powers are not going to have any war because there is really nothing that nay of us can do, so then we are going to just start moving. The allied powers on the other hand have some things in mind about war. The US just took over F3 which is not looking good on the USSR. This is not looking good for any of the Axis powers. They are really attacking everyone that is on the Axis powers. We are starting to lose more battles which is sad. There is not much we can do about any of this. The Allied powers are starting to pick up on their war. When it gets to our turn we just keep doing movement right away so that we have more time hopefully at the end to do whatever we need to do at the last minute. Things are getting heated as the last few minutes of war start to come to an end. Rumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary really have nothing they can do. Oh no, big war. The US is starting a war with Finland. The Allies were victorious. 🙁 They are starting to come towards us I think. I really hope that they don’t try to come for us because I don’t think there will be much we would be able to do. Germany was able to keep F1. I believe we are going to try and take F3 back. We were not victorious. I would have to say that the Axis Powers were Victorious throughout the whole war!!