WWII Simulation

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

U.S.S.R. 2 1939 WWII Simulation

After looking over our objectives we decided to take control of Poland P2 which was one of our objectives. While we took P2, Germany took P1 which might not be good for us. We need to be careful of what Germany is planning because they might want to take us over now. If they invade us we will have to join the allies for more support, and make sure to plan accordingly to where to put our troops. Our army is not strong so we will have to get more resources from other countries to allow us to make our army stronger.

U.S.S.R. 2 1940

On day 2 we attacked Finland with 750 troops versus 250 and we lost. One of our objectives was to take over Finland, but they were able to defeat us with a lot less troops. We are still waiting for Germany to attack us and trying to put our troops in the right place. It will be hard for us to take over any land because our army is weak. We have a better advantage of defending against attacks because of our geographical advantage over the other countries. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1941

In 1941 we were still concerned about Germany and Japan. We know that both of these countries want to attack us, and this is part of their objectives. We are going to attack 3 small countries because it is part of their objectives. We want to take over land owned by Egypt because there are resources there. Great Britain has troops down there, and we are still neutral. We are considering joining the axis powers if Germany doesn’t attack us. We want to get resources from Japan because they are gaining a lot in their battles. If we convince them to give some of their resources, the army will get stronger.  

U.S.S.R. 2 1942

In 1942 we joined the axis powers. The reason we joined the axis powers is because Germany didn’t attack us. Another reason for our thinking is if we help them, then Germany won’t attack us. We know we wouldn’t be able to defend against Germany. One of our objectives was to take over Finland, which we were able to do. They were weak from a war against Germany so we were able to defeat them. With us taking over most of the coast it will be hard for the allies to bring enough troops to take over what they have lost. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1943

Since we joined the allies we attacked Iran because Great Britain only had 50 troops in there. Our reason to attack this was because there were resources we could use there. We started to move our troops to help Germany, but didn’t move many because Germany still might attack us. Just to be cautious we wanted to be prepared for Germany to backstab us at any point. We have been able to take over a lot of land because the allied troops are spread out. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1944

Our plan in 1944 was to take over Alaska and Hawaii with Japan. The United States doesn’t have many troops over there, and it focuses all of their attention in the north sea zone. We have taken over Sweden but Norway because there are some American troops in there. We won’t be able to take over Norway because we don’t have enough troops to take down the American troops. Our plan is to continue to keep taking over land towards Egypt. There are no troops there to stop us so all of the land will be ours. 

U.S.S.R. 2 1945

In 1945 we are planning on getting attacked by America. We don’t know where America is going so we put troops in areas where we think they might attack us. We moved troops to P1 of Poland to help Germany out because their troops are low. With this being the last year of war they can’t do much to gain back more territory from them. Great Britain tried to take over Denmark, but we were able to help defend by sending our navy with troops.