WWII Simulation

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Yugoslavia & Belgium

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1938 WWII Simulation

There are rumors about another world war this is filling people with fear. Germany has re-occupied the Rhineland they also annexed Austria and broken the Munich agreement. When they took over all of Czechoslovakia. With Japan taking over Manchuria and parts China. Germany and the USSR signed a Nonaggression Pact. Which terrified the western democracies. With being such a small country with no resources we are tying to strategize now so we don’t get conquered.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1939

We think Yugolovia should try and get our resources from Germany before we cut ties. We think we should wait one more year before we talk to Germany.We also want to regain are original territory by starting with Greece. Belgium is starting to make defensive alliances we already have one with France and Great Britain. We decided it would be smart to make an alliance with U.S. We are trying to get as many as we can. The U.S. also gave Belgium 1 Oil, Iron Ore, and Coal. This is a good start for Belgium for the first year. Hopefully the next year Belgium can make more alliances and not get attacked by Germany. For Yugoslavia we hope to get our resources before we break ties.

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1940

Are game plan for Yugoslavia for this year to get some of our resources from germany before we cut ties with them this year. We also need to talk to Great Britain and France about making an alliance with them once we cut ties with Germany. We found out the Netherlands have a lot of rubber so we are going to trying and make an alliance with them to get our resources. That idea was halted quickly when Germany started to attack Belgium. France and Great Britain did everything they could but it wasn’t enough. Belgium got taken over by Germany. Just when we thought we were done Italy attacked Yugoslavia. Their wasn’t much we could do. We sent the 300 troops from Greece to help in Yugoslavia. It wasn’t enough. Now we are out of the war and the Axis powers have taken both of our countries. We no longer have control of our countries. The Axis powers keep taking more and more land. The Allies can barley keep up. Its not looking good for the Allies. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1941

With another year of the war approaching we are all uncertain of what it will bring for the world. With Belgium out of the war and Yugolavia left with Greece but no troops its not looking good. Hopefully we can be liberated. The Axis powers now have a chance on the battle field I think things are going to get worse for the Allies. We are shocked because America was just attacked in Pearl Harbor by Japan. There wasn’t much they could do and they lost. This means America is in the war. Our countries are now out of the war. Greece was attacked by the Axis and no one could help so we lost the battle and are land. The Allies are losing more and more land. I an wonder why the USSR isn’t doing anything to help. Are they planning something with the Axis powers. Their isn’t much left of France. What will France and Great Britain do in retaliation. Will they battle back or are they to weak. I think their just going to do some movement. This has been a long year. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1942

I can’t believe their is another year of war. These past 4 years have been long. How much more pain, suffering and lost will the world take. Will it end soon. Hopefully it does. We are up first this year. We can’t do anything because we have no troops. The USSR seems to be brewing a big battle. The question is what side are they attacking. They have been talking to the Axis powers a lot. This could get worse for the Allies. They attacked Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The USSR won each battle. A large wave of shock covers the world when the USSR joins the Axis powers. With Axis powers have more then 75% of the land on the map. They have won. Its just a matter of time till they take over everything. The Allies are looking defeated I don’t think we can come back from this. France was attacked I think this might be the end for them. The Allies won! This is good they needed that. Axis powers started another battle and lost. This is turning around for the Allies. Then France got attacked again. This is not good France can’t move anymore troops. They moved everything in the last battle. Since they couldn’t move anything they lost it. The Axis also took over Finland and Albania. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1943

I can’t believe there is another year of the war approaching. How much longer will we suffer? It looks like the Axis powers are going to win. They have all of France taken over. The Allie powers are brewing a large battle into Italy. They put over 800 troops into Italy. The Axis powers tried to put as many troops as they could to defend it. The Axis was defeated and the Allies won. This is looking better for Allies. I think there is hope that Allies can win. There was also a navy battle in the East Mediterranean Sea Zone. The Allies won. This means that the Axis powers have less ships so they can’t move as many troops over sea. The Axis powers are probably furious who know what they are planning. They probably want to get Italy back. There was an Axis victory in Indo China. America didn’t want to lose troops and took the loss. This was probably a smart move because they wanted to keep their troops. The Allies have to make big moves to take back some land. 

Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1944

Another year of war. This is unbelievable. This should have ended years ago. Countries are getting weaker. People are struggling. This needs to stop. The Axis powers are ruthless and are never going to stop. The Axis powers are starting a large battle in the the Netherlands. Will the Allies be able to bring in enough troops. The Axis powers were victorious. Thats another loss for Allies. There is isn’t much more we can loss. America and Great Britain is about all the is left. What are the Allies going to do. While they do everything they can or will they fold under the pressure. Great Britain was very upset about he netherlands being taken over so they are send their troops over there to take it right back. But will they have have enough. They sadly didn’t the Axis powers were victorious again. Abria was taken over by the Axis powers. The Allies are looking defected and losses. The Axis powers are trying to get control of as many countries as the can.  The Axis power took over the Netherlands again. How many troops will be lost in the Netherlands. Its smart for America to move some of their troops to Great Britain so Allies can use those troop more. This war has been dragging on for years now.

 Yugoslavia & Belgium 2 1945 

Thank goodness this is the last year of the war. This has dragged on for to long. People can’t take this anymore. Are the Axis powers going to take over the rest of the Allies land. Or can the Allies came together and get their land back. Japan is attacking Alaska and Hawaii. America chose to do nothing to save their troops. Which was a smart strategy because there wasn’t much they could do so they would have just lost the troops. The Axis powers were able to take both over. This is big news the Allies are attacking Belgium. We could get our country back. It might not be over for us! We had lost all hope but maybe in the last year there is a chance. Germany is coming back stronger and with more troops. This is going to be an intense battle. All hope is lost again the Axis powers won. The Allies have be planing something big. But even if they are there isn’t enough time. To finish the war the Allies attacked the navy in the Baltic Sea Zone. The war is over and things are bad for the Allies. It shouldn’t have ended like this. The world is a scary place right now.