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WWI: Belgium Student Journal

Belgium 7 1913

Today I got news that the ArchDuke and his wife have been killed! Surbianian Nationalists came in and took them away, we now do not know what will go one from here. We know Austrian Hungaria will not be happy…will this start a war…everyone is on edge. I have formed a secret defensive alliance with France and Great Britain. But on the other hand all of the Central Powers have asked me to have some sort of alliance with them. This is a tricky decision for me because I here either side has a little bit of beef with each other so instead of a defensive one we are thinking of a regular alliance. If someone attacked upon me the Central Powers said they would be there to protect and help me through things. Having both they alliances

Belgium 8 1914

Today I had some very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies. I am getting some great information from the Central Powers and having great discussion with Germany to make sure their troops do not get into my territory and hope France does not get attacked due to the secret defensive alley they would find out I was really with them the whole time while I just wanted information from the Central Powers. During the wars between the Central Powers and the Allies I have been able to stay neutral through it all and help France and Great Britain with some strategizing skills due to what I found out from the Central Powers. 

Belgium 9 1915

Today I had some more very good discussions with both Central Powers and the Allies again. Lots of war is happening and I had the option to join either the Allies or Central Powers, I did neither. I am still neutral at this point but am expecting France to come through my land the next year or sometime soon to try and take over the Central Powers and have troops ready to go just in case of any surprise attacks. Doing this I am honoring my secret alliance with them and this also means Germany can’t set up troops in my land which is also another objective. I’m hoping my land can stay neutral but if not at least help out the Allies and let them set up troops in my land before Central Powers are able to.

Belgium 10 1916

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries again. On the other hand I let France and Great Britain put up troops in my territory. This means I met my objective very well having them there because then they can easily defend my territory.  I then let Portugal come into my territory too. Now that they are there the Central Powers know something up with me and some of the Allies but I did cover it up pretty well and said I didn’t know they were going to do that and what was happening so I could keep getting information from them. Today was the first time the Central Powers threatened to come through Belgium territory after being upset they couldn’t set troops up in my territory. I had to talk to them for a while and finally convinced them not to come through and that I’m trying to stay neutral for as long as I can. By doing this I was following my objective and everything was going as planned. 

Belgium 11 1917

Today the Central Powers have taken some southern countries once again. The USA finally got involved in the war and moved to the Allies side. Hearing this was a good thing because until they switched I got some inside information from the USA about what they were planning on and how we were on the same page with the Allies. Today was yet again quite a stressful day due to Germany being very difficult to deal with and afraid they will invade Belgium to try to get to France’s land. Hearing this I told the Allied Powers right away to be prepared for this within the next year or even a surprise attack having it maybe happening, so they did move some troops around.Talking to them we had a game plan if Germany did invade I would join the Allies and help fight.

Belgium 12 1918

Today Germany declared war in Belgium, so I had a big decision to make. Will I ally with the Central Powers or the Allies? I chose the Allies. From there France, Portugal, Great Britain, the USA, and I (Belgium) sent our troops in and won the battle in Belgium taking out quite a bit of German troops. But planning all this and how we were going to defend took some thinking on our part because we could not lose Belgium, doing that the Germans would have taken over France very easily from there. We knew that the US and I had the best forces and me not having much. I had them all there while the US moved quite a bit of money into Belgium as well. Great Britain also brought about 4000 of their troops to help out and more from France and Portugal came along to help because we all knew the seriousness of the situation. After taking victory we all had a great relief that we had finally won!! From there I helped the Allies with some plans and helped France take over G2 with strategies. As the final day of war I am proud that I met all of my objectives. While staying neutral through it all besides the last day was very difficult but I had my secret alley with the Allies but also stayed civil with the Central Powers telling them I am staying out of it. Being able to accomplish my objective of Germany not being able to move their troops into my land and being able to defend it was great and also having the French and Great Britains defending me too was great. Not only that but I was also able to defend my territory and keep it and not let it be taken over by the Central Powers.