WW2 Lesson Plans

WWII Simulation Student Journal: China & Finland

China 1 1938

Today was the day where my country gathered it’s best militaristic ideas and strategies.  We need to come up with a plan to keep Japan away, which is our biggest struggle at the moment.  I hope to make a secret alliance with Serbia so they can step in once they can stop being neutral.   I plan to try and use all of China’s military and move them around as needed.  We might need more help from other countries because of our weak military ratings.  The only problem, is that I don’t know where that help will come from.  

Finland 1 1938

Today was a stressful day of plan making.  I’ve been thinking about who I should make alliances with first.  While organizing that,  I also had to create a plan as to what I will do once I, or the Soviet Union are able to stop being neutral.  I am scared for what the USSR has in store for me, I fear they will turn on me and take advantage of my country.  Next year I plan to form an alliance with the USSR to try and keep the peace, and my territory. 

China 1 1939

This year is already off to a bad start.  I have lost North Central China to North East China (ruled by Japan).  I tried my best to save it, and I thought it would work to combine North Central China and South Central China’s  troops.  Those two combined gave me 2,400 troops against North East China’s 1,000 troops.  I was in complete shock when I saw the result of the battle; an Axis Powers victory.  I need to make big moves, and it needs to move quickly.  

Finland 1 1939

This year was quiet for Finland.  I tried to convince Germany to protect me if and when the USSR decides to come for Finland, but they just keep acting flakey and not “all in” tot he deal.  I know there’s something sketchy going on between us, but I’m not sure why.  I need to form a secret alliance with them before it’s too late.  Something else I tried was to make an informal alliance with the USSR.  They fell for it!  I told them I’d give them my troops since they threatened to take me over if I don’t… but little do they know, I have an incredible army rating!  I know it won’t be long before they come for Finland’s blood, but if I can just stall and fend for myself for a while, I might be able to gain support from German troops and/or the German Navy.

China 1 1940

My heart and mind are being broke into millions of pieces.  Japan has taken over two of my China’s territories.  China is hopeless, there are no countries around to help defend us or donate any supplies and troops.  A positive that has come out of this is sympathy from the United State, they have agreed to give China seven oil!  I am so grateful for their support through these hard times.  The lack of respect from other countries, especially Japan, has made it hard to have hope for the future of this country.  Germany has been suspiciously kind to China… they have politely declined my request for troops and raw materials, but thankfully, have agreed to convincing Japan to stop attacking China for the time being.  I have a bad feeling Japan will come back for more, but for now, I need to focus on increasing my army’s rating by gaining more raw materials and troops from surrounding countries.  These  next few years could be very scary for China, and we need to be prepared. 

Finland 1 1940

This year was a bit scary for Finland.  We held strong in a battle against our enemy, the USSR.  After making a fake treaty with them, they kept their half, but Finland, not so much.    We held up a good fight thanks to our strong military.  We don’t have much left to withstand another attack though.  We’ve tried so many times to convince Germany to lend us some extra protection using their navy, but they have declined every single time the question comes up.  We can hold our own for now, but that won’t be true for long.  I know we will need back up soon, but the only question is where that back up will come from.  

China 1 1941

This was a very quiet year for China.  I fear that Japan will come back to finish us off, so we’ve been laying low. I want China to keep the USSR’s leftover troops from our last battle up by the USSR boarder for extra protection against Japan.  I doubt that it will be enough, but every little bit will help in weakening Japan.  I know the USSR is planning on weakening Japan as much as they possibly can, I just need to figure out a way to regain my lost territory after all or at least most of Japan’s troops are gone.   Japan is focusing on the United States now, but I have confidence the U.S. can fight back.   

Finland 1 1941

This year was a sad year for Finland.  We lost all of our troops to the USSR.  We knew this might happen, but we thought we were well prepared for it.  With military support from  Germany, I was sure that we would win the battle, but it was a lost cause.  Now I need to focus on maintaining my status of staying out of European affairs after forming a public alliance with Germany.  I can’t believe Japan attacked the United States!  I have a feeling they will regret that decision.  

China 1 1942

What a depressing year.  China lost every last drop of it’s territory.  There was hardly anything we could do to save it though.  We managed to secure goods from the United States, but they barely made a dent in our military’s rating.  With no surrounding countries strong enough to help, we knew from day one it would be a lost cause.  Thank goodness for the USSR, though.  They managed to dig us out of some deep holes earlier in the war.   Sadly, their supply of troops didn’t last forever, and eventually we had no extra protection.  

Finland 1 1942

After a harsh year last year, we have decided to stay completely out of European affairs.  We had to disown our alliance with Germany to do this.  I wanted to so badly tell Germany what the Allies were up to, but I knew Finland had to stay out of whatever evil plots they had going for the Allies.  It was what was best for Finland and the Allies.  

China 1 1943

China is out of troops, and the past couple years have been lonely.  We’ve just been watching the war nag on for the past couple of years, and there is nothing we can do now to regain our original territory.  It’s not looking too good for the allies.  The Axis powers have been taking over every country they can get their hands on.  All I can hope for is the strength of the Allied powers so that they can regain all of their lost territory as well. 

Finland 1 1943

Finland has been sitting back and watching the war, just like China.  It has been hard to see all the territory being lost due to the horrifying Axis Powers.  They keep attacking all the weak countries, and theirs nothing anyone can do about it.  Finland just can’t wait for this horrible and terrifying war to end.

China 1 1944

For China, nothing has happened.  I left the Allied Powers in charge of China while I was away, but they hardly had to do anything concerning it.  The war has moved to mostly Central Europe and there is really nothing China can to to help out over there or anything we can do to regain our original territory.  This war will hopefully end soon.  We will hope for the best until that time comes. 

Finland 1 1944

Nothing has happened to Finland for a long time.  I left Finland in the hands of the Allied Powers while I was away, although nothing happened.  Hopefully this war doesn’t continue for much longer, I’m not sure how many more years all these countries can endure another World War.  

China 1 1945

Finally this horrible war looks as though it is coming to an end.  It has been very quiet over in China, nothing has touched us, let alone harm us, nor gotten close.   We are hopeful for the future, though it will take much rebuilding due to Japan’s horrific take over.  This war is now focused mostly in the Germany and France area, far from us.  China is routing for the Allied Powers.  We hope they will be able to regain all the lost territory of past Allies and serve the Axis Powers justice.        

Finland 1945

I received intel from Germany that they regained my Finland’s territory last year while I was absent, but something inside me tells me that’s not true.  A couple of the Allies,  Norway and Sweden, told me that he didn’t really try and regain my territory for me.  It’s still taken over by the Axis Powers, which is why Germany considered Finland “regained” because of our alliance.  It was never supposed to go public, but stay private.  There is nothing left to do.  The war is finally over.