Cold War Simulation

Cold War Lesson Plan Student Journal

Cold War Simulation

West Germany – Period 2

Prewar Report

Today was more of an explanation day with just explaining on how the entire simulation was going to be ran and how it was a little different from other ones, with the tactical nukes and snap count launches. I plan on working very closely with the United States because they seem to be a big superpower with many of the nukes being in their hands, along side with countries that surround West Germany for a place to retreat if I get invaded (which I plan to see aggression inflicted on me). In a case when where that happens I will hopefully retreat to Belgium or Norway, unless the United States stays and fights with us.

Day 1

There has so far been an attack on Yugoslavia by the USSR and I think that they plan on taking the rest of Europe along side it. We decided that when the USSR attacked Turkey, that we needed to use tactical nukes because our 300 armored tank divisions wouldn’t be able to stop the 1000 incoming USSR divisions. We successfully destroyed all of them without losing any of our troops. Everybody in NATO is not wanting to have a nuclear war but to make peace, while the Warsaw Pact is wanting war it seems. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Day 2

The Warsaw Pact is continually showing signs of aggression towards NATO allied countries and are asking us to leave West Germany for them to take it. No way I’m going to leave my country without a fight. Everybody except the United States and my West German divisions are left in West Germany. The USSR sent another 1000 troops to Turkey, which ended like a repeat of the last one, all casualties were on the USSR, which we had launch on warning activated, and just like that, everything was reduced to rubble.