WW2 Lesson Plans

Second World War Simulation Journal: Yugoslavia & Belgium

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1938

We, the country of Yugoslavia, shall trick Germany into helping my country. We don’t plan to keep a long term friendship with them, nor will we help their military at all as we are allied. They look to us to help them take control of Greece. But they don’t seem very trustworthy since they used force to make me join their side. So when they time comes, I’ll betray them and help the allies. It may be a suicide mission, but at least I’ll go down with a little bit of pride.

The country of Belgium is planning to join the allies to help them hold off Germany and save France from being totally destroyed. But Germany has their hand around my throat because there would be no way that only a couple of us allied countries could hold off Germany alone. They have too many troops posted outside of Belgium and the only way for me to survive is to join the Axis powers. For now I’ll have to watch Germany closely and analyze what their goal is before making a decision.

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1939

Yugoslavia has officially created a fake alliance with Germany, but we don’t plan to keep it up for long. I have secretly met with the Allied forces to decide how we should move forward from this moment on. But I haven’t gotten much of a response from anyone. So I gave the Allied powers a year to help me decide. Until then I don’t plan to attack anyone so that I can guarantee a surprise attack. Germany doesn’t realize that Yugoslavia plans to betray them so quickly in the war. I hope they are prepared to be surprised because I wonder how they will react.

I plan to be neutral for a long while as everyone else kills each other. And I plan to join the Axis powers since I would be completely destroyed by Germany and I would lose all control of Belgium. So to play it safe and to give me more time to play my cards. It might mess up the plans of everyone else, but at least I’ll keep my control. I can turn the war just by joining the opposite side. Here goes nothing!

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1940

I have joined the Allies and I have been wiped out immediately by Germany. I caught them off guard, but it wasn’t much of an impact as I intended it to. It seems as though the Allies don’t have a chance against Germany. But I suppose my sacrifice wasn’t such a waste, as I divided Germany’s army when they attacked me. So it will allow the Allies to attack where they have been weakened.

I shocked the war by joining the Axis powers. They know that Belgium is an advantage in the battles between France and Germany. There were Allied troops in Belgium when I switched sides. It was a blindside that no one saw coming. They are confused and won’t know how to react when Germany attacks. I cannot wait to see what happens now between France and Germany. Let’s wipe out all the competition and win this war.

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1941

France and Great Britain are the only threats to us in this war and must lookout for their navy and men. With Italy and Germany using Belgium to travel through, it will destroy the Allied forces and eliminate anyone in our way. We plan to take out the USSR and then head to the west to take out France. It’s a two-front war and we need to take out USSR asap. Japan will attack the USSR from the east and Germany will attack from the west. Hopefully this will work and we can dominate this war.

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1942

We are building up our military to go to the USSR and wipe them out. Japan is making plans to move up through Asia and start by attacking Eastern USSR. Then Germany will start moving through Belarus and farther up and take full control of the USSR. Our plan is to take as many countries as we can and to take full control of Europe. No one stands a chance against Germany and the Axis powers. They might as well surrender now and to save us the hassle. We are number one.

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1943

Now that we have wiped out the USSR, we are aiming to take France. We make our way west and then use Belgium to take France from there. There is hardly any resistance and nobody can stop us. If we continue at this rate, we will win the war for sure. Germany is crushing everyone with the help of Italy and Japan. This is going great. As we continue to sweep to the East, the Allied forces plan to gather troops to help back up France and to enforce a wall of defense. All we have to do is block off the two entrances to France from Germany and corner them.

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1944

We have taken Asia and most of Europe. We plan to head south to take Syria and to take complete control of Europe. Then we’ll send more troops to France. Our plan is still intact and we plan to carry it out from here on. We plan to send our Navy towards France too. And after France is gone, we’ll take Great Britain. That will leave the U.S. vulnerable and defenseless. And if push turns to shove, we’ll send waves after waves of our troops to the United States and take them too. 

Yugoslavia / Belgium 1, 1945

We came close to completely taking Europe but came up short handed. I’m not saying I’m mad, just that we could’ve taken more if we had more time. But this is an Axis Victory for sure. The Allies had no way of defeating us. We used strategy and predicted their actions accordingly and it was successful. I respect the Allies for putting up a good fight, and for doing such a good job. We were worried at some points and we were scared that they would actually come back and bite us in the butt. Thankfully, luck was on our side this time and we prevailed.