WW2 Lesson Plans

World War 2 Simulation Journal: Poland & The Netherlands

Poland 1 1938

I know that Germany will try to invade us so we need to do everything we can to stop them. I know that Germany want to Danzig port and thats why they want to  I will need to form an alliance with France and Britain for when the time comes and hope that they will protect me.

Netherlands 1 1938

We are not a very strong military force and there has been nothing done to us. We will remain neutral as long as we can so we can keep the peace in our country. If Germany attacks, we will have to surrender. At the moment it is in our favor to stay neutral. 

Poland 1 1939

We got invaded by Germany and we knew that we would not win. France and Great Britain said that they would defend us and secure our borders. There wasn’t a lot they could do about us getting invaded. We did all we could to keep my country but we couldn’t beat the Nazis. 

Netherlands 1 1939

Right from the beginning Germany invaded us and we couldn’t move our troops to Great Britain. We knew that Germany would destroy us if we fought them so we surrendered to them. In the Dutch East Indies we joined the Allies. Shortly after we joined the Allies we got invaded by Japan. France and Great Britain did what they could to help us but Japan took over the Dutch East Indies. 

Poland 1 1940

We have lost all of our land but we will not give up. I believe that they allies will get the upper hand soon and take back Poland for us. The allies are still continuing to fight without me and they are staying strong. 

Netherlands 1 1940

Belgium has joined the axis powers but Great Britain and France still have troops there. They will have to conquer it. Their plan is to win back the Netherlands and I believe that will happen very soon. In the Dutch East Indies and Asia, Japan has conquered almost all of it and it doesn’t look like they are stopping anytime soon. 

Poland 1 1941

The USSR had taken over the 2nd part of our country back in 1939. Today the Soviet Union and Germany fought over it and Germany was victorious so now we are completely part of the axis powers. 

Netherlands 1 1941

Germany and the USSR broke their treaty. The USSR joined the allies and they are now going to help us take back lost territory in Asia. Japan bomb the Americans in Hawaii. The USA joined the allies also and they will be a major help to us in the war. 

Poland 1 1942

Germany invaded Norway but the Soviet Union sent in troop and the allies were victorious. Norway and Sweden ended up joining the allies. The Axis powers are gaining land but they are using up their troops. 

Netherlands 1 1942

Japan has almost taken over all of Asia and Australia. France, Great Britain, and the US are trying to take Belgium. If they take over Belgium, then they can easily get my country back for me. We’re waiting for help from the US in Asia, they are our only hope in getting back the Dutch East Indies. 

Poland 1 1943

Germany keeps attack the Soviet Union and they are now running very low and troops, but Germany just keeps attacking. We’re hoping that the USSR can start winning some battles so that they can help get our lost land back from Germany. Germany is quick using up all of their forces and we’re hoping that with the help of the US we can start winning the war.

Netherlands 1 1943

Japan has taken over the Philippines and took it from the US and Siberia from the USSR. Japan now controls over all of Asia and has started moving into the other side of the Soviet Union. Great Britain has moved troops to France and are waiting for a battle against the Axis powers. The Axis powers have been very victorious lately but they are running out of forces quickly.

Poland 1 1944

Germany has now successfully taken over all of the USSR. They have run low on troops but Italy hasn’t used a lot of their troops. Most of the countries from southern Europe has put their troops into Italy and we know that they plan on attacking very soon.

Netherlands 1 1944

The US has declared war on Japan and they will hopefully start taking over all of Asia and we will get our lost territory back from the Japanese there. Germany has moved in all of their troops from Germany to Belgium and we know they will soon attack. They are now surrounding France in Belgium and Italy. 

Poland 1 1945

We fought the nazi ships and beat the north sea so now they are not able to move troops to Great Britain. Great Britain ran out of troops helping France fight against the axis powers. 

Netherlands 1 1945

The Allies sent in most of their troops to Belgium to try and take it over. We lost the battle and I have lost hope that we will get our territory back from the Axis Powers. The US lost the territory they gain in 1944 in Asia.