WW2 Lesson Plans

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States

Journal Entry – United States 1938 (Orientation)

It’s the beginning of what we think will be the second world war. We’re not sure yet but we believe that because we have a lot of natural resources we will be a main target. Hopefully this is not the case but knowing Hitler’s history and the way he leads that might be a possibility. Hitler isn’t the only person we’re worried about though, we have various other countries to look at because it’s not only Germany that’s low on resources. 

As of right now we have decided to stay neutral and remain passive for now. We don’t plan on attacking anyone until we’re attacked ourselves. We do plan on staying loyal to the Neutral Powers but we’d rather not get involved until we’re forced to. We have enough resources and we’re willing to help people of our alliance. But we, The United States, will not be forcing an attack on someone until we’re attacked. 

Journal Entry – United States 1939 

It’s only day one and Germany had already attacked strong taking over the Netherlands and Poland. This really shows how power-hungry Germany is and how aggressive they’re willing to be to get land. I believe Germany is in it for the land and the resources because I’ve heard talk that Germany is relying on their alliance for their resources. Hopefully they do not attack us because we’re trying to remain neutral as of right now. 

With the United States being strong in resources, we have some concern that Germany will come for us next to take over our resources. If that is the case, we will have to defend and probably call for some help from our alliance to help stop Germany.  We, The United States, are going to try to get our point across that we do not want to be involved in the war and that we’d like to stay out. We would like to remain neutral as long as possible and keep to ourselves as of right now. Somehow, I’ll need to communicate this to all the countries around me and hopefully they abide to what’s been told to them. 

Journal Entry – United States 1940

The war is starting to heat up and countries are betraying some of their alliances over power and land. Japan had taken over a lot of China and it’s believed that they’ll continue to do that until they have taken all of China. The Axis Powers have been attacking many countries and they’re taking over a lot of land. This concerns us heavily because if they’re power-hungry then they might decide to go after the United States. 

So far, we’re sticking to our plan of staying neutral and staying out of the war. We’ve decided that we want to focus on fixing the depression and we want to stay to ourselves. We will NOT attack anyone and we will remain neutral but we have decided that we WILL provide resource to other countries. We believe that if we keep our resources to ourselves than the chances of us getting targeted will increase. So, we will be supplying resources to other countries but we will not be getting involved in war and sending troops to other countries. 

Journal Entry – United States 1941

Japan has officially involved us into this war by bombing Pearl Harbor. This is MAJOR and we have decided to side with the Allies. We WILL be taking action in this and we will work to take over the Axis powers. We are planning on gaining troops and taking over the Axis Power lands and getting revenge on Japan. 

We have sided with the Allied powers and we are figuring out how to take over the Axis land. We, the United States, is the only country that mobilizes and gains troops throughout the war. We plan on taking advantage of this and using this to overpower other countries. Japan will be suffering consequences for bombing Pearl Harbor and WE DO NOT plan on going easy on them.  

Journal Entry – United States 1942

Today was not the greatest day for the Allied Powers. Japan had went in strong into China and had taken over a lot of land. China couldn’t do much and Japan had burnt through a lot of troops. My plan was to move towards Japan and take them over although the Allied Powers have a different idea. 

The Allied Powers want me to move my Navy towards Belgium to help them take over Belgium. I’d would like to provide assistance but after Pearl Harbor I wanted to be focused on taking over Japan. Willingly but also very unwillingly, the Allied Powers decided to attack Belgium which wasn’t a smart move and I stated that. They knew it was a war that we couldn’t win but continued to attack. This has a big effect on us, The United States, because we won’t be able to carry out our plan as smooth as we liked. Our focus from now on is to attack Japan and take over all their land. If we can attack Japan then we will be able to conquer their land quite easily due to them burning through all their troops. 

Journal Entry – United States 1943

Once again the Axis powers had attacked real hard and are taking over a lot of land. Japan, which had bombed us, took most of the land East of the USSR and the USSR is worried that they’re going to be invaded. Germany and Japan are closing in on the USSr and I plan on moving towards them to help.

After Japan had attacked us, we plan on going through Japan and taking over as much land as possible. We plan on taking our Navy and moving troops through the back but that’s a little difficult at the moment due to the Allies. The Allies keep requesting help, which id gladly like to supply, but it’s difficult when you have to do different things to maintain power. So far, we’re still focused on going through Japan to help the USSR and take over Japan and get revenge for what they had done. 

Journal Entry – United State 1944

It’s not looking very good for the Allied powers as we are starting to crumble apart. I am far from my allied countries so it’s hard to provide a bunch of help to them. They’re also requesting a bunch of resources from us which we will provide but we will also need some if we plan on taking over Japan. We’re doing the most with what we got trying to take over the Axis powers but it’s looking rough right now. 

The Axis powers are looking really strong right now because they had taken over a bunch of land that they needed. They had taken over the USSR and they have spread all throughout to help them maintain their land. We’re still trying to work our way through Japan which shouldn’t be very hard because they’re retreating closer to the USSR and leaving a bunch of land open. We will continue to do as much as we can but it’s not sure how much longer we can go without being over powered by the Axis powers. 

Journal Entry – United States 1945 

We’re making moves towards the Axis Powers and we’re working to take over the Germans. We’ve already taken out the German Navy and we’ve worked on taking over Belgium. We almost won that battle but felt short but we did weaken their military in Belgium by a lot. Hopefully, this’ll help us take over Belgium and help us move throughout the land that Germany is in. 

We’ve defended pretty good against the Germans and the Axis Powers so far by holding good defense. We’ve defended a good chunk of France so far and we’re trying to protect against the Axis Powers taking all of it over. We weren’t very successful taking over Japan and getting revenge but we did help our alliance and we maintained the land that we could.