World War I Simulation Student Journal France 3

World War I Simulation

France 3 1913

It is the year 1913.  We have started making alliances with many countries.  We have spent a lot of time thinking about alliances.  Neutral Italy has approached us to make an alliance.  We were unsure, but thought it would be the best idea to help us out in a time of trouble.  This will also help us get to the Dardanelles Strait to get resources to our ally, Russia.  We are keeping this alliance secret.  We started another secret alliance with Montenegro and Serbia, and we have every single intention to honor this alliance.

France 3 1914

It is the year 1914.  Tensions are rising among the countries.  Rumors have been floating around that Austria-Hungary and Germany are planning to attack France.  We are incredibly nervous, but we have strong alliances.  We brought more of our troops close to where Germany and Austria-Hungary are quickly approaching.  They have plans of taking the Ardennes Forest, we hear.  They are outnumbering us, but we can’t show fear.  We have a powerful alliance with Great Britain that we are honoring fiercely.  They have strength and numbers, and we are hoping they will keep us strong.  We moved some of our troops to Belgium to try to get closer to Germany.

It appears as if there is rising tension between Austria-Hungary and Germany, which is good for us.  Many of Germany’s troops have retreated away from where we thought they might attack us.  We plan on pushing on this land to gain Alsace and Lorraine.

As far as the world is going, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was killed.  People on the Balkan Peninsula are preparing for war.  The alliances around Europe are seeming to lead directly toward war.  The Serbian Nationalist group known as “The Black Hand” is saying that they killed the archduke, and I’m sure Austria-Hungary will try to get them back.  The alliances are strong on both sides, so it will be interesting to see how everything goes down.

France 3 1915

We decided to take a chance and attack Germany to regain Alsace and Lorraine.  We moved 1,000 troops through the Ardennes Forest into Germany, and unfortunately, we lost the war.  We are still trying our best to regain this land.  We won’t give up yet.  We were hoping to help Italy, but we didn’t have a chance to do so.  Italy lost many troops.

Germany just attacked us.  We lost our capital.  We fought hard, using the majority of our troops to defend, but we could not win.  Britain even sent a lot of their troops to help defend us, but even that did not help.  THIS WAR IS INSANE.  We worked for such a long time to keep our territory and try to regain German territory, but we simply couldn’t.  We lost the majority of our troops defending our capital and trying to regain that territory.

In world news, the Lusitania has been sunk by torpedoes.  Many people were lost, the Americans and British mostly, and the Germans are to blame.  Americans are now feeling very strongly against the Germans, and who can blame them?  They are planning on declaring war on Germany.  I’d like to help them if I could, but we are doing so so poorly.  I fear we, as France, won’t see another day.

France 3 1916

The Ottoman Empire regained some of the territory that the Allied Powers had taken over.  As France, we are trying to get one of our allies to regain our capital.  This way we can continue getting more troops, which would be helpful considering we have very very few troops left.  Our Navy is still strong, so we might have to plan a way to put our navy to good use.  We are at a bit of a loss of what to do, but we are continuing to plan and try our hardest to be optimistic.

We just decided to move our entire navy from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean.  This way we can help transport troops from the United States when they can start moving.  They are currently neutral, but they already have plans to join the Allied Forces.  We hope they help us with regaining our capital.

In other news, Japan took over the German colonies in China. It doesn’t have a lot to do to change anything for anyone but for Japan.  Germany tried to regain part of Austria-Hungary, but the Allied Powers reigned supreme.  Of all the war that was done today, the Allied Powers did not lose land that was originally ours.  It was a good day to be an Ally.

France 3 1917

United States joined the Allies officially today!  We have been planning to use our Navy and the British Navy to bring United States troops over to get the capital of France back.  In other news, Germany is looking to Mexico for help.  Germany has proposed an alliance with Mexico.

The Central Powers just took over Romania.  Great Britain attacked Germany where our capital was, but they lost.  We hope that we can still use the United States to regain this territory.   The Central Powers are absolutely ruthless.  They took the capital Italy and Greece today, and it seems as if they will not be stopping anytime soon.

At the end of the day, our biggest goal is to regain our territory.  We are planning to do this by bringing troops over from America and Great Britain.  We won’t give up yet.

France 3 1918

It is the beginning of the end.  It is all or nothing today.  Great Britain and the United States have been in conversation with us about getting our capital back, and we are very much hoping that this will work well for us and that is how we can do the game as well as possible.

America and Great Britain are working together with us to fight to regain our capital.  We did all that we possibly could in our first attempt at doing this, and we lost.  Fortunately, we did take out the majority of his troops and the surrounding troops.  If all goes well, we will get our capital back at our next chance.

Our troops are nearly all gone.  Austria-Hungary and Germany attacked and took another part of our territory.  We went down easily, but we could not have any help.  We could have used the rest of our troops, but we’re hoping to survive a little longer.

We just decided to help get Greece back.  This was helping part of the Allied Powers, Greece, immensely.  We used our troops in French North Africa.

America just helped us immensely.  They helped us to get our capital back!  We are officially a country once again, and we could not be any happier.

The war is over.  Unfortunately, the Central Powers were victorious.  We did not go down without a fight.  We didn’t regain Alsace and Lorraine and we lost some land over time, but we are still a country.  I am proud of that much.