World War I Simulation Journal Russia 2

World War I Simulation

Russia, 1913

Things are boiling. The Central Powers are becoming war hungry with the Allies. Germany and Austria-Hungary want to attack us as well as attack Serbia. The Ottoman empire seems antsy along with all the others.

Period 2

Russia, 1914

The war has started. Things boil and trouble toils all around. Germany has taken R3 while we are quite weak against their advanced army. Perhaps with great numbers we will be able to take back all countries from the Central powers. Much worse fate stands for those who oppose us any further. The leaders of these countries are ridiculously daft and are begging for a righteous knocking in of their heads. May Mother Earth guide us and protect, let Daughter Moon lead us in the nights, and let Father Sun release his vengeance upon our enemies and may he blind them to our charging powers.

Period 2

Russia, 1915

Central powers have taken their time this year. The Allies are weakening, our power fails at the advances of these empires. I honestly don’t know what to do. I panic at the thought of failing. We cannot make it through I fear, and my advisor speaks none almost. Our armies, though poor in training are great in numbers. We must seem as though we are great bumbling buffoons. May Mother help us all..

Period 2

Russia, 1916

We have made attempt to fall upon R3 and regain our lands. Germany is too strong. After we tried to regain our land, they tried to take our land from us in R2. Our alliance with the Ottoman empire must end. To keep the straight ours and regain some dignity. Alliance gone and our troops are wiped, we are going to fail our people. Central is too strong. I have so much fear, fear for all of us.

Period 2

Russia, 1917

Civil war surrounds us. The citizens are all fighting one another. This is ridiculous! Brother to sister and all around hatred. I wish these fights and all the hatred be gone. I myself wish for peace, but I feel as though it will be some time before that is reached, here as well as in Europe.

Period 2

Russia, 1918

How? Just how? Why must we all get in a fuss over things! War surrounds the families of Russia. War surrounds the world. So many lives have been lost. So much time to use for hate. A perilous fate has befallen all of the Earth in these past years and I am happy the people of the world are now calming.