World War 1 Simulation Germany Journal

World War 1 Simulation

Germany 1 1913

Before the start of the war, I have identified the most significant threat to be Great Britain and the United States. The US is so far away and so far removed that they are not a major threat at the start, but could become one the longer the war goes on. My starting plan is to ally with Italy and use them to attack France through Italy, by using a distraction force to hold their forces in the North near Paris and to bring reinforcement troops towards Paris to defend it. I will then go in through the South to take all of mainland France. After that I plan on using the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary to attack and destroy Russia.


Germany 1 1914

Major Event: German Navy attacked Russian Navy in Baltic Sea – German Victory

Major Event: Italy destroyed by Austria-Hungary, helped by France

Major Event: Belgium taken over by Germany

So far we have successfully attacked the Russian Northern Navy and destroyed them. We have mobilized and gained 3,800 troops in our central territory. Our plan is to move a portion of our troops West (roughly 700) to attack Paris through the Ardennes Forest to distract and tie down French forces. We will also send 1,200 troops South through Austria-Hungary and Italy to attack France from the South. My remaining troops will be split among G1 and G3 to defend, fortify, and prepare for my invasion of Russia alongside the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. We have convinced Austria-Hungary to attack and destroy Italy, which is good for us, as Italy would have eventually turned on us, best to take them out early and not have to worry about them once they mobilize. I also took Belgium, which secures my path to France, but I am worried about  England crossing the channel behind me and taking G1 while I am in France killing them. I will have to deal with them somehow, but I am not sure how at this point. Russia has a lot of troops, but I think if I dedicate 1000+ troops to the Russian front, I will be able to take them. Their troops are very bad, so I should be able to, with the Ottoman’s help, take the whole of Russia from the West and South.


Germany 1 1915

Major Event: Germany took F1 – France/GB took back

After my failed excursion into France, I am planning on saying “screw France and GB” and focusing on a defensive war against them and focus my resources on Russia for the moment. Once I destroy Russia and send them into a Civil war, I will focus on France and Great Britain again. They are both weak, and cannot afford an attack on the German Fatherland in their current states. I have weakened them greatly, so I will not press them, but rather move troops and prepare for a second invasion when I have many more troops and can afford to risk the movement into France again.


Germany 1 1916

Major Event: Russian Civil War – out of game

Major Event: Serbia taken over by Austria-Hungary

Major Event: Romania taken over by Germany

Major Event: Greece taken over by Ottoman Empire

I am going to start massing troops along my Western front in an effort to try one last push towards Paris and the prospect of taking France out of the game. The U.S. will be entering the war soon, so I should start preparing for their arrival, but they don’t have enough ships of their own to bring all of their troops over at once, so we have a little bit of time. Overall, my thinking is that I will play defensive until I have enough troops to take France by force and have the Austrian-Hungarians take France from the south. I will also send a few hundred troops through the Ardennes to provoke them and weaken them before my main assault on their capital.


Germany 1 1917

My plan for 1918 is to just play defensive, I’m pretty sure it is France’s objective to take my capital square, so I will deny them that. I refuse to throw away all of my troops in the last round just to try to take France for nothing. I am very confident in my troops’ defensive abilities to protect my lands and to kill as many French, American, and British soldiers that they throw at me.


Germany 1 1918

Major Event: Portuguese/British defended French North Africa from the Ottomans and Austrian-Hungarians

Major Event: Austria-Hungary took Southern France with no conflict.

Major Event: 10,000+ Allied Army attacked G1 – attack failed, all killed

Major Event: France took G2 – no German troops able to defend

If the war is to continue, Germany would eventually be defeated by pure numbers of Americans, British, and French soldiers. We will continue to play a defensive game against them and make them pay for any incursion into German, Austrian-Hungarian, or Ottoman Empire regions. They will lost MILLIONS of men, and hopefully that will destroy their will to fight and we can hold on until they are tired of sending their men into the slaughter house to be killed by the Central Powers.  They may have taken part of Germany at the very last second, but we have thousands of Austrian-Hungarians ready to kill Paris, and the troops they DO have in Germany isn’t enough to take Berlin or Austria-Hungary’s capital square. After we would have been reinforced, we would have pushed into Paris, taken out the Allied Army in Germany through our remained veterans from the battle of G1 and the remobilized Austrian-Hungarians, and then proceeded to secure mainland Europe from the very little British troops that would have mobilized and the few American troops they would have been able to bring overseas to try another invasion. After all of this, Germany would have won, as we had 1,000s of troops still, even AFTER losing many in the battle for G1. France had only a few hundred left, as with the U.S, and Great Britain had 0 troops left besides roughly 100 left in Africa, but they would have been swept away by the approaching Ottomans from O1 and O2.

Result of the war: Central Alliance Victory – we killed too many Allied troops for them to be able to launch any more effective counter attacks in any sort of quick fashion.