World War I Simulation Journal Russia 2

World War I Simulation

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1913

I believe that things are just starting. I have no plans as of now but I will get them figured out if possible. No war has been declared yet but some places are allying with others. I will hopefully get a plan figured out before war rages on Russia.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1914

War has started. We have had war declared on twice already. The first time we won and kept our area. The second time we lost area R3. My thoughts of this all is why the central powers hate us. Germany took over R3 but we will regain our territory at some point. We have come up with a plan to move some troops to two of our areas. We will start by trying to take our territory back then move our way to other areas. Our war plan didn’t go into play. We shall try next year.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1915

We have met with some of our other allies. We plan to move a one man plan through Austria-Hungary. We want to try to take over Austria-Hungary as much as possible. I’m not sure if we will try and take back our region that was taken from us. We will hope for the best this year and make as much progress as possible. We have lost some allied territory and during the next round we will declare war for sure. We have moved some troops around its own territory so that might help us with our war. This is getting pretty intense. We made a movement but either the next round or next year WE WILL DECLARE WAR!!!!!

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1916

The allied groups are attacking now. We attacked Germany in R3 but we didn’t get it back. We talked in the hall with the other allies and we need to declare a lot of war to get our areas back. Hopefully we can get back some  territory. So far we aren’t so lucky. From the looks of things, it won’t be to easy to get back our territories and conquer more land. We are hoping to try and get R3 back again but I’m not sure. My thoughts are that although we need to get R3 back we need to work hard and get some of our other lost territories back. We are looking to attack either A3 or A2 of Germany after we get R3 back. When it comes back to the allies turn to attack WE WILL COME DOWN HARD!!!! There will be blood shed sure, but as long as we get our territory back we will work hard with the other allies and hope to conquer a lot of land. We will try to get our land that was taken from us back first then work our way into Austria-Hungary. We will then move and hopefully get help from other allies if possible. We had war declared on us in R2. We came out victorious but next year I don’t think we will be good to move on. I hope that the other allies will get more territory. After the attack on R2, I have no further plans for attack so far.  We talked with the other allies and Russia is going is going to attack the Ottoman Empire. The war didn’t go as well as we hoped. We didn’t get the O2 of the Ottoman Empire. We are pretty much done. We are out next year. I am losing hope on getting R3 back and getting more territory. We are going to help Greece. The bad thing is that we are leaving our area completely open to the others. We are getting attacked by the Ottoman Empire but we don’t have a lot of troops. I lost hope now because we lost our territory due to the Ottoman Empire winning the war. We are now in a civil war of our own.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1917

War has started again. The United States were defeated by the allies and is now part of our group.  We are having a civil war in our own area. I have no idea what the other allies are planning. I hope that by the end of the war we get at least some of our land back. My thoughts is that it is crazy here in Russia. Our troops are attacking each along with the people doing the same. It is pretty hard to work when you know that there are people wanting to kill you. Other than the civil war going on here, it isn’t looking too good for the other allies so far. We have all lost territory because of the central powers attacking us. I’m thinking that the wars have slowed down a little but I can’t be sure. There is no telling what will happen next, when wars will start, and who will win. It looks like the other allies are not doing so good. Not a lot has happened war wise this year but there have been more movement of troops lately. People on both sides seem to be moving troops each turn. I think I have only heard war declared at least 2 or 3 times. I wonder how the other allies are doing since I have been busy with meetings of my own in Russia due to our civil war. I think that everything has gone by so fast for me. Each year has gone by fast due to wars and movement. This year is going by a little slower because not a lot of wars have been called that fast. It’s hard to tell what the other allies have planned or are planning because we can’t go to the meetings. I’m sitting here trying to visualize what to do. Our ideas have stopped but the other allies are busy planning their next moves against the central powers. These days are crazy with us doing a civil war on ourselves and the Central powers attacking war on us. Each year before now has been war after declared on each area.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1918

This year is the last year for war. So far it looks like the Central powers are winning.  We are still having our own civil war and won’t be helping the other allies with the war against the Central powers. The allies need a really good plan if they are going to gain back at least some of the land. They will need good movement plans and good war plans if they decide to declare war. My thoughts on this is that the allies and ourselves worked really hard in this war. It might not pay off in this last year of war but we fought hard. All the allies worked hard and brought down all they could on the Central powers. Sure we might not win the war but if we try hard then we could get a lot of our territory back. I have nothing to do besides making sure that no one goes after me during our civil war. I also have to make sure that for as long as the civil war goes each side has enough supplies. I hope that our civil war ends soon. I think from what I have heard the allies are putting all our one man plan into play. I’m not sure how well it will work without us but they moved a lot of troops. The other allies tried to take over Germany in G1. Germany won that war. We have Belgium back but that isn’t a lot.