WWI Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 2

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1913

Our alliances with Germany and Austria-Hungary has gone good so far. We already have taken Bulgaria. As long as we are allied, our chance of finishing everyone’s objectives at once is strong. Let us see how this plays out.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1914

We declared war on a piece of Russia and have lost it, with Germany’s help. We did gain back Crimea. We haven’t done a lot yet, but we are planning on taking Romania. We need to talk to Germany about it, but we are hoping to get there and take it back. Troops have been moved in and we are now waiting to see how this plays out. Luck is needed on our side. We hope to gain what we can, if at all possible. The bad news is that Russia, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, and Romania, are threaten me to go and not to mobilize my armies with Germany and Austria-Hungary to defeat them, if I keep a secret alliance with them, they wouldn’t attack. I talked to Germany about it. I have shown them that they can trust me. We came up with a few ideas, but the main idea is that we would keep alliances and I would help them to make those other countries weaker. I need to start thinking about getting Romania and Greece back. I feel like the bad guy now, but, I would do anything to keep my empire safe.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1915

This year was really difficult to not mobilize my troops against Russia, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, and Romania. I know I can do this to keep myself “neutral” most of the time. I’ve been passing around information from Russia to Germany: Russia is sending in 4000 troops to R1. They are getting weaker, just how we wanted this to end up. Today we, the Central Powers, got Serbia and Romania and attempted to take Montenegro. Montenegro is getting weak, next year will be the perfect time to attack them and take them over. Greece is the next checkpoint. I’m  getting ready to break secret alliances with Greece and Russia.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1916

Russia has attacked me, of course that is what I have been waiting for. I won, though. Their army is weaker now. Montenegro and Greece? We have them back. All objectives are completed in my area, but to keep these alliances with Germany strong, I’ll help them when they need it. This help will mostly be for attacking and completing their objectives.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1917

This battle has gotten personal. I have attacked Italy to help Germany and protect my land. They ended up mad. Italy is smart, sarcastic, and a good planner. I need to tried carefully with her. We are planning on attacking Italy tomorrow, she said she would surrender, I don’t trust her in any kind of way. The U.S wants me to ally with the,, they want the Dardanelles Straight. I don’t know what to do. Even though I’ve been helping Germany, they’ve been thinking I’m going to betray them. I need to get their trust back. Let us hope that this war ends soon. I have nothing else to fight for. The end of the day will be worth it. The Ottoman Empire would end as strong as I hope. The Central Powers will be Victorious.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1918

The war is over. Even though Germany lost a part of France and Belgium, we have kept our territory and we have completed our objectives. I knew that Italy and the United States wanted to attack me. I followed Austria’s and Germany’s advice of sending my troops over. It was a hard war, but the Central Powers were as victorious as we planned to be.