WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 2

World War 2 Simulation
Germany 2 prewar

War breaks out and it is time to plan out our attacks, and make our alliances, war hasn’t officially started yet but it is knocking on the door. What we want to do is take over Poland and move closer and closer to Finland. We are giving coal to the leader to Finland i think that will help our future alliance with Tyler. I just hope the attack on Poland goes as planed  because we really need it to go as we planned. I think Soviet Union knows of our plans because the leader is asking about  Poland, I’m getting nervous.

Germany 2 1940

This is the first year of WW2, there was a lot of action that happened in the first year. The Germans and Allies battling it out for Sweden, it just went back and forth, the Allies ended up taking over Sweden. Every war we declared made me nervous, we had to take over Sweden for their iron ore. When we were defeated for the last time i was mad. Also, our Navy got taken out the first year, this made me really mad because we couldn’t move troops anywhere else that wasn’t next to our land. One thing came out of the first year, that was when we took over P1 this made me happy that we finally took over, a part of, a country. This was a very interesting year I hope for more years like this.

Germany 2 1941

We are sending our troops to take over the Netherlands, war always makes me nervous. The suspense builds up as the soldiers  fight in the Netherlands. It ends up that we are defeated, There aren’t much troops there so we attack again, i am very confidant this time and so is Joey. We are victorious, the sound of Germany is victorious was a good sound to hear at that point. We want more land so we take over Yugoslavia, i knew this would be a easy victory and it was. I feel like we are doing good at this point we are covering ground, winning wars, getting resources to get stronger, and i think other countries were afraid of us.

Germany 2 1942

Coming into this year i felt very confidant that we can have a successful year but what i didn’t know we weren’t going to attack as much as we did in the past couple years. When we attacked Belgium i knew we were going to win, we were strong and had more troops that they did. We also made a bad choice this year, attacking P2. It was confusing because USSR took all their troops out of P2, when they did that i thought no one was in control of P2 anymore so i told Joey to attack and he agreed. This was a horrible idea. When i did this i saw USSR turn from light blue to Orange, and i just thought to myself, that is not good.

Germany 2 1943

Finally we can get past the wall that blocked Germany from getting into France. We did that by taking over Belgium. This year was the year we dominate most of Europe. Last year Joey and I had a plan to take over France, I was excited when 1943 came around the corner. The areas in France i was most nervous about attacking was F2 and F1, but in the end we ended up taking them over, actually all of France.

Germany 2 1944

The only thing we did this year was take over Denmark Other than that the Allies took over most of Asia. I thought it was kind of a boring year.

Germany 2 1945

I can’t see the end zone anymore, it is almost like it has vanished. The Allies are caving in on Germany, i can smell defeat it is knocking on the door. I am not ready for this.  They captured all of Germany, this is the last you will hear of me, if you find this Journal I am dead.