WW2 Simulation Journal: France 2

WW2 Simulation

France 2 1939

The year is 1939, and Europe is divided. The totalitarian regimes of Germany, Italy, and Japan have formed the Axis powers, and the USSR has formed a non aggression pact with Germany. I fear for my country and the survival of Democracy in Europe. The only Democracies left in Europe are Great Britain, Czechoslovakia, and my homeland. Hitler is not to be trusted. I feel that his aggression and ruthlessness is going to bring us into another war. Hitler has demanded Poland. We cannot continue to let Hitler get his way. It is time for war!

France 2 1940

The war has begun! I am concerned with my situation in Europe. I have two powerful axis armies to the east in Italy and Germany. I do not know what Germany and Italy’s strategies are, but if they wanted to destroy me, there is nothing I could do. These two countries simply have to many troops for me to hope to defend an axis invasion. I am hoping that the allied navies will be able to give me some relieve with troops from Great Britain, but it will take time for them to reach me. For now, it looks like Germany is focusing it’s attention on taking over Poland, and Italy hasn’t been aggression. I fear that it is just a matter of time before I am to face an attack.

France 2 1941

The USSR has joined the allies! This is great news! This will hopefully force the Germans to fight a two-front war, providing my homeland with some relief. The USSR has a large army, but they will need resources in order to be at full strength. As far as strategy, I am still waiting for the allied naval fleet to put Great Britain’s troops into France. I am going to need all of the troops I can get if I want any chance of defending my territory. I am going to do whatever I can to defend Belgium as well. Germany needs Belgium in order to get to France, and I am going to do my best to not let them get it.

France 2 1942

The United States has joined the war! An attack from the Japanese navy has given the United States a cause to fight for. They have joined the allies and mobilized, giving them more navy and troops. The awaited attack has finally come from Germany. Germany has invaded Belgium. I defended Belgium on the first attack, but then Germany sent 3,000 more! Knowing there would be no defense against this attack, I have decided to wait for Germany to attack me. I will need to defense bonus. The allied naval convey is supplying France with 1000’s of troops. This long awaited relief will be needed as I fear Germany is getting ready to invade France. If Italy decides to attack as well, I feel there will be nothing I can do.

France 2 1943

Germany and Italy and invading France, and there is nothing I can do. The relief from Great Britain will weaken the enemy, but it will not be enough to stop them. The fall of France is inevitable. All of my troops have been defeated and all my territory is taken over. There is really nothing left for me to do accept advise the leaders of the other Allied countries. The war appears as if it is swinging the Axis power’s way. Germany’s army is simply too big and strong to be stopped. Something needs to happen if the Allies can turn this around, and I think that something might be America.

France 2 1944

While the situation in Europe is still tough, the Allies faring well against the Japanese in Asia. The USSR was able to take back all of Japan’s territories in China. While my homeland is still occupied by Germany, Germany’s troops are small in numbers. I feel that my have made a big mistake by not going after the USSR first. They have gotten stronger every year and should be able to move through Europe. An allied naval attack on French North Africa has defeated the Italians and regained the French territory to the allies. The allied convey is preparing for an attack on the German-occupied France next year. It is time to regain my territory!

France 2 1945

Italy has joined the allies! The Axis power is collapsing, and Italy wants to do what it can to get something out of the war. The United States mobilization was enormous, and it is the beginning of the end for the Axis power. They now have more navy and 3000 more soldiers! The Allies are preparing to regain France by loading up the naval convey with American troops. After an invasion, the allies successfully defeated the the Germans in France. My French territory is now mine again. The USSR has regained Poland and Rumania. German troops are retreating back to Germany. The allied forces are going to do everything they can to defeat Germany. The end is nearing. The Soviet Union continues to move further into Europe. Germany is now surrounded by Allied forces. After an invasion of U.S. and USSR troops, Germany has fallen! The war has ended! The map is now covered by the Allied color, orange. The only Axis power left is Japan. While the war has costed millions of lives and enormous destruction, the Allies are happy to have finally defeated the the ruthless nazis. It is time to make lasting peace in the world.