WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 4

WW1 Simulation

USA 4 1913
My strategy at this point is to just stay back and not get involved. We plan on staying neutral until something causing us to make alliances. I wouldn’t want to put that pressure on my people with our country just starting to develop. So I plan on staying neutral. Nothing has happened yet but I’m expecting something big is about to come.

USA 4 1914
There has beeb a lot of activity from the central powers taking over the allied countries. Right now no one has made a pass at that USA which is working in my favor. I have made a few helpful comments to Great Briton and France but haven’t completely made an alliance. I think that they both know that eventually I will side with them but right now its best that i stay neutral. So another day being neutral it is.

USA 4 1915
Today Russia was taken over. I believe this happened because they are the biggest country that touched the Ottoman Empire and Germany. Also they moved all their troops so one side which made it easy for them to conquer the others. Right now my strategy stays the same. Nothing has really happened that makes me think that I need to make allies but when the time comes I will. Im going to mobilize tomorrow in case something happens but I don’t plan on doing anything soon.

USA 4 1916
Things are starting to get heated. Great Britain and I have been talking a little because of all the war the central powers have been starting. I might have to ally with them in order to end all of this. The central powers are moving too quickly and we need to stop them. I don’t want to get involved too soon but I think my time is coming. We need to stop them and allying with France and Britain would be my best option. My strategy might be that I need to move into the war and ally with the allied nations.

USA 4 1917
After Great Britain intercepted the telegram from Germany to Mexico about starting war with the USA, I decided that it was time to ally. I allied with Great Britain and France. After moving my navy and the rest of my troops in Britain’s navy, we came to an agreement to attack the Ottoman Empire. We haven’t done it yet but it’s coming. We were being followed by Austria-Hungry’s U boats but we don’t think that they will get anything done. If things go as planned, the Ottoman empire will have the Central Powers move their troops so we can successfully take over part of Germany. Hopefully we can win this war.

USA 4 1918
Today was bad. We were able to out run Austria-Hungry’s u-boats so we attempted to attack the Ottoman Empire and lost. The Central powers moved and took over France. France and I were trying to attack Germany but before we were able to do it, they wiped out our armies. Im very disappointed in the way things turned out but the Allied powers just weren’t as aggressive as the Central powers. I feel that we would’ve had a better chance of winning if we started out aggressive instead of just waiting until the last few days.