WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 1

World War 2 Simulation

Great Britain 1 1938
I, Nikki, was the President of Great Britain, and my Prime Minister was Robin Regan.
When I had learned who was who for their countries, I immediately saw that my Allied countries, like Poland and Belgium could easily be taken by the psychotic people of Germany, and the USSR, the Axis powers.
This got me thinking of how to defend my friends. I knew that Poland would be wiped from the map in a year by the USSR and Germany, so I had to act fast. I tried to talk to Martika who had small countries that were next to Poland, but it didn’t help. Traitorous friends right? France was going to do nothing until she had to defend her country, so I was beside myself on this one.

Great Britain 1 1939
On top of assessing my situation to being a allied power, I have also considered being a Axis power because of this, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer,” saying. If I were to ally myself with the Axis powers, I would be closer to Germany, and I could easily move my troops through Germany until I was in Poland, and then declare war on Germany, so that I could take back Poland! I know that would be suicide, and that would take years to mobilize a lot of troops, and if I had so many troops in P1 of Poland, I would think that Germany would suspect that I would be a Traitor. I have two other back up plans, but I don’t think it will get me anywhere close to Poland, but it is worth a shot right? I
I was right about one thing last year, and i should trust my gut more often because my poor allied country, Poland, and Belgium, both fell today. I swear I will try to get the two countries back, but I’m sore scared now that France will fall soon.

Great Britain 1 1940
Today is a good day. Today I have gained the upper hand on my enemy! I am taking on of my other back up plans; Starve my enemy of natural resources! This is a risky game, but I figured that if I took resources that Germany would need, their rating would drop, and therefore be weaker, and when thy enemy is weak, you plunge thou sword through thy heart! Romantic right? So, what I am going today is several naval battles.  If my enemies supply troops to other countries by boat, then the number one enemy is my enemies ships, and therefore I shall attack ships, and then move my way up to Sweden and Norway to take away Germany’s source of Iron Ore.

Great Britain 1 1941
Keeping true to my words, I did destroy thy enemies ships! All of them, besides a USSR navy down in the Aegean Sea, which if they were to use that ship, my navy down there would wipe them out, but I have talked to the USSR’s Prime Minister. I had implemented the seed of a treaty, if the Allies are to win, we need the USSR! I also took over Sweden and Norway that was in the clutches of those filthy Nazi rats. This means I have successfully reopened the Baltic Sea, and no enemy can take that away from me, nor reach me, unless Japan decides to travel around, but I know they won’t be able to get by the U.S. I have successfully completed one of the many steps in my back up plan that I had! Go Great Britain!!

Great Britain 1 1942
Why, just why? I am so ticked today that my prime minister had decided to go take war with Italy when we have not knocked out their ships because then they would be able to supply more troops! JUST WHY? I wanted to take out Italy’s ships so that she couldn’t supply her colony, Libya, with more troops, but NOOOO! I lost this battle, but Italy has just waken the wrath inside me. I have also made a secret treaty with the USSR, and I know that they can’t attack Germany until Germany attacks them, so when that happens, they are joining the Allies, and therefore I will be able to move troops through the USSR to back the USSR up to take Poland back!

Great Britain 1 1943
I am going to wipe that smug little face off of Italy if it takes my last breath! I have given up hope for the Allies that are around Germany, even though I hold strong as a country, I know I won’t be able to take those countries back, but I can try! Always try, and if failure comes, well that is less troops on my enemies side then! But, back to Italy she took a lot of my British colonies away from me! I know I should have supplies troops, but the more wars Italy has with my small countries, the less troops I have to deal with in battling her. Wait, that sound confusing. Okay, what I mean is that I have troops in my small British Colonies, and the more she invades them, the more Disperse her troops became, and also trapping herself within my colonies as well! On another side note, I want to smack the leader of China! Like, come on, really? Your country is slowly being taking down, and your sitting there doing nothing? I stepped up to help, but I don’t have many troops, and I lose every single time I try to help China. I need a break, I am going to recompose myself before I do something I can’t fix.
Okay, I am back, and I guess curiosity really did kill that cat this time. I have learned that China thought she was already taken over by Germany, and so she did nothing. I want to say so many colorful things, but I will not be immature about this. If China wants to sit, and do nothing, then the Allies have lost altogether, and there is no hope then, on the downward spiral as well