WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 3

WW1 Lesson Plan

States 3 1913

is 1913, and war is about to start. I think if us United States stay
neutral for some time, we should be fine. After we stay neutral for
awhile, I believe we should make an alliance with Great Britain and
France, to make sure we are safe. Declaring war on Germany may be a
smart idea, since we have allies to back us up, we will be
successful. I think we should attack the part of Germany that has the
least amount of troops, because we will have more of a chance to take
over that land. Once we attack Germany, we will then help Great
Britain and France with the wars they end up declaring. As allies,
our duty is to back each other up in time of war.

States 3 1914

in the year of 1914, us United States has decided to mobilize. This
helps our number of troops greatly! Although nobody has declared war
on the United States, they have declared war on other countries. The
Ottoman Empire was successful at war with Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary
and Germany are successful in taking over part of Russia (known as
R3). The United States is fortunate right now, because no one is
attacking us. I do not think we are anyones target at this point in
time, but, I am sure once we start making moves, we will be a target.

States 3 1915

year many countries got Poison Gas. Unfortunately, we were not one of
those countries to receive the luxury of Poison Gas. Not only did
others receive Poison Gas, but, the Lusitania sunk. There were 1,198
deaths, including 128 Americans. This put the United States under the
spotlight, just a little. During this year, a lot has happened; The
German Navy was destroyed by Great Britain, Italy joined the Allies,
France and Great Britain’s navy’s are now surrounding Germany, and,
Austria-Hungary is now giving no representation for the Slavs in
their government. We are still neutral at this time, but, we need to
start talking to Great Britain and France to make sure they are going
to be okay with forming an alliance in two years.

States 3 1916

are getting serious now. So much war is happening, and I am afraid
other countries might start attacking the US. Austria-Hungary
attacked, and took over Montenegro and Serbia. Romania joined the
Allies, but was taken over by the Central Powers not too long after.
Greece was almost taken over by Austria-Hungary, but received some
temporary help! The allies are in desperate need of land. We are
slowly losing land, one piece at a time. This is not good. Next year
we will be making our allies, and the US will be known as part of the
Allies, which may cause some tension to build.

States 3 1917

we joined the allies, and we are declaring war on the Central Powers.
This is crazy! We just mobilized, and now have a total of 1,674
troops. We are going to attack O2, and hopefully succeed. With some
help from France, we were victorious in war with O2. Us allies also
attacked O1, and were victorious, as well. It looks like allies might
be getting a lead! Hopefully this is taking a turn for the worse for
the Central Powers!

States 3 1918

is the last year of war, and things are severely intense. Not only is
there war left and right, but, everybody is moving their troops and
navy everywhere! Us United States attacked G2, and we were
successful. At this point, we have fulfilled our objectives, so we
don’t really need to do much more of anything. But, with war going on
all around us, we need to be able to help back up our allies if
possible. At the end of the year, the allies were victorious over the
Central Powers. There was a little bit of Germany left, but, there
was more allied land, than there was Central Powers land. Our goal
has been reached!