WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 3

Germany 3 1913

It’s 1913. The year before the World War 1 Start. I’m one of the Central Powers, Germany, and allied with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. They are both really strong but I still wanted to make more alliances, since they can never really hurt you, as long as you don’t trust them too much.
Since it was one of my objectives, I made a secret alliance with Bulgaria. It had to be secret, because Bulgaria was worried about the effects of having open alliances.
In addition I tried to make sure I have alliances with countries that surround France, since they are surely going to try to get their land back. Thats why I made a secret alliance with Belgium, so I could convince them to let my troops through their land every time. I also hope that they are going to fight on the side of the central powers- against France.
Last but not least I also tried to make an alliance with Italy, since I wanted them to protect me and Austria Hungary against France. But Italy denied and so I am pretty sure that it already has an alliance with France. I’m aware of that alliance and always keep some of my troops on G1, next to Italy.

Germany 3 1914

The World War started. Many countries mobilized but in the moment I heard Russia is mobilizing I acted and declared war to Russia. Why? I really don’t want to wait till I have France and Russia attacking me from both sides at the same time – the two- front war that eliminated Germany in the first world war. So I decided to kill Russia as quick as possible, so I can concentrate on France. Austria-Hungary is fighting on my side and the Ottoman Empire is trying to attack Russia from the South. We will see how that goes. I’m just scared because the Russian have lots of new soldiers next year and I don’t want them to over roll my exhausted army.
Thats why I’m planning on moving more troops to the East, always in the hope France is going to wait till they attack us.
I’m also concerned about Great Britain, since they have been pretty quiet so far.
The next step I want to make is convincing Austria-Hungary to kill Serbia and Montenegro, because they are little countries, that are going to grow from now on. We should eliminate as many enemies as we can in the next year, so our power is growing and we are ready to fight Russia and France at the same time, and can fully concentrate on them.
A little lost was  the take-over of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, since I was planning on honoring my alliance with this little country. But I couldn’t do anything- all my groups were in the North.

Germany 3 1915

Russia just got about 3000 new soldiers in their backland. Although I really want to fight them I can’t overtake the next part of their land because they would just fight me back and overwhelm my exhausted army. So I tried to convince the Ottoman Empire to attack Russia from the South, but they were concentrating on Greece and Serbia. Thats why I am going to wait till I try to destroy Russians army again. Why? Because Great Britain just took my navy down and the alliances got pretty strong in the West. 2000 French soldiers are in Belgium and about 4000Soldiers are in Italy, which joined the alliances. That forced me to stay in the West, I can’t effort to put Russia down right now, I need all my troops to save my borders and Austria-Hungary. Otherwise France and Italy are going to attack us.
In addition Egypt and all the other countries on the South joined the alliances against the Central Powers. Now I’m getting kind of nervous because we are surrounded by enemies.
But I couldn’t do anything about all our little enemies in the south, like Serbia or Montenegro because I needed my troops elsewhere. I tried to convince Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire to take them down as quick as possible so they can’t get any stronger but they didn’t want to.

Germany 3 1916

The situation for Germany got better this year. After long calculations and strategies I decided to make the border to Belgium and Italy strong enough to have more Power than the French soldiers in these countries have.
I’m not going to attack them though, because I don’t need to fight them and since I know that they want their land back from Germany I just wait for them to attack me, so that I can get the defense point in the rating. My army is going to be up at a rating of 11 when they declare war against me so it should be possible to defend myself. I’m just waiting for their next step.
Meanwhile I convinced the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary to take down Serbia and Montenegro, since I had the feeling that they are going to become really strong when we don’t take them down immediately. I think we should get rid of as many enemies as we can right now so we can concentrate on our biggest enemies and save the borders.
Romania tried to help Serbia, which really surprised me because it is in the middle of the Central Powers and really easy for us to take down. I even told them my ultimatum: Stay out of it and neutral or we crush you. They didn’t listen and so Austria Hungary took it down. Now that Austria Hungary lost a lot of people I’m going to help them with as many groups as possible.
Russia still didn’t move which surprises me since they could weaken me when they use a lot of their army. Since the Ottoman Empire in the South is really weak now they can’t really threat Russia anymore which should be a chance for Russia to use their complete Army for the West- Germany and Austria-Hungary. But I am not too scared because Russia always had lots of people, but never strong ones.
My main point is defense at the time and at the point where I get the chance- I’ll attack Russia and help the Ottoman Empire to get stronger again.

Germany 3 1917

This year was compared to the last years pretty quite. Italy and Belgium still have the same amount of troops and I still wait for them to attack me to get my defense point on all of my troops. Meanwhile Russia moved their troops to the border- a lot of people stay against me. I just moved all my troops that were close to this border to Russia to get a defense point on all of my troops since they are obviously going to attack me. When they really do then they don’t really have lots of troops left- their army is destroyed.
The Ottoman Empire got pretty much taken down by navies of Great Britain. I tried to eliminate those troops with my navy but I wasn’t strong enough. The Ottoman Empire is lost and now Austria-Hungary and me stand against the rest of Europe. We will move all our troops in our countries since we don’t really need the land in the south, like Bulgaria and Greece.
Otherwise nothing really happened, the US joined the Allied Powers, which didn’t surprise us and now I’m waiting for them to get on the border of Belgium. I just hope I am strong enough to defend myself in the end.
Since tomorrow is the last year everyone is just going to attack us but I still stay with my defense-idea: waiting for them to attack and getting thousands of defense points on my side. Since they really have lots more troops than I do I really need a high rating to be able to get them down.
We will see what happens next. If Russia isn’t going to attack me I may just use my army in the east to destroy as many Russian troops as possible.

Germany 3 1918

The last year of war was nerve wracking. Since I didn’t realize that troops can come through the forrest the U.S and France were able to take my territory over easily.
I wasn’t able to take it back though because as soon as I would have done it, all my other territories would have been weakened and vulnerable. The Russian army got their territory back but they lost lots of army. The Russians were almost wiped out at the end.
Italy didn’t do anything and the troops in Belgium didn’t really do anything either.

My final thought about the position as Germany and my main strategy: My main strategy was the thought that the Allied Powers have a more powerful army over the whole time period. To resist all their troops I wanted to destroy as many capitals of allied countries as quick as possible so they lose some of their troops that I have to fight over time. That didn’t really work though because the Ottoman Empire denied to help me with crushing Russia from the South and Austria-Hungary didn’t want to take over Serbia and Montenegro at first. That’s why the Allied Powers got stronger over time. We didn’t really stopped their troops from growing. That was our main problem. Another problem was the downfall of the Ottoman Empire after attacking Greece, from which I warned it. Austria-Hungary and me stood there by ourselves. These facts added together with the frustrating fact that I got the facts about the Ardennes Forest wrong, made the Allied Powers strong and so at the very end I lost one of my territories to the French.