WW2 Simulation Journal: Italy 1


Italy  1938

I am planning on watching the other countries to see what some of them are going to do,  so when I go to conquer a country I know who to avoid. I am thinking of moving troops into Northern Africa, and conquering those countries and taking those resources. I need to see if anyone has extra resources they could give me, so I can raise my rating.

Italy  1939

Since Germany is attacking the Netherlands, and are planning on attacking Poland too. I am staying out of the wars for now to see who is going to win, and if the Germans win I am going to ask them for some resources. I am also overhearing that Russia, Germany, and Romania are going to attack Poland. I cannot really do anything to help them, but I am going to help get France for Germany. Hopefully when I help Germany they will help me get North Africa.

Italy  1940

Today Germany is preparing to attack or draw France into its territory next to Belgium. I am going to help them by possibly attacking the French territory that is next to Italy. I am hopefully going to get more resources out of this agreement. I am also going to invade Albania and keep my troops there until I can get help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. After I take those countries over I am aiming to invade North Africa

Italy  1941

I have successfully gained Albania, and now I just need to conquer Greece. I am wanting to stay out of this attack on France so I might have a chance of surviving this war. I am working on getting help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. I was attacked! Yugoslavia attacked me in Albania, but I was victorious anyway. I have conquered Greece! I have also gained oil from Bulgaria, so I have more of the resources that I need.

Italy  1942

Today I am hoping to not have to attack France for Germany. I have convinced them to let me attack the French North Africa first. I was attacked by France and Great Britain in Lybia, but I beat them both. Now the French North Africa is almost defenseless, now is my time to strike! Well, that didn’t go very well at all, I lost in the battle for the French North Africa. Now I have to plan to defend Lybia, and attack the rest of North Africa.

Italy  1943

MY NAVY!!! My navy is gone!! How am I going to move troops into Lybia? Well, I do have around six hundred in Lybia. I have to try and get the rest of North Africa with only 680 some troops, it will take quite a bit of strategy. I have already gotten Egypt so the rest will come fairly easy, except for French North Africa. I am going to attack Palestine too. I am only going to take the countries I need.

Italy  1944

Today I am going to invade Palestine, and I am planning to only take Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria, French North Africa, and Iraq. After I get the countries to the east I will go attack the French North Africa again. I am close to obtaining all of my objectives, I just have to make sure I can hold the land once I obtain it. I have gained Palestine, but Great Britain is putting more troops into French North Africa. I do not think I have enough troops to defend Lybia from attack. It looks like the USSR is going to attack Romania, and I have sent troops to help Romania but I don’t know if that will help a whole lot.

Italy  1945

Today is the last day I have to get the Trans-Jordan, and Iraq. I have taken the Trans Jordan, but now I must take a big risk on attacking Iraq since they have 100 troops and I only have 87. I am going to attack Iraq still, but I also need to protect the lands I have gained. I also have to be ready for attack from French North Africa. I have gained Iraq now, and now I am going to defend Lybia. Well Lybia was attacked and taken by the British, and I saw it coming. Now I just have to protect the rest of North Africa I have gained. All that I have lost is only Lybia!