WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 1


Germany 1938
Today we learned the basics and rules of the games. I hope to make an alliance with Russia tomorrow and hopefully they will help me take down Poland easily, then Italy will I hope help me with France. I don’t trust Russia, but hopefully after they help they will be weak enough for me to take control of. I need to gain control of Great Britain as soon as possible, I know they will attack me as soon as they are able.

Germany 1939
Today we took control of Poland, which was one of our objectives. We got Russia to sign an alliance, which was needed because I need to keep my enemies close. We’ve also gained Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.  I know that Great britain needs to protect Belgium, so I’m going to attack Great Britain first so they can’t both attack me. Italy is going to help me take down a large part of France tomorrow, so I hope everything goes as planed.

Germany 1940
We didn’t gain control of France today. We were hoping that by taking belgium wed have them attack us, but they unfortanely didn’t. I honestly don’t have a plan to take down Great Britain or France, but hopefully my allies and I, Germany together will have enough that we can take them quickly and efficiently without much loss.

Germany 1941
Today I feel like we are at a stale mate. Tomorrow I plan on going to war with France, and if I have to attack alone then I will. I don’t trust Russia, and I will be putting more defense on my border with them, and get Italy to send most of their forces to help attack France. Today we lost our navy, so I don’t know how we will help Italy gain the lower land that it needs.

Germany 1942
Today we moved troops into and towards Italy. I no longer trust Russia and none of the Axis want to offer them any help. On Monday we will be attacking the southern part of France, and hopefully will will win. I want to have a spare 1000 troops outside still in Italy so if they do attack us back after we gain the land we can set up a trap, and attack the top part with the left over northern troops. I hope this works my allies are relying on me.

Germany 1943
Today we had great victory! We took control over lower France, so this way we can help Italy get control of the more southern countries by making Great Britain have to go further to take troops to move them. Tomorrow we are declaring war on the top and west part of France, then moving quickly to help Romina. I know that judging from Russia’s moves so far they don’t want to use a lot of troops, and their rating is very low so we will attack the Ukraine and try to win that land so it will be more difficult for them to attack Romina. We will also strengthen our eastern border because I don’t like the build up of troops that has been going on there.

Germany 1944
We finally captured all of France! luckily Great Britain fell for our trap and send some troops to us, so we easily took all the troops they sent, weakening them. Tomorrow I plan on attacking Russia, and trying to get some of the oil so we will have enough. I know our progress is slow but I would rather fight slow sure battles then quick unreliable battles.
Germany 1945
Today on the last day we tried to capture the Ukraine, nut we lost the battle. I was kindle annoyed today because i felt like people were just trying to waste time and went doing anything. I was glad that we tried and if we could’ve had five minutes more we could’ve taken the ukraine, but at least we kept or original land.