WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Russia 2

Period 2

Russia 1913

We along with our alliances with Serbia plan on getting Montenegro, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria all to ally with the Allied Powers. With these new alliances we plan to overtake the Ottoman-Empire and in result getting the Dardanelles Strait in our power. With this new acquired land for the Allied Forces and the Dardanelles Strait we will now have a new and efficient way to get natural resources and products to our country.
We will move our troops from R2 to R4 and R3 to ensure the safety of our nation. We will keep all our original troops in R3 so when can ensure that we are able to defend ourselves just incase Germany or Austria-Hungary attacks our nation. With keeping the original forces in R3 when other countries attack, we will get a +1 defense point to up our ranking by one. Also we will keep the original forces in R1 to ensure the safety of our capital so we don