WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: France Foreign Minister 2

France 2 1913

We see Germany as a threat. They want to go through Italy to get to us, so Sarah says. So we made a secret alliance with Italy. Also we made an alliance with Montenegro. Making and honoring an alliance with Montenegro was one of our objectives as well. As of right now we are trying to figure out a plan on how we can defeat Germany so they don’t take over our land and so we can achieve one of our objectives by taking over two of there small towns they took from us earlier. I’m excited to see what else will take place during this simulation! Lets get started!!

France 2 1914

Germany is still a threat to us and today they got even more land which is making me more nervous about them. They’re getting more powerful and I’m nervous. We were trying to move down our troops to F2 to even out the amount of troops in each region. We are also trying to move troops down to F2 to help Italy take over the land they need for there objectives so then when we win that territory she is going to help us attack and get our land for our territories. Central powers are really¬† making me angry because of the cockiness that they have. If we could just take one of there regions to show them that they are the hot crap that they think that they are. Brandon needs to be shut up. But we also need to not aggravate Germany since they are super powerful as of now, I don’t want to be crushed like a bug. We also moved troops down to navy and moved them to Egypt because we want to attack Ottoman Empire with Great Britain.

France 2 1915

Today we plan on declaring war on the Ottoman Empire and taking over more land. The allies are slowly getting more powerful and i’m excited. We moved are navy around to get more troops out to help Great Britain, Russia, and Italy take it over. We plan on moving troops up to Italy and to attack Austria Hungary and trying to get one of our objectives G2. Which right now is surround by Germany forces. I plan on attack Austria Hungary and moving through Germany to get reach our objective.

France 2 1916

We continued on to achieve our objective today by attack A2 (Austria Hungary) with Italy. We know we don’t stand a chance because Germany is allied forces with them so they are always going to be there to help them out. But we want to weaken there armies so we can keep attack and eventually take over the central powers. We also tried to attack Serbia but Germany helped out and the central powers won. But we are also trying to weaken there forces so we can attack again. We achieved one of our objectives by keeping our neutrality with Belgium by helping them when they were being attacked which also led to them becoming a ally with the allies. We are taking troops from F1 to Belgium to attack Germany tomorrow with Great Britain and Italy.

France 2 1917

We made a public alliance with United States which is making the allies slowly more powerful. Today Italy is just doing things that are going to benefit them and what there objectives are. As of now we don’t have two of our regions without soldiers because Italy keeps saying that she needs more soldiers to get into Austria. We are trying to get G2 through Austria. So now we have no troops in France and Italy has all our troops there. We have one more objective to meet and its probably the hardest objective to achieve. I’m getting frustrated because Germany is cocky and has such a powerful army that it seems impossible to ever defeat them.

France 2 1918

So today was an exciting day. We took over some of Germany’s land by sending the U.S. troops to France then to move through the forest to get to G2. This was one of our objectives to get back the land that they took from us in G2. We succeeded this from breaking down Germany’s military. It was exciting because it was the last objective we needed and we achieved all of the objectives. I enjoyed the simulations and how intense they were. It was defiantly a fun experience. We protected our land a lot throughout this which was very good for us knowing how powerful that Germany was and how much power they had over us. We did a lot better than I thought we did.