World War Two Lesson Plan Student Journal: Germany

Germany 5 1938

It’s a sunny day in Germany. And one full of adventure and promise. And more importantly victory. Our plan as the rulers of Germany is to come in fast and strong to show that we’re not here to play or mess around. We’re going to take a bunch of surrounding area and use that to our advantage. Hopefully we can strike fear into our opponents. I know they’re kind of intimidated already because one of the other countries told us so. I also think that they’re afraid of us as a whole allied system than just one country. And already our country is pretty impressive. We’re super advanced and have great military leaders. How we can lose.. I have no idea. 

Germany 5 1939

So there is some news. We did take some of the countries we had wanted. We took some of Poland which was an objective. We gained a few resources which isn’t bad but doesn’t really do anything for us. It does enough I suppose, We do have more than we did so that’s a plus. We also took Norway which we wanted but we didn’t really do what we wanted to do with it. The goal was to take Norway then Denmark so we could more our navy into the Baltic sea to keep it safe. But we were unable to obtain Denmark and move our navy to safety so our navy was lost on this day. Which is a bit upsetting because there were so many things we could have done with it. This is war though and we have to be prepared to lose some. Overall it was a better day than most. As for now we just have to play it by ear and have many ideas of how this could go. 

Germany 5 1940

Today the omnipotent power behind the simulation was gone so not much got done. I really hope it doesn’t get extended an extra day. I don’t like being the Prime Minister to Sage. He is extremely controlling and really annoying. All he does is tell me to do what he doesn’t want to do and he never tells me anything about what our country is doing. If I wasn’t such a loyal person I would tell the entire class all our secrets just to make him angry. I’m sure someone in my position would feel the same. Anyway the last piece of information I was given was that we were going to take France. I believe the best strategy (and possibly the only strategy) would to move our troops through Belgium into France 1 and have Italy move into France 3 simultaneously. That way the French have to split some of their troops up. I know they’ll probably get some reinforcements from Britain and what not but if we sent enough troops we could probably do it. There’s also a secret alliance that we’ve formed with the USSR. The only reason the USSR allied with us is because the US made them angry. That’s something I would do. Back to the point. Let’s see how the day goes.

Germany 5 1941

WHOOOOOOOOOOO! We totally won that battle with France! I had no idea it was going to work out that way. I literally had no faith in what Sage was doing. I was wrong. That. Was. Impressive. I feel awesome about that. I’m shocked. I really am. But in a good way. This kind of shows how great our army is and how everyone should be shaking like little girls in their boots at our mighty power and such. Even I, myself, am in awe of such power. So as of now felling pretty good (: The rest of France fell like the building blocks of little kids. It was awesome. After this I don’t really know what is next. Only time will tell. 

Alright. There’s more time passed. We took Belarus as well as Sweden. 

Germany 5 1942

Well. A prime minister is gone one day and wouldn’t you know