World War I Simulation Student Journal France 3

World War I Simulation

France 3 1913

It is the year 1913.  We have started making alliances with many countries.  We have spent a lot of time thinking about alliances.  Neutral Italy has approached us to make an alliance.  We were unsure, but thought it would be the best idea to help us out in a time of trouble.  This will also help us get to the Dardanelles Strait to get resources to our ally, Russia.  We are keeping this alliance secret.  We started another secret alliance with Montenegro and Serbia, and we have every single intention to honor this alliance.

France 3 1914

It is the year 1914.  Tensions are rising among the countries.  Rumors have been floating around that Austria-Hungary and Germany are planning to attack France.  We are incredibly nervous, but we have strong alliances.  We brought more of our troops close to where Germany and Austria-Hungary are quickly approaching.  They have plans of taking the Ardennes Forest, we hear.  They are outnumbering us, but we can’t show fear.  We have a powerful alliance with Great Britain that we are honoring fiercely.  They have strength and numbers, and we are hoping they will keep us strong.  We moved some of our troops to Belgium to try to get closer to Germany.

It appears as if there is rising tension between Austria-Hungary and Germany, which is good for us.  Many of Germany’s troops have retreated away from where we thought they might attack us.  We plan on pushing on this land to gain Alsace and Lorraine.

As far as the world is going, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was killed.  People on the Balkan Peninsula are preparing for war.  The alliances around Europe are seeming to lead directly toward war.  The Serbian Nationalist group known as “The Black Hand” is saying that they killed the archduke, and I’m sure Austria-Hungary will try to get them back.  The alliances are strong on both sides, so it will be interesting to see how everything goes down.

France 3 1915

We decided to take a chance and attack Germany to regain Alsace and Lorraine.  We moved 1,000 troops through the Ardennes Forest into Germany, and unfortunately, we lost the war.  We are still trying our best to regain this land.  We won’t give up yet.  We were hoping to help Italy, but we didn’t have a chance to do so.  Italy lost many troops.

Germany just attacked us.  We lost our capital.  We fought hard, using the majority of our troops to defend, but we could not win.  Britain even sent a lot of their troops to help defend us, but even that did not help.  THIS WAR IS INSANE.  We worked for such a long time to keep our territory and try to regain German territory, but we simply couldn’t.  We lost the majority of our troops defending our capital and trying to regain that territory.

In world news, the Lusitania has been sunk by torpedoes.  Many people were lost, the Americans and British mostly, and the Germans are to blame.  Americans are now feeling very strongly against the Germans, and who can blame them?  They are planning on declaring war on Germany.  I’d like to help them if I could, but we are doing so so poorly.  I fear we, as France, won’t see another day.

France 3 1916

The Ottoman Empire regained some of the territory that the Allied Powers had taken over.  As France, we are trying to get one of our allies to regain our capital.  This way we can continue getting more troops, which would be helpful considering we have very very few troops left.  Our Navy is still strong, so we might have to plan a way to put our navy to good use.  We are at a bit of a loss of what to do, but we are continuing to plan and try our hardest to be optimistic.

We just decided to move our entire navy from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean.  This way we can help transport troops from the United States when they can start moving.  They are currently neutral, but they already have plans to join the Allied Forces.  We hope they help us with regaining our capital.

In other news, Japan took over the German colonies in China. It doesn’t have a lot to do to change anything for anyone but for Japan.  Germany tried to regain part of Austria-Hungary, but the Allied Powers reigned supreme.  Of all the war that was done today, the Allied Powers did not lose land that was originally ours.  It was a good day to be an Ally.

France 3 1917

United States joined the Allies officially today!  We have been planning to use our Navy and the British Navy to bring United States troops over to get the capital of France back.  In other news, Germany is looking to Mexico for help.  Germany has proposed an alliance with Mexico.

The Central Powers just took over Romania.  Great Britain attacked Germany where our capital was, but they lost.  We hope that we can still use the United States to regain this territory.   The Central Powers are absolutely ruthless.  They took the capital Italy and Greece today, and it seems as if they will not be stopping anytime soon.

At the end of the day, our biggest goal is to regain our territory.  We are planning to do this by bringing troops over from America and Great Britain.  We won’t give up yet.

France 3 1918

It is the beginning of the end.  It is all or nothing today.  Great Britain and the United States have been in conversation with us about getting our capital back, and we are very much hoping that this will work well for us and that is how we can do the game as well as possible.

America and Great Britain are working together with us to fight to regain our capital.  We did all that we possibly could in our first attempt at doing this, and we lost.  Fortunately, we did take out the majority of his troops and the surrounding troops.  If all goes well, we will get our capital back at our next chance.

Our troops are nearly all gone.  Austria-Hungary and Germany attacked and took another part of our territory.  We went down easily, but we could not have any help.  We could have used the rest of our troops, but we’re hoping to survive a little longer.

We just decided to help get Greece back.  This was helping part of the Allied Powers, Greece, immensely.  We used our troops in French North Africa.

America just helped us immensely.  They helped us to get our capital back!  We are officially a country once again, and we could not be any happier.

The war is over.  Unfortunately, the Central Powers were victorious.  We did not go down without a fight.  We didn’t regain Alsace and Lorraine and we lost some land over time, but we are still a country.  I am proud of that much.

World War I Simulation Student Journals: Greece, Serbia Montenegro 2

World War I Simulation

Serbia 2 1913

I feel a war brewing. My enemies, the Austria-Hungarians, might try to start a war with me. I really want to do something that will make them mad, not because I want a war…. I really don’t because I’m so tiny…. but because I like making them mad. First, though, I plan on allying with France, Romania, and Bulgaria because I’m going to need the man power to scare them off from starting a war, and I’m hoping that my neutral pal Bulgaria will let me have an opening to the Aegean Sea so I can get out. If they start a war with me, I’m going to get Russia to help me take over A3 and A2 to they have less territory. I’m calling a meeting with my allies tomorrow to see if they will stand and fight with me, if it comes down to that!

Greece 2 1913

Oh man, I’m go glad that I’m neutral. I think I’ve caught a bad wind coming from Serbia. Jimmy Christmas if they do something so stupid and get taken over, I’m going to laugh from the sidelines. Although, if they start a war, I’m going to get into it hopefully around the end, kind of like a surprise kick in the butt to the war. I’ll ally with some big shots, like Russia, because I’m small and they can seriously kick butt. For right now though, let’s sit back and watch the crazy descend.

Montenegro 2 1913

Dear God, I pray that Serbia, my neighbor, doesn’t deliberately provoke a war with the Austria-Hungarians. I’m so small, they would probably pick on me too. I want to live. Hopefully, if Serbia does get into a war, my allies will protect me. Oh Lord, please let me live. In all Heaven, if Serbia does anything and they get into a war with Austria-Hungary, I’m asking Russia for help.  Let my little country survive!

Serbia 2 1914

OMG!!! The Central Powers are taking over so many countries, I’m really scared that I’m going to get attacked… I have a good army, but it’s small. I’m planning on starting a war with Austria-Hungary because they took part of Russia, and I’m going to help Russia get that back, and I want some of Austria-Hungary. I’m also going to make sure that I’m not being attacked from both ends by Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. I’m hoping that the Ottoman Empire might strike a deal and betray the Central Powers.  Please Jesus help protect me from the Central Powers.

Greece 2 1914

I’m freaking out right now! I think the Ottoman Empire might try to take me over with the help of Bulgaria. If they do, I don’t know if Serbia will help, but no other country is close enough to help. I want to live and not get into the fight right away. I wish I had a navy to kick some sea butt. For right now, I’m just going to watch the battle and prepare when I need to be ready.

Montenegro 2 1914

Really scared right now! Austria-Hungary and Germany are attacking the littlest countries first right now. I’m so small, they could literally probably just come in and take over. I need to get some back up, but I want it from Russia, and they are so far away. I wish I had a navy because I could travel to another country, like Russia or France, and bring reinforcements to my country. Begging God right now that I can live for a little while longer! Wish me luck!!

Serbia 2 1915

I’m so livid. I cannot believe thatAustria-Hungary attacked me three times!! THREE TIMES!!! Freaking out right now because the Central Powers are taking over everything. I’m so going to fight them to get back to allied powers. I really need to get France and Great Britain over to help me fight. Let’s see if they’ll help!

Greece 2 1915

I’m going to die!! I’m going to get taken over!! Austria-Hungary and Germany are closing in on all of the surrounding countries. They took Serbia!! They’ll come for me next; I can just feel it. I hope that if they attack me, I can get Russia to help me fight back, and maybe Italy and France will be willing to help! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, let’s see who stands with me!

Montenegro 2 1915

I HATE Austria-Hungary and Germany!! They declared war on Serbia THREE TIMES!! I tried to help, but we lost the 3rd time! I’m down to 5 soldiers now. I hope that if I am involved in another battle, someone will come to my rescue. I’m hoping maybe Russia, France, and Italy will help me. I’m so small, and I need to know that they will back me in this war. Frightened Montenegro, signing out…. for now.

Serbia 2 1916

I’m Central Powers now. They used me to attack Greece. Greece is neutral!! I guess there’s nothing I can do about it though. I can only hope that when the United States comes in, they can help get me back.

Greece 2 1916

I’m so angry! I got attacked today and the Central Powers won. They attacked me twice! I was neutral. I didn’t plan on getting into the war until later. UGH!! I so wish the Allies can help me get back my country.

Montenegro 2 1916

I cannot believe those Central Powers… well I guess I kind of can. They attacked my 5 troops twice! I needed Italy the second time, but they didn’t help. I guess all I can do now is wait and watch. Hopefully the Allies will help me get my country back!

Serbia 2 1917

GO ALLIES GO!!!! They took back F3 of France because the United States kicks butt. I hope they sweep through Germany and destroy everything the Central Powers had going for them.

Greece 2 1917

All of the Allies are pretty much piling up in F3 now. I think something is gunna go down soon. I think they’re trying to take back F1 and Belgium. I hope they get everything they want. May the force be with them.

Montenegro 2 1917

OMG!! Germany tried to attack F2 and they lost! YAY!! This war in really fun to watch right now. So many things are happening and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope the Allies destroy everything that Germany and Austria-Hungary had. Let’s see which way the table turns!

Serbia 2 1918

I’m so upset. The Allies tried everything they could to defeat Germany, but they lost. The Central Powers had more territory than the Allies. I wish that Germany wouldn’t have taken over so much with Austria-Hungary. I would have gone in from the bottom instead of the top like they did. I would have taken the smaller countries back first, but it’s too late now. If we have another war, hopefully it will be more in favor of the Allies.

Greece 2 1918

Crying tears of joy and sadness. Tears of joy come from the fact that the Allies took back France and Belgium!! That was very exciting and a great accomplishment. On the other hand, tears of sadness come from the fact that the Allies attacked the Central Powers trying to get me back, but the Allies lost. I was so excited that they might win, but the Central Powers were just too strong!

Montenegro 2 1918

Worst year ever! I cannot believe that the Central Powers won the war! I mean, come on!! The Allies should have won because they were so much better than the Central Powers. Germany was so happy, they were jumping around and yelling…. real mature (NOT)! Oh well, I guess it’s over and done with (JK!)…. Germany better watch their backs and sleep with one eye open… I’m not happy…..

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Italy

World War I Simulation

Italy 2, 1913

While the rest of Europe is beginning to spiral into chaos, I will remain neutral. I have formed a secret alliance with France and Russia. I need to make sure I have backup incase of an attack. Currently I am forming a secret alliance with Germany. In the near future I plan on forming an alliance with Great Britain and Serbia. By forming alliances with countries on both sides, I have proved my neutrality.

Italy 2, 1914

I’m beginning to grow weary of attacks from either side. Luckily, I have secretly allied with both Germany and France. I have faith that my alliances will keep me safe for the rest of the year. In 1915 I will carry out my grand attack on Austria-Hungary with the help of France and Great Britain. I have discovered one of Great Britain’s objectives and I’m using that against them to help me take over Austria-Hungary. I plan on publicly allying with Serbia and Great Britain in 1915. At this point I will have formally joined the allies and I will be able to take back the land that was once mine. I fear that my public alliance with the allies with backfire on me in terms of my alliance with Germany, but after all, this is all in my own self-interest. If I didn’t need the land from Austria-Hungary, I would’ve joined the central powers by now.

Italy 2, 1915

This year I mobilized for war and joined the allies. Unfortunately, this year was rough for the allies. We lost France’s capital along with many small eastern European countries. I lost many troops fighting on the behalf of Montenegro, but I suppose avoiding the loss was worth the fight. I almost lost my own capital to Austria-Hungary, but I was able to successfully fend off their troops. Germany has continued to try and sway me to the central power’s side, but I won’t give. I want to see the allies win, and most of all I want to defeat Austria-Hungary and take back what’s mine. Austria’s declaration of war on me was just the tip of the iceberg. They have no clue what I have in store for them.

Italy 1916

This year was another rough period for the allies, I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to recover from the losses we’ve suffered. Russia has descended into a civil war and despite them putting thousands of troops into war they lost every battle. I’ve gained more troops and am currently more powerful than Austria-Hungary, so it’s only a matter of time before I’m able to take over. I think that they’re going to attack me next year, so Great Britain and I are prepared for battle. The United States will be joining us next year.

Italy 2, 1917

This year was somewhat successful for the allies. I almost took over part of Austria Hungary, but I miscalculated how many troops were surrounding the country and was easily overpowered. Luckily I only lost 500 troops, and can repeat my actions again in the coming year. This year we were able to take back part of France which was a huge relief. I was attacked by the Ottoman Empire in Libya but neither of us were victorious and I maintained my territory. I know for a fact that Austria-Hungary is going to attack me next year and I’m desperately trying to convince the other allies to back me up. Austria currently has me overpowered in that specific region and an attack would be devastating. I have faith that I can defeat them not only when they attack me but when I attack them again. They’re fools for thinking they can defeat me when they’ve already failed. If the allies refuse to back me up I will most likely abandon them. I’ve tried explaining to them just how much they need me, but they don’t seem to understand.

Italy 2, 1918

This year the allies were able to pull together and take back lots of territory. We took back all of France and Belgium. Though the allies still lost, we fought hard. I convinced the United States to take back Belguim by disabling the German troops around Belgium so that there was no way for them to back it up. Despite our loss I think that we fought hard and did all that we could.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 2B

World War 1 Simulation

Ottoman Empire, 1913:

Our Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary has gone good so far. We have taken Bulgaria already. Our alliance so far is strong. We hope that it continues throughout the war. As long as we are allied, we have a strong chance of finishing everyone’s objectives at once. Let’s see how this plays out.

Ottoman Empire, 1914:

We declared war in a part of Russia and lost, with the help of Germany, we have gained back Crimea. We haven’t done a whole lot yet but are planning to take Romania. We still need to talk to Germany about it, but we are hoping to get there and take it back. We have moved troops in and see how this plays out with us. We need luck on our side and hope to gain what we can, if possible. The bad news, Russia, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Romania, are threaten me to go and not mobilize my armies with Germany and Austria-Hungary to defeat them, if I keep a secret alliance with them, they would not attack me. I talked to Germany about it, and I showed them they can trust me. We have came up with several ideas, but the main one is that we would keep alliances and I would help them to make those countries go weaker. I need to start thinking how to get Romania and Greece back. I’m starting to be the bad guy, but, I would do anything to keep my empire safe.

Ottoman Empire, 1915:

This year has been really difficult to not mobilize my troops against Russia, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Romania, but I know I can do this and keep myself “neutral” more time. I’ve been passing around the information from Russia to Germany; Russia is sending 4000 troops to R1, Though, they are getting weaker, just how we wanted this to be. Today we, the Central powers, got Serbia and Romania and tried to get Montenegro. Montenegro is getting weak, next year would be the perfect time to attack them and take over it. Greece is our next goal. I’m getting ready to break my secret alliance with Greece and Russia.

Ottoman Empire, 1916:

Russia attacked me, of course I was waiting for that to happen, I won, though. Their army is really weak. Greece and Montenegro? We got them back. All my objectives are completed, but to end up this keeping my alliance strong with Germany. I’ll help them if they need to attack and to complete their objectives.

Ottoman Empire, 1917:

This battle is getting personal. I attacked Italy to help Germany and get my land protected. They were mad. Italy is intelligent, sarcastic and a good strategist. I need to be careful with her. We are planning to attack Italy tomorrow, she said she would surrender but I do not trust her in any way. United States wants me to ally with them, they want to get the Dardanelles Straight. I do not know what am I going to do. Although I’ve been helping Germany, they have been thinking I want to betray them, I need to get their trust back. Let’s hope this war ends soon, I have nothing else to fight for. At the end of the day, it’ll be worth it, Ottoman Empire would end as strong as I wish. The Central Powers would be victorious.

Ottoman Empire, 1918:

The war has ended. Though Germany lost part of France and Belgium, we kept our territory and we completed our objectives. I knew Italy and United States wanted to attack me, so I followed Austria’s and Germany’s advice of sending my troops over. It was a tough war, but the Central Powers were victorious, as we planned.

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 2

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1913

Our alliances with Germany and Austria-Hungary has gone good so far. We already have taken Bulgaria. As long as we are allied, our chance of finishing everyone’s objectives at once is strong. Let us see how this plays out.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1914

We declared war on a piece of Russia and have lost it, with Germany’s help. We did gain back Crimea. We haven’t done a lot yet, but we are planning on taking Romania. We need to talk to Germany about it, but we are hoping to get there and take it back. Troops have been moved in and we are now waiting to see how this plays out. Luck is needed on our side. We hope to gain what we can, if at all possible. The bad news is that Russia, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, and Romania, are threaten me to go and not to mobilize my armies with Germany and Austria-Hungary to defeat them, if I keep a secret alliance with them, they wouldn’t attack. I talked to Germany about it. I have shown them that they can trust me. We came up with a few ideas, but the main idea is that we would keep alliances and I would help them to make those other countries weaker. I need to start thinking about getting Romania and Greece back. I feel like the bad guy now, but, I would do anything to keep my empire safe.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1915

This year was really difficult to not mobilize my troops against Russia, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, and Romania. I know I can do this to keep myself “neutral” most of the time. I’ve been passing around information from Russia to Germany: Russia is sending in 4000 troops to R1. They are getting weaker, just how we wanted this to end up. Today we, the Central Powers, got Serbia and Romania and attempted to take Montenegro. Montenegro is getting weak, next year will be the perfect time to attack them and take them over. Greece is the next checkpoint. I’m  getting ready to break secret alliances with Greece and Russia.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1916

Russia has attacked me, of course that is what I have been waiting for. I won, though. Their army is weaker now. Montenegro and Greece? We have them back. All objectives are completed in my area, but to keep these alliances with Germany strong, I’ll help them when they need it. This help will mostly be for attacking and completing their objectives.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1917

This battle has gotten personal. I have attacked Italy to help Germany and protect my land. They ended up mad. Italy is smart, sarcastic, and a good planner. I need to tried carefully with her. We are planning on attacking Italy tomorrow, she said she would surrender, I don’t trust her in any kind of way. The U.S wants me to ally with the,, they want the Dardanelles Straight. I don’t know what to do. Even though I’ve been helping Germany, they’ve been thinking I’m going to betray them. I need to get their trust back. Let us hope that this war ends soon. I have nothing else to fight for. The end of the day will be worth it. The Ottoman Empire would end as strong as I hope. The Central Powers will be Victorious.

Ottoman Empire, period 2, 1918

The war is over. Even though Germany lost a part of France and Belgium, we have kept our territory and we have completed our objectives. I knew that Italy and the United States wanted to attack me. I followed Austria’s and Germany’s advice of sending my troops over. It was a hard war, but the Central Powers were as victorious as we planned to be.

World War I Simulation Journal Russia 2

World War I Simulation

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1913

I believe that things are just starting. I have no plans as of now but I will get them figured out if possible. No war has been declared yet but some places are allying with others. I will hopefully get a plan figured out before war rages on Russia.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1914

War has started. We have had war declared on twice already. The first time we won and kept our area. The second time we lost area R3. My thoughts of this all is why the central powers hate us. Germany took over R3 but we will regain our territory at some point. We have come up with a plan to move some troops to two of our areas. We will start by trying to take our territory back then move our way to other areas. Our war plan didn’t go into play. We shall try next year.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1915

We have met with some of our other allies. We plan to move a one man plan through Austria-Hungary. We want to try to take over Austria-Hungary as much as possible. I’m not sure if we will try and take back our region that was taken from us. We will hope for the best this year and make as much progress as possible. We have lost some allied territory and during the next round we will declare war for sure. We have moved some troops around its own territory so that might help us with our war. This is getting pretty intense. We made a movement but either the next round or next year WE WILL DECLARE WAR!!!!!

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1916

The allied groups are attacking now. We attacked Germany in R3 but we didn’t get it back. We talked in the hall with the other allies and we need to declare a lot of war to get our areas back. Hopefully we can get back some  territory. So far we aren’t so lucky. From the looks of things, it won’t be to easy to get back our territories and conquer more land. We are hoping to try and get R3 back again but I’m not sure. My thoughts are that although we need to get R3 back we need to work hard and get some of our other lost territories back. We are looking to attack either A3 or A2 of Germany after we get R3 back. When it comes back to the allies turn to attack WE WILL COME DOWN HARD!!!! There will be blood shed sure, but as long as we get our territory back we will work hard with the other allies and hope to conquer a lot of land. We will try to get our land that was taken from us back first then work our way into Austria-Hungary. We will then move and hopefully get help from other allies if possible. We had war declared on us in R2. We came out victorious but next year I don’t think we will be good to move on. I hope that the other allies will get more territory. After the attack on R2, I have no further plans for attack so far.  We talked with the other allies and Russia is going is going to attack the Ottoman Empire. The war didn’t go as well as we hoped. We didn’t get the O2 of the Ottoman Empire. We are pretty much done. We are out next year. I am losing hope on getting R3 back and getting more territory. We are going to help Greece. The bad thing is that we are leaving our area completely open to the others. We are getting attacked by the Ottoman Empire but we don’t have a lot of troops. I lost hope now because we lost our territory due to the Ottoman Empire winning the war. We are now in a civil war of our own.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1917

War has started again. The United States were defeated by the allies and is now part of our group.  We are having a civil war in our own area. I have no idea what the other allies are planning. I hope that by the end of the war we get at least some of our land back. My thoughts is that it is crazy here in Russia. Our troops are attacking each along with the people doing the same. It is pretty hard to work when you know that there are people wanting to kill you. Other than the civil war going on here, it isn’t looking too good for the other allies so far. We have all lost territory because of the central powers attacking us. I’m thinking that the wars have slowed down a little but I can’t be sure. There is no telling what will happen next, when wars will start, and who will win. It looks like the other allies are not doing so good. Not a lot has happened war wise this year but there have been more movement of troops lately. People on both sides seem to be moving troops each turn. I think I have only heard war declared at least 2 or 3 times. I wonder how the other allies are doing since I have been busy with meetings of my own in Russia due to our civil war. I think that everything has gone by so fast for me. Each year has gone by fast due to wars and movement. This year is going by a little slower because not a lot of wars have been called that fast. It’s hard to tell what the other allies have planned or are planning because we can’t go to the meetings. I’m sitting here trying to visualize what to do. Our ideas have stopped but the other allies are busy planning their next moves against the central powers. These days are crazy with us doing a civil war on ourselves and the Central powers attacking war on us. Each year before now has been war after declared on each area.

LeAnna O’Neal Russia 2 1918

This year is the last year for war. So far it looks like the Central powers are winning.  We are still having our own civil war and won’t be helping the other allies with the war against the Central powers. The allies need a really good plan if they are going to gain back at least some of the land. They will need good movement plans and good war plans if they decide to declare war. My thoughts on this is that the allies and ourselves worked really hard in this war. It might not pay off in this last year of war but we fought hard. All the allies worked hard and brought down all they could on the Central powers. Sure we might not win the war but if we try hard then we could get a lot of our territory back. I have nothing to do besides making sure that no one goes after me during our civil war. I also have to make sure that for as long as the civil war goes each side has enough supplies. I hope that our civil war ends soon. I think from what I have heard the allies are putting all our one man plan into play. I’m not sure how well it will work without us but they moved a lot of troops. The other allies tried to take over Germany in G1. Germany won that war. We have Belgium back but that isn’t a lot.

World War I Simulation Journal Russia 2

World War I Simulation

Russia, 1913

Things are boiling. The Central Powers are becoming war hungry with the Allies. Germany and Austria-Hungary want to attack us as well as attack Serbia. The Ottoman empire seems antsy along with all the others.

Period 2

Russia, 1914

The war has started. Things boil and trouble toils all around. Germany has taken R3 while we are quite weak against their advanced army. Perhaps with great numbers we will be able to take back all countries from the Central powers. Much worse fate stands for those who oppose us any further. The leaders of these countries are ridiculously daft and are begging for a righteous knocking in of their heads. May Mother Earth guide us and protect, let Daughter Moon lead us in the nights, and let Father Sun release his vengeance upon our enemies and may he blind them to our charging powers.

Period 2

Russia, 1915

Central powers have taken their time this year. The Allies are weakening, our power fails at the advances of these empires. I honestly don’t know what to do. I panic at the thought of failing. We cannot make it through I fear, and my advisor speaks none almost. Our armies, though poor in training are great in numbers. We must seem as though we are great bumbling buffoons. May Mother help us all..

Period 2

Russia, 1916

We have made attempt to fall upon R3 and regain our lands. Germany is too strong. After we tried to regain our land, they tried to take our land from us in R2. Our alliance with the Ottoman empire must end. To keep the straight ours and regain some dignity. Alliance gone and our troops are wiped, we are going to fail our people. Central is too strong. I have so much fear, fear for all of us.

Period 2

Russia, 1917

Civil war surrounds us. The citizens are all fighting one another. This is ridiculous! Brother to sister and all around hatred. I wish these fights and all the hatred be gone. I myself wish for peace, but I feel as though it will be some time before that is reached, here as well as in Europe.

Period 2

Russia, 1918

How? Just how? Why must we all get in a fuss over things! War surrounds the families of Russia. War surrounds the world. So many lives have been lost. So much time to use for hate. A perilous fate has befallen all of the Earth in these past years and I am happy the people of the world are now calming.

World War 1 Simulation Germany Journal

World War 1 Simulation

Germany 1 1913

Before the start of the war, I have identified the most significant threat to be Great Britain and the United States. The US is so far away and so far removed that they are not a major threat at the start, but could become one the longer the war goes on. My starting plan is to ally with Italy and use them to attack France through Italy, by using a distraction force to hold their forces in the North near Paris and to bring reinforcement troops towards Paris to defend it. I will then go in through the South to take all of mainland France. After that I plan on using the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary to attack and destroy Russia.


Germany 1 1914

Major Event: German Navy attacked Russian Navy in Baltic Sea – German Victory

Major Event: Italy destroyed by Austria-Hungary, helped by France

Major Event: Belgium taken over by Germany

So far we have successfully attacked the Russian Northern Navy and destroyed them. We have mobilized and gained 3,800 troops in our central territory. Our plan is to move a portion of our troops West (roughly 700) to attack Paris through the Ardennes Forest to distract and tie down French forces. We will also send 1,200 troops South through Austria-Hungary and Italy to attack France from the South. My remaining troops will be split among G1 and G3 to defend, fortify, and prepare for my invasion of Russia alongside the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. We have convinced Austria-Hungary to attack and destroy Italy, which is good for us, as Italy would have eventually turned on us, best to take them out early and not have to worry about them once they mobilize. I also took Belgium, which secures my path to France, but I am worried about  England crossing the channel behind me and taking G1 while I am in France killing them. I will have to deal with them somehow, but I am not sure how at this point. Russia has a lot of troops, but I think if I dedicate 1000+ troops to the Russian front, I will be able to take them. Their troops are very bad, so I should be able to, with the Ottoman’s help, take the whole of Russia from the West and South.


Germany 1 1915

Major Event: Germany took F1 – France/GB took back

After my failed excursion into France, I am planning on saying “screw France and GB” and focusing on a defensive war against them and focus my resources on Russia for the moment. Once I destroy Russia and send them into a Civil war, I will focus on France and Great Britain again. They are both weak, and cannot afford an attack on the German Fatherland in their current states. I have weakened them greatly, so I will not press them, but rather move troops and prepare for a second invasion when I have many more troops and can afford to risk the movement into France again.


Germany 1 1916

Major Event: Russian Civil War – out of game

Major Event: Serbia taken over by Austria-Hungary

Major Event: Romania taken over by Germany

Major Event: Greece taken over by Ottoman Empire

I am going to start massing troops along my Western front in an effort to try one last push towards Paris and the prospect of taking France out of the game. The U.S. will be entering the war soon, so I should start preparing for their arrival, but they don’t have enough ships of their own to bring all of their troops over at once, so we have a little bit of time. Overall, my thinking is that I will play defensive until I have enough troops to take France by force and have the Austrian-Hungarians take France from the south. I will also send a few hundred troops through the Ardennes to provoke them and weaken them before my main assault on their capital.


Germany 1 1917

My plan for 1918 is to just play defensive, I’m pretty sure it is France’s objective to take my capital square, so I will deny them that. I refuse to throw away all of my troops in the last round just to try to take France for nothing. I am very confident in my troops’ defensive abilities to protect my lands and to kill as many French, American, and British soldiers that they throw at me.


Germany 1 1918

Major Event: Portuguese/British defended French North Africa from the Ottomans and Austrian-Hungarians

Major Event: Austria-Hungary took Southern France with no conflict.

Major Event: 10,000+ Allied Army attacked G1 – attack failed, all killed

Major Event: France took G2 – no German troops able to defend

If the war is to continue, Germany would eventually be defeated by pure numbers of Americans, British, and French soldiers. We will continue to play a defensive game against them and make them pay for any incursion into German, Austrian-Hungarian, or Ottoman Empire regions. They will lost MILLIONS of men, and hopefully that will destroy their will to fight and we can hold on until they are tired of sending their men into the slaughter house to be killed by the Central Powers.  They may have taken part of Germany at the very last second, but we have thousands of Austrian-Hungarians ready to kill Paris, and the troops they DO have in Germany isn’t enough to take Berlin or Austria-Hungary’s capital square. After we would have been reinforced, we would have pushed into Paris, taken out the Allied Army in Germany through our remained veterans from the battle of G1 and the remobilized Austrian-Hungarians, and then proceeded to secure mainland Europe from the very little British troops that would have mobilized and the few American troops they would have been able to bring overseas to try another invasion. After all of this, Germany would have won, as we had 1,000s of troops still, even AFTER losing many in the battle for G1. France had only a few hundred left, as with the U.S, and Great Britain had 0 troops left besides roughly 100 left in Africa, but they would have been swept away by the approaching Ottomans from O1 and O2.

Result of the war: Central Alliance Victory – we killed too many Allied troops for them to be able to launch any more effective counter attacks in any sort of quick fashion.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: 2

World War 1 Simulation

Portugal 2 1913

It is the first year of the war. We have few troops but are already making alliances just in case anything were to happen. Portugal has allied with Great Britain, America, and France already. Our African territory is Belgian Congo. We don’t want to get involved in the war just yet but if we must then we will. It is a fight to stay alive and we will not go down without a fight.

Portugal 2 1914

It is the second year of war and countries have already been taken over. We are trying to stay quiet so we do not follow the same path as those other countries. So far no one has even tried getting to Portugal, which we are glad for. Hopefully they continue to stay away. We are not ready to join this war quite yet.

Portugal 2 1915

It is a sad year for the Allies. Many of their countries or parts of them have been taken over. The tension is extremely high. Central Powers is sadly doing very good with Germany acting as the main dictator. If the Allies are to win this war they have got to step up their game. We would suggest taking Germany out completely. We are almost ready to fight and help the Allies win this war.

Portugal 2 1916

It is finally 1916, the year we have been waiting for. We are FINALLY ready to join this war and wipe Central Powers out! We are not going to do anything yet. We have talked to other countries in the Allies. We are making a great plan. Portugal is not that big but we can and will make a difference in this war!

Portugal 2 1917

Central Powers is stronger than we thought them to be. Portugal has helped move troops into France and attacked but to no avail. We have tried and tried to get Belgium back but keep being killed. Great Britain is becoming aggravated over the loss of Belgium. They want it back. We will continue fighting and trying to get Allied land back.

Portugal 2 1918

Belgium has finally been taken back! We crippled Germany in G1 and F1 thanks to the United States and Great Britain. The United States has been a great help since they have joined. Germany continues to try and win Belgium back. They sent over 1700 and failed. They then sent 630 but the Allies were victorious. We cannot say the same for the war as a whole though. Sadly the Central Powers won this war. We tried so hard and gave it our best shot but we just couldn’t regain what we had lost.


Belgium 2 1913

A war has begun.We are terribly frightened considering how close we are to all of it. We are so small and cannot defend ourselves if anything were to happen. That is why we have made alliances with Great Britain and America. If anything were to happen we hope that they will indeed help.

Belgium 2 1914

We have been attacked by Germany! We have asked Great Britain and France to help. They have sent some troops over to reinforce. We are using absolutely everything we have to help defend us. It did not work though. We still got taken over and are now Central Powers territory.

Belgium 2 1915

Many people are being taken over now. We are still under Central Powers rule. We are still talking to the Allies and they are helping create a plan to take Belgium back. We don’t have everything figured out but so far it is a good plan and hopefully it will work.

Belgium 2 1916

More and more countries continue to join the war. We still cannot do anything but that will soon change. Great Britain especially wants us back. They say they need us back and we could not be more grateful for all the help they are willing to provide of us.

Belgium 2 1917

The Allies are getting very angry. They are especially angry with German who continues to take over countries and kill people. Great Britain is demanding they get our country back. The plan to get us back is brilliant and will happen soon. There is no way the Central Powers will be able to stop the Allies from helping us.

Belgium 2 1918

FINALLY Belgium has been taken back and is Allies territory. We crippled G1 and F1 thanks to the United States and Great Britain. Germany tried getting us back on multiple occasions, first with 1700 troops and second with 630 troops, but did not succeed. The Allies have fought hard throughout this battle and have shown it this year by taking territory back but the Central Powers have won this war.

WWI Simulation Journal: France 2

World War I Simulation

France 2 1913

During this time of crisis I am the president of France and I will do whatever I need to keep my country safe and do my objectives. I  will keep control of my original territory, gain more land, stay loyal to my alliances, and make new alliances. During first year I plan to make alliances and talk to the Allied Powers to get a game plan. I want to wait a little bit, maybe two or three years, to regain Alsace & Lorraine from Germany. That way I can help my allies fight against the Central Powers break down Germany, and then go in and fight for it. My soldiers are set and ready to go for moving or going into war. My strategy is to help my allies and stay loyal. I don’t want to make a big target on my back and make other countries to come at me and try to take me over. I want to mobilize right away, because that way I have all of my men standing ready for anything that may happen. I’m ready to protect my people and land and bring home a big W for the Allies!

France 2 1914

It’s the start of the war and you can feel the tension around. Right away my allies of Great Britain, Russia, and I rush away from the group to make a plan and get on the same page. We all agree Germany is the number one target, and we need to close them so we can defeat them right away. I made an open alliance with Montenegro and secretly made one with Italy. It’s good to know that I have other countries and soldiers behind me, just in case I’m in need of some help. Germany declared war on my good buddy Belgium, and I rushed up there with 1,000 troops and Great Britain came to her aid as well. This gave us 1,981 plus what Belgium had against 2,000 German troops. We fought hard and unfortunately we lost. I’m pretty sure that I was so nerve I almost had an anxiety attack. This war is going to be hard and I need to keep my head in the game.

France 2 1915

Central Powers are at it again, attacking the Allied Powers and not giving in until they have it all. I had to sit there and watch as they attacked Serbia twice in a row, the first time Allied Powers were victorious but the second time couldn’t fight back against Central Powers. They tried to take Italy but I was quick to send help and we were victorious. Then they turned their eyes on me, my stomach was twist and my palms were sweating. I felt the beads of sweat falling off my face, I looked around my army getting ready for war and I prayed for a miracle. Great Britain and Italy came to my aid and luckily the first time we won. But they came at us a second time and we were not as lucky. They took over F1 and now I have to take it back. I only 615 troops left, but I need to keep punishing and fighting. I need to win back F1, protect my land, and take over Alsace & Lorraine. My plan of attack for next year is take back F1 and slam into Alsace & Lorraine. I need my plans and my allies’ plan to work next year or else we are done for.

France 2 1916

No words can expressed how stressed out I am about this war. My army and my allies’ army are getting tired and we are losing a lot of soldiers with each war that is declared. The Central Powers is being lead by one Head Master, which is the Leader of Germany, and the rest are just puppets on his string. Unlike Central Powers, we are all making plans and doing what’s best for us and each other. I also think that is our downfall, with each of us making plans and doing what we need none of us know what’s going on. We need to communicate a whole lot better. All of us are sitting on the edge of seats, waiting for Central Powers’ next move and trying to figure out what they are doing next. But none of us expected Germany to declared war on Belgium, but yet they did. In a blink of an eye 2,000 German troops were headed straight for Belgium and Allies needed to think fast. Right away Great Britain moved 981 and I moved 1,000 troops. We all send a little pray, or at least I did, but unfortunately it didn’t help. It was another Central Power and another land lost by us. I need to help reinforce land so I sent 379 troops to Great Britain. That concludes another crappy year for the Allied Powers.

France 2 1917

I wish I could say 1917 was the year everything turned around for the Allied Powers and we started kicking butt and taking land, but it wasn’t. Actually it was far from it. The year started off with Germany attacking me in F3, British was quick to my side with 552 but I only had 382 to fight with. We fought hard and unfortunately was over powered by the Central Powers. I lost another piece of land to the Central Power and I couldn’t help but feel ticked off. My head was about to explode  from the all the anger in my body. I helped move British troops to Belgium, and then went to get revenge. I declared war on F3, which is German territory, I was running on pure luck so I used poison gas and unfortunately lost. At that moment in the war I couldn’t help but let a tear fall down my face. I felt so defeated I just wanted to throw up a white flag and give up. My allies came together and discussed our plan, the war would only last one more year and we needed a game plan. The United States is coming over and can start helping us. I’m just going to do everything i can do to help my allies out and start winning!

France 1918

It’s the last year of the war AND WE FINALLY GOT SOMEWHERE! With all the happiness in my body, I’m so glad to tell you that the US came in and we got F3 back from the Central Powers! My territory is turning back to orange and man oh man I’m so excited! Germany tried to get back F3 by attacking me but that was a no go. I only had 83 troops to defend but France, Britain, Portugal, Italy, and America all came to help me and we stopped that plan right away and defeated them. Now that the war is done I can sit back and reflect about what happened and what I could of done better. I think that I should of taken advantage of the fact that F3 and F2 are isolated and that I could of left them with little and attacked G2 and gotten my objective done. That could of been the start of the Allies kicking butt and taking names. This war was tough and it was very very stressful and emotional. I’m glad at the end we got victories but I wish we could of started with those victories and kept them going threw the years.