WW1 Map Activity

World War I Map Activity: Student Journal Germany

Germany 4 1913 

Today we started learning all of the rules for this fierce game we are about to enter. Today we also set up our WWI Report, and got all of our objectives typed in. We are going to try to complete as many of our objectives as we can on the first day. We don’t know any exact moves right now, but we are planning on keeping a strong alliance with our Central Powers Group. We also did get an alert message saying that countries are starting to mobilize troops. We are on stand by and waiting to hear these countries’ reasons for mobilizing troops. 

Germany 4 1914 

This year Russia sent mobilized their troops. One of our main objectives is to destroy Russia if they mobilize their troops. This year we decided to start a war on Russia. Our first attack on Russia didn’t go as planned. We attacked from the west side and Russia’s troops happened to be a lot stronger than we expected. We might have lost that battle, but Russia doesn’t know what’s coming for them. We are planning on invading Russia and attacking them both from the West side, and the south side. We will sandwich them between us leaving them with no option other than death. Austria hungary tried to back us up, but their troops on top of ours was just not quite enough to defeat the enormous Russian army. We are also getting ready to move our troops to invade France; France is another big target on the map, and we are going to be the ones to take them out. Just after the foolish country of Belgium lets us move troops through their land, France and the rest of the Allies will be toast. 

Germany 4 1915 

This year we moved a ton of troops. We moved troops to prepare for the destruction of Russia. Russia’s poor army and undeveloped society should fall easy. Great Britan also tried to attack us, but there weak army and stupid tactics failed miserbly. Our semi-strong “alliance” between Belgium and us kept Great Britain from trying to sneak in behind us and take us out. A strong French army almost took us out from behind, but thanks to our alliance with Austria-Hungary, they were there to back us up. They defended our ground and came out victorious. Austria-Hungary definitely has an I owe you card from us. On the other side of the map, we attacked the weak Russian army alongside our powerful buddy Austria-Hungary, and we destroyed the Russians and took some of their country. We are now going to keep pushing and pushing to take over all of Russia… After Russia, France will be burned to the ground 

Germany 4 1916

We have Russia right where we want them… there poor leader keeps taking their army further and further east (running away from our powerful German army). We took over another part of Russia this year which had almost no troops in it… weird, it’s almost like they are running away from us or something. Although we did easly take over Russia, on the other side of the map, sneaky France and Great Britain have been trying to get troops through the Ardennes Forest. They ended up getting a few troops through the forest… but that didn’t last long. We killed those troops faster than they could get back into the forest. We also have been helping our allies in this war… not directly with defending them, but helping them plan strategic ways to move their troops, and when and where to attack. Austria-Hungary and us are getting ready for one of the biggest battles yet. We are going to take on Great Britain and France… sooner rather than later (they are starting to load up troops to make a big push our way). We cannot wait to use our skilled army and poinis gas to destroy Great Britain and France. After we take out their foolish army, the rest of Europe will have no choice but to surrender to Germany and the Central Powers. 

Germany 4 1917 

It is about time… the country of Russia is now ours!!! We have defeated the last of the weak Russian army and have shut down their government. Now we can focus our attention on the upcoming French army. We have just started to move our troops out of Russia and back towards the center of this war zone. While we were attacking Russia, Great Britain and France did take Austria from us… but once we get our troops back from Russia, Austria will soon be ours again. France and Great Britain think they are just going to start marching around central Europe, but we have news for them! The central powers are so excited after destroying Russia, and we can’t wait to cross you guys off the list! Watch out Allies, We are coming for you! 

Germany 4 1918

The end is near. If we only had more time we would have been able to take over France, Italy, and Great Britain. With time running out we decided to take a step away from the offensive side and started to play defense. We wanted to make sure we kept all the land that we got in this war and didn’t lose any at the last second. We had to move troops to the western border because the allies had their troops there, ready to move in whenever. We also moved our strong Navy to help defend against the Allies. Lastly, we saw a small opportunity to gain some extra ground. The Allies had a small amount of troops in Serbia, so Austria Hungary and us decided to move in. We took over Serbia very easily for one last victory to end the war.