WW1 Map Activity

World War 1 Map Activity Student Journal Italy

Italy 4 1913

War is incoming! After the assassination of the archduke, things aren’t looking good. There are feuds and alliances everywhere, so much it’s making my head dizzy. Italy has a defensive alliance with Austria-Hungary, but we’re choosing to stay neutral. While on good terms with the Central Powers, I plan to send in spies. Gain knowledge of statistics and any starter battle plans. This war is almost ridiculous, though, and started unjustly. 

We’ll see what happens. 

Italy 4 1914

This year I’ll be communicating with France to form an alliance. Later, when I plan to take land from Austria-Hungary this alliance will help me. I wish to lay low this year to avoid drawing attention from myself in order to keep my original territory. I plan to communicate with the rest of the allies to attempt to form an alliance. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have an alliance with the rest of the allies in 1915. 

Currently, Austria-Hungary is focused on Russia and Serbia, so no suspicions there. 1915 is when I start mobilizing and creating alliances. I’ll be able to prepare for my attacks on A-H in order to gain that land. Truth be told, I’m a little worried. It’s since been discovered by a reliable source that other Italian leaders have been releasing classified information to rival countries. Now they’re suspicious of attack. I need to gain at least one territory very soon before A-H loads up troops to our shared border. 

France has considered the alliance and agreed, all we need now is to sign the official papers. This is a huge step in the right direction, especially because I later will have to form an alliance with the rest of the allies. 

Italy 4 1915

France has agreed! Alliances have been set. Italy is now allied with the Allies, while France and Italy now have a secret alliance, France has publicly announced their alliance with Great Britain. Having these other world leaders on my side is crucial. Why? The Central Powers are piss- I mean not happy with Italy. As the president, I have reason to believe that they’re on their way to attack. Italy has a higher ranking than a majority of them, but I know that I’m going to need the other’s help if they do decide that Italy is their next course of action. I need to start planning with the other Allies to see who, if anyone, will come to my aid. I know they will, though, I have faith in the fact. My next course of action will be to move a few troops from I2 to I1 and observe carefully who is going to make the next move, and whose moving troops where. I know that I1 has to be protected at all cost if I were to lose I2 it wouldn’t be disastrous, because I’ll have the opportunity to regain it later. If the Central Powers attacks, I’ll ask France for help, and I know they’ll come to my aid. 

Italy 4 1916

I was completely caught off guard and wrong! The Powers don’t care about me I’ve since found out. They’re heading away, they want Serbia and they want Russia. They don’t want Italy. Not yet anyway. As things are headed, they plan to move away, including Austria-Hungary. They’ve left their territories unguarded, not a troop insight to defend their land. It was practically mine for the taking! Italy was able to march right up and take A2 like taking candy from a baby.

 Austria-Hungary is royally pissed at me, but haven’t realized I saw an opportunity and took it. Anyone else in my position would have done the same exact thing! Not only that, but Great Britain’s navy went to battle with Austria-Hungary’s navy in the Mediterranean Sea Zone II, everyone was in, I didn’t lose many troops, and there aren’t enemy navy troops by my border (yet). 

Next, along with France and Great Britain’s help, we’re going to take back Serbia and go after the rest of Austria-Hungary. But, plans can always change. War is raging, but the Allies may finally be bouncing back (they’ll probably have their hold on Russia till the end of the war though).

Italy 4 1917

Russia has been taken, they’ve collapsed in a civil war! Not only, but Italy also tried for Serbia twice, the first time was unsuccessful. We underestimated the opponent, and the Ottoman-Empire sent more troops than expected. The Allies were able to regroup, we came back and hit twice as hard. Success! Serbia is now in our grasp. The battle is getting harder and harder. Austria-Hungary, German, and the Ottomans are advancing back on us. The only thing harder than gaining the territory is keeping it! Italy is on edge, we don’t want our land lost under any circumstances. France and Great Britain are joining Italy’s lands in order to keep a hold of it. We’re struggling to agree on a new battle plan. I believe that we’re all moving towards taking the rest of Austria-Hungary and attempting to gain some German land as well. To gain Austria-Hungary would be a huge success. Their troops could immobilize and we’d have a higher advantage of gaining Germany. Our best bet is to bring more allied troops to Italy and to come in through the “back door” to take the country! Taking Austria-Hungary’s capital is going to be way more difficult, it’s their capital, so they’ll do anything to keep it. We’re really going to have to push, and push hard. We will complete the task, I have faith in our troops. 

Italy 4 1918

The fighting is dying down as more and more troops begin to travel and gather around Italy. Both sides wish to keep the land that they’ve gained. Italy wishes to also take South Tyrol from Austria-Hungary this year. Alas, there’s no more time! The war is coming to a standstill of just moving troops around. Also, had we attempted to take the capital territory, it would’ve been a slaughter show. I don’t know which side would come out as victorious. With that reasonable doubt, I didn’t risk it. My best defense plan this year is to keep the land we’ve obtained! Take the losses as they come and celebrate and focus on the wins. 

The war has ended this year, and we still gained Triste from Austria-Hungary. We did the best we could, and we came out with some victories along the way! I have absolutely no regrets joining the Allies all the way back in 1915.