WW2 Lesson Plans

WW2 Simulation Student Journal: United States

WW2 Simulation

United States 2 1938

We have a large amount of surplus in our natural resources, especially our oil. We plan to help Great Britain by transferring some of our natural resources to them. Instead of aiding people with our military, we will provide some of our natural resources for them, to avoid staying out of conflict. The conflict will just tie us up and we could end up in lots of trouble. We hope to stay out of conflict because everyone has been on edge since World War One. If we are attacked, we plan on defending ourselves and hopefully taking over parts of Europe. We plan to keep our alliances with Great Britain and France from World War One so we have people to help defend us if we are attacked. 

United States 2 1939

This year, we decided to stay out of conflict. Everywhere around us there was war. The Axis Powers have proven to be very powerful so far. We are trying to stay out of everything so far. Unless we are brought into the war by someone, we are staying out of war. Though we don’t want to fight, we are willing to help out some of our Ally friends. We decided to help Great Britain and France by giving them some of our surplus supplies and resources. We gave them the amount that they needed so that they could increase their military standing. We hoped that by giving them resources early on that we would be able to get their rating up in case they are attacked by anyone else. 

United States 2 1940

This year, we tried to remain out of conflict again. Japan is taking over a lot of China. In order to help them, we transferred some iron ore to them in order to hopefully strengthen their army. Our navy has been invaded by Japan, so we have no choice but to fight back. We decided to join Great Britain, France, Poland, The Netherlands, China, and Finland on the Allies side. Because we were attacked unprovoked, we plan on strengthening our military to the point that the Axis Powers won’t be able to defeat us. We plan on sending our American troops to France to help Great Britain and France in fighting Germany from the East. We hope to use our power to liberate all of Europe. 

United States 2 1941

This year, we prepared for war. We had just joined the Allies and hoped to help take down Germany. We decided to send some of our troops from America over to France to help Great Britain and France in their effort against Germany. Unfortunately, Germany’s numbers were too great for all of us, and our troops were wiped out. Japan also sent lots of troops to the Philippines and gained control of the land. We hope that if try again to defeat Germany and help to liberate Germany, that we will once again be able to take control of the Philippines from Japan. In the coming years we hope to build up our numbers in Europe to gain control over Germany in order to stop them from further expanding their empire. 

United States 2 1942 

This year we really focused on trying to help France and Great Britain. The Soviet Union has joined the Allies so we have also been helping them. They are in desperate need for resources, so we decided to give them some of our surplus materials in order to increase their military ranking. We are growing quickly in numbers both in the navy and the army. In order to defeat the Germans and Italians, we have been trying to slowly chip away at the number of troops occupying France. We have been using our navy to transport British troops to France. We plan on taking our navy up to the United States to take our strong troops to France to hopefully defeat the Italian and German forces that are in France still. From there we hope with the help of the Soviet Union we will be able to attack on both sides of Germany to take down their army and liberate Europe. 

United States 2 1943

This year we have really been focusing on getting troops to Europe. We have been in close contact with the Soviet Union and have been trying to push towards them in order to relieve the pressure that Germany has been putting on them. Unfortunately, we lost Alaska to Japan. This isn’t a huge concern to us yet. We hope that if we continue to push towards Europe that we will be able to pressure them and then in turn regain our lost land. We have been moving our mobilized troops to Great Britain to eventually take them into France in order to liberate them from German control. This will allow us to take back the land that the Allies lost and give us an upper hand on Germany. We will force them to fight from both sides, fighting the Soviet Union, and the United States and Great Britain on the other side. 

United States 2 1944

This year, a lot happened. We had been focusing on getting our troops to Great Britain in order to get them ready to take back the land France lost to Italy and Germany. We had troops set up in Great Britain that were ready to be moved. We took Great Britain and our troops to France and regained all the lost territory. In addition to that, we were able to invade the weak Germany and take over there. They had no troops there, because they were all fighting in the East, so we were able to gain their land. We also took control of the Netherlands with troops and are going to try to move troops in through the North Sea in order to get straight access into Europe in order to liberate more land and countries from German rule. Italy also joined the Allies, so we don’t have to worry about them taking more land now. We will work with them to push towards the German troops to take them out. 

United States 2 1945

This year, we continued to push into Europe to spread our rule over the territory. The Allies have troops all over Europe allowing us to spread out to take control of the German and other Axis armies. Italy took over a lot of Southern Europe and Great Britain and us continued to push our rule more east. The USSR has been struggling a lot on both sides. A lot of their land was taken by Germany and Japan from both sides. We hope that by continuing to pressure Germany, that we will relieve pressure on them to allow for us to get more troops to defeat Japan. We helped our Allies, Great Britain, to defend from attack by Japan in Australia. We are planning on moving our navy into the East Pacific in order to start shipping troops to China to try to help get rid of the Japan rule there. We also are planning on moving more troops and pressuring Germany to hopefully take them down once and for all.