WW2 Simulation Journal: Italy 2

WW2 Simulation

Italy 2 1938
Things are looking tough, as it’s going to be difficult getting my natural resources, which I especially need. Acquiring the resources I need will be easier with Japan backing me up. Keeping the Allies out would be an easy task if I blocked the Egyptian canal. With Finland and China strongly for the axis, our axis forces are looking powerful.

Italy 2 1939
The Axis is really holding together. Controlling Sweden is a difficult task, so I believe we should just give it up. Gaining resources has been easy thanks to Germany’s demolition of neighboring countries. We have to get at North Africa and Asia’s natural resources since everyone is cutting their ties with us. Great Britain is constantly breathing down our neck, but Cassie can manage the danger for us.

Italy 2 1940
This is the day. I wasn’t present, but I knew I could begin attacking on this day, as it’s part of my objectives. I hope my group is taking hold of all those resource-rich African territories. Italy isn’t incredibly strong so managing to survive is a difficult task on it’s own. Maintaining a comfortable relationship with everyone is key.

Italy 2 1941
We’re fired up, getting ready to destroy France. It’s a good day. Japan is falling apart at the seams, she’s gone crazy. She’s on her own between Germany and I. Great Britain is a strong relentless force. Teamed up with France and the United States, they’ve proved to be a powerful and strategic enemy.  Hopefully taking their natural resources down in Africa won’t be a difficult task.

Italy 2 1942
Slowly but steadily I’m attempting to take these African territories. Great Britain and the U.S. are moving in a pack like wolves. They viciously take over territories and are moving down through the southeast colonies. My navy is weak and I can’t fend them off. Germany is growing weak. I don’t know how much longer I can do this dance before I have to give up and fight the music.  My days in this war are numbered.

Italy 2 1943
We are crumbling. Fighting needless wars purely for the fun. The weakness is driving us to  grasp at straws, chasing the wind. We can’t get what we need. The allies are vicious wolves and we’re paranoid sheep. They are too strong and we cannot fend them off. Italy is losing it’s southern colonies and I’m having trouble maintaining Italy itself. I’m worried they might take it.

Italy 2 1944
Italy and the Axis are no longer allies. I am now roaming with the wolf pack. Getting my territories is a task I am now able to achieve. I will make a beautiful victory. Making sure Germany doesn’t seek revenge, I will have the brute force of the Allies on my side.

Italy 2 1945
The Reich has fallen. The Axis, non-existent. The whole world is a beautiful orange color, and Cassie is pissed as usual. it’s a beautiful sight. All the resources I needed, I have. It was  an amazing feat, conquering what the Allies did. The Axis stood no chance.