WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Ottoman Empire 4

Ottoman Empire 4 1914
Today we made a “secret alliance with Russia. We are planning to tell Germany and Russia anyway because they’re our main alliance. Russia says that we can have R4 if we let them use the canal between our land. We are planning to use R4 to sneak and destroy their capitol if Germany can’t get to it from R2. They think everything is cool between us. Let’s see how long that will last.

Ottoman Empire 4 1915
Russia is falling for the alliance. We got R4 and Germany got R3 and R2. Germany says they have enough troops to take Russia down so we got Bulgaria. Germany told us to take over Egypt to just so we have a buffer zone between our original territory. We are planning to get Romania and Greece whenever Germany tells us its a go. Russia’s “secret alliance with us is till going strong.

Ottoman Empire 4 1916
Russia tried attacking Germany and fell into a civil war. Germany tried allying with Belgium, but they wouldn’t agree. So Germany is planning to take them over. Great Britain was starting to move troops down so we decided to move troops into Egypt just to make sure no one can attack us there. Tomorrow we are going to take over Greece while Germany takes over Romania. Hopefully we get it. If we do a few more objectives get crossed off our list.

Ottoman Empire 4 1917
The United States joined the fight today. Great Britain, France and the United States all moved troops down the the French North Africa. I don’t know what there doing, but we are moving troops into Egypt just in case. Germany says there going to help out and move some troops into our capitol just to be safe.

Ottoman Empire 4 1918
This year was a break. Great Britain, France, and the United StatesĀ  just moved troops down to French North Africa and Libya. We are stocking up in Egypt just incase they try to attack us by land. I think we should leave troops in the capitol but my president or my allies don’t think so. Tomorrow we plan to see what the Allies are going to try and take over. Russia’s “secret alliance apparently is still going strong. I wonder if they have any idea that we are telling Germany and Austria-Hungary everything.

Ottoman Empire 1919
Great Britain, France, and The United States did attack our capitol. Russia was mad because they thought that the deal was that we give them O1 if we get R4. We told them it wasn’t a deal and they still made the alliance with us. I guess they just didn’t pay attention. Anyway we won with 19 people left in our capitol with a few of Germany and Austria-Hungary troops left too. We decided to use our troops in Egypt and attack Libya. We lost by a ton, but we didn’t really care.