WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Ottoman Empire 4

WW1 Simulation
Ottoman Empire 4 1913
Today, we became allies with Austria-Hungry. Austria-Hungry is allies with Germany who is our allies with us. Our plan is to help Austria-Hungry in their battle with Greece and Serbia because it would be a win-win situation for us. He needs revenge for the  killing of their country’s heir and we need their land.
We are honoring our alliance with Germany by taking part in their plan to take over all Russia. The Prime Minister and I have made an alliance with Russia, but it will soon be betrayed by us. We have allowed them assess to our straight but in return, we get a part of Russia’s land. Because the Central Powers have the first move, we will move into Russia’s land that was given to us without conflict and later my allies, Germany and Austria-Hungry  and I, will attack and take over Russia’s capital.
Bulgaria has tried to because allies with all the Central Powers but I have not agreed, I did not say yes to this, Bulgaria does not know that we plan to take over their country. I know that Germany has signed an alliance with Bulgaria but I am confident in Germany to honor its alliance with us as we have honored the alliance with them.

Ottoman Empire 4 1914
Today, we really showed how loyal the Central Powers are to each. We all helped each other out and discussed our next moves. We did our part in the take over of Russia and took R4 with minimal force. Their president had accidentally put troops in R4 and could not take them out so we had to declare war and won the land. Germany and Austria-Hungry did their part and all that is left of Russia is R3 which, I believe Germany will attack and we, the Ottoman Empire, will gladly assist. We still are waiting for Germany to give us the peninsula that was once ours. I will soon write some sort of treaty to insure that we get our peninsula.
After we took Russia, Great Britain was on the move toward our strait. We took over Egypt and that left Great Britain with little choices to do anything.
We also do Bulgaria which was easy because they were neutral and no one helped them. We are getting very close to completing all of our objectives.

Ottoman Empire 4 1915
Today, the allies were smart and stalled. We could not take our turn to move our 500 of our troops to Bulgaria to attack Romania. At the end we were able to move our troops in and tomorrow we plan on attacking Romania. I believe we will be okay but if we need help, I am hoping that Austria-Hungry will help us.

Ottoman Empire 4 1916
Today, we took over Greece by sending troops from Bulgaria. Once we beat them, we sent part of our troops to Romania which was beat by Germany, who we are allies with. We then noticed that Great Britain’s navy was slowly making its way down us. We then moved troops from R2 into Egypt. We know that Germany and Austria-Hungry will defend us from the Allies. Everyone that was taken down by the Central Powers have taken the side of the Allies. I thought that because the Central Powers were so powerful, people would side with us but that is not true. No matter, we will defeat them all. I have also found out that gossip is a country’s best friend. I have found out some vital information such as one of America’s objectives is to attack Germany. We are allies with Germany and we will help them with all we can.

Ottoman Empire 4 1917
Today was all about movement. I was not attacked, nor did I attack. The U.S and British navies are slowly coming towards us. I think they will attack tomorrow. We moved our troops to O1, O2, O3, and Egypt. My Prime Minister told me to move the troops out of  Egypt to put into our country but the president of Austria-Hungry told me to put more in there. I agree with the president of Austria-Hungry. If they, for some reason, are able to take back Egypt, they will have less troops and we will still have the Ottoman Empire. Stalling is my best friend. Because of it, Great Britain and the U.S did not have time to declare war but they did move. We will defend our country. They will not get it without a fight.

Ottoman Empire 4 1918
I was worried because the British and U.S navy were getting close to O1, our capital, until my prime minister told me that they did not have any troops. Later on though, they did get troops on their navy and attacked our capital. We pulled in troops from O2 and Bulgaria. Our great allies, Germany and Austria-Hungry also helped us and together we defeated the British and Americans and won the war. We had nothing to lose, we had won the whole war, we had the majority of the land. We then tried to fight Great Britain and the U.S in Libia and we were defeated. It did not matter though, we still had all of our Ottoman Empire and they were severely injured by the attacks from Germany and Austria-Hungry. All the other countries throughout the war started allying with the Allies but the Central Powers ended up being the winners of the Great War.