WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 1

World War 2 Simulation

Japan 1938; Orientation day – Today is the first day I saw the objectives. We have a lot of objectives to complete, not all of them seem quite easy. Unlike in WWI I am not alone this time, and based on my objectives I might need to have help from other countries. Also the people who I was allied with last time are no longer my allies, I need to take China, but the other lands I need to take are allies with a smart people  who I think know how to get things done. First off, I think I will take Philippines, as in my objectives. I also have a partner this time, so hopefully we get along. . Also, while I may be allied with some other countries, it seems a bit difficult to trust them, as we were enemies before.

Japan 1939 – We are in a tough situation. We need to attack the Philippines, however, if we do that we bring America in the war because they are guarding it. W can’t attack America’s navy either because that will also bring them into the war. I talked to Russia yesterday and we made something of an alliance. It’s best not to put full trust, as that gets you betrayed easily. For now we will not attack anyone until next turn. We need to focus on our movement for now. We will move 500 from Manchukuo to NE China, we will then move 500 from NE China to SE China giving us 2000 in SE China. On our next attack turn, we will attack French indo China with 1000. Even though they have 200, we need to be expecting back up for that country, so that’s why we sent such a huge number. While this is getting tough because the other allies are taking so long to attack, we might not be able to do movement this round, which would be really bad considering we need the movement in order to take out China. Russia is doing some smooth talking to our allies, it seems almost to good to be true, so they should be cautious.
– We have just taken French IndoChina. Instead of waiting for movement, we moved 1,000 of our troops that were already there into indochina because we did not want to waste time in getting it. We won with little opposition. We also got some resources. Our allies have taken quite a lot of land with Russia too. We have a secret alliance with Russia at the  moment. We won’t really call on them until later when we might need a double front war with China.

Japan 1940- Today would be a good day to take out New Guinea. We started off with movement for Axis powers today, so we did yesterdays plan today. Dutch East Indies Was taken by us. It does’t look like anyone can  send help to them since their land is neutral. We send a surplus of troops there to take it, it was 293 against 50, so it was a pretty good win. Next we plan to move into China, or something along those lines. The plan is kind of unclear. Also Russia is now in our country. They  need some of our land no doubt. I think the only reason the purposefully lost points so that they could gain trust to betray Germany and Us, Japan. We will not share resources to keep them less powerful. I heard Russia had an 8 rating in their  eastern part of the country. So we are planning on attacking China with Russia’s help for the time being. Maybe we can reach an agreement over something later.

Japan 1941- Today we moved are navy by each of America’s navies except Hawaii because they are to far away to move in one turn. We plan on attacking all the navies at once. We succeeded, we took Pearl Harbor. We also destroyed pretty much all of the American navy. Next we need to focus on China and Australia. Germany is leaving their country so bare to Russia. Also the United states said they will no longer be sending us with oil. It was kind of funny because France tried to send troops to America, thinking we were going to attack them, when really we had no want to attack them. They thought it was clever, but they weren’t allowed to. We didn’t do much today again, but there is always tomorrow.

Japan 1942- Today is kind of like an all out go for it. I will discuss it with my partner on taking the Philippines and taking some of China.
– Immediately we decided to take Philippines with 200 troops against 100. Great Britain sent 100 total troops against us, so it might make this a little more difficult. I don’t think we can win agains their forces. Somehow we won, but we are going to need to set more troops in the territory of Dutch east Indies.
– We moved our navy back to get ready for an attack on the British navy. We also moved troops into the French Indo China so we can set up for an attack on the Burma, we need plenty of troops there so we can get the rubber that is there. Next we plan on taking Hawaii just because we have troops there and we can. The only problem I see is America sending their navy over to us. They have 40 and we have 50, which is just enough to win slightly. Hopefully they don’t send in troops.
– We just attacked Britain’s navy. They sent in reinforcements thinking that might help, we just destroyed their whole navy in the process. We then attacked Hawaii. It was kind of funny, we lost, but they only have 5 troops. I think we can take them out next time. We decided to use our 30 navy that we moved back to Japan, and stick 30 troops on it. We plan on taking Hawaii this time. Then with the navy right next to Hawaii, we plan on destroying the last bit of American Navy. After That we plan to take back our navy, and use it to guard against the American navy. Their country grows stronger every day. So we need to be careful here.
– They just sent 40 troops to Hawaii, looks like we won’t be taking it over. Oh well, we can at least destroy their navy.

Japan 1943 – Today was the day we for sure decided to take some from China. We sent in 1,000 troops. we split the amount between SE China and French Indo China, so that there would still be a decent amount of troops there. It took a long time for China to make a decision on what to do. They finally settled on sending in 700 to their 900 troops against my 1,000. Plus great Britain sent in 200, so i will admit I was a little concerned that we were going to lose. Then suddenly it turned out, we won, with 300 troops left. I must I was shocked. Our next goal is NC China, but we have to wait until our next turn.
– We successfully took over NC China. By a huge win. 1,200 agains 1,000, we won’t with 700 left. Also Britain is playing quite well into our hands. They are moving troops out of the place we want to take, so we will attack them next round. All of Asia is Is almost ours, I can almost taste it. Next we will move onto Burma, that way we can get more resources, and stop Britain from getting anything. Then they will stop supplying France, well that’s what I’ve heard from Germany. They plan to attack France, so it will work out for both of us. I plan to send 900 into Burma so I can take them out easy. They are sending in troops From India, wow this could not be better. They have 100 troops there left, easy picking for us to take this now. Almost all of Asia is ours.

Japan 1944 – Today we will start a 3 front war so we can take the rest of Asia. I guess we  could take Australia now that we are running out of places to take. I already expect that the other countries can see my goals of taking the rest of Asia. But they have no way of getting help since I’m attacking Tibet, India, and NW China at once. However to ensure I can take them I’m attacking them in a certain order. First I will attack India, because Britain has a decent rating I think, I don’t want them to send the rest of their forces into Tibet since I’m not sending that many troops in there, about 100 against their 300. Then I will attack NW China since they are the biggest, and once I take them out they won’t be able to send any troops to Tibet. Then I will take out Tibet because it’s the last one and will have not that many troops left. It all seems like to a good plan. Even if something else happens, I’m prepared to fight anything off. I think Great Britain isn’t doing so well because they are sending in too much troops to help other countries, but they are just wasting troops there.
– We almost took up half of the period just on Axis power. For whatever reason, the allies have not set the 10 minute rule. Had they done that it could have really helped them.

Japan 1945 – Today is the last day. Wasting my time on Australia is really pointless. What will I do, send 88 troops over every time only to have them killed? I only have 88 navy so that’s why I can only send 88 troops over. I will just be wasting turns to try and take it. And Russia is pretty strong, and I don’t think I have the troops to fight them and take their land. So at this point I’m not sure if I want to attack or just do nothing the whole period.
– Well it’s the last battle, so I will put all of my troops on the border of Russia, and attack them with all we’ve got. Perhaps America will do something while I am attacking Russia. Well they really can’t, I’ll leave 300 troops in Japan to fight them off if they attack because they don’t even have 300 navy by Pearl Harbor. I can’t say I’m really worried that much, but I wouldn’t put it past America to get help from other countries on whether they should attack me. It’s kind of all in the air at this point.
– Well we attacked Russia with 1,600 troops. They send 2,500 troops against us. they won with only 75 troops. Had we had more time, we could have taken them over, but we ran out of time. Ah well, we still had all of our territory. It was a good run, and I can honestly say, without my parter, I probably would have never remembered to transfer resources or kept track of how many we had, so good job parter.