WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain Foreign Minister 2

Great Britain 2 1913
Today Austria Hungry accused a group of Serbians of assassinating that Arch Duke of Austria Hungry. Both countries released statements taking a stance on the attack. The Serbian government denied any knowledge of or involvement in the attack. Austria Hungry  stated that these acts of violence would not be tolerated. Austria Hungry, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire mobilized as a result of the attack. This caused Serbia, Russia, France, Great Britain, and the United States to also mobilize. Tensions are running high and everyone is one edge. Great Britain is anticipating an attack on Serbia very soon. We fear that we will not be able to get there in time to help our Allie. Russia also shares our fear of an attack, but will not be able to get troops to Serbia any sooner that we will. We have already discussed with Serbia the possibility of an attack, and they are fully aware that if they get attacked there will be no help coming to them.

Great Britain 2 1914
Today Austria Hungry declared war on Serbia. Just as we feared we could not get troops there in time to help them and they were conquered by the Central Powers. We sent troops into Mediterranean Sea Zone 1 and began making our way towards the Ottoman empire. Russia attacked the Ottoman Empire in 02 and won the battle. We are hoping that soon with the help of Russia we will be able to attack 01 and secure the Dardanelles straight. Italy signed a secret alliance with the Allies but is remaining neutral for now. We also attacked Germany’s navy in the North Sea Zone and came out victorious. They have a few U boats spread out in different parts of the ocean but we don’t feel that those are much of a threat to us. We now have no competition with any other navies so Great Britain rules the sea.

Great Britain 2 1915
Today we moved our troops to Mediterranean Sea Zone 2 and with the help of Russia attacked the Ottoman Empire in 01. None of the Central Powers were able to help the Ottoman Empire and they were conquered by the Allies. This secured the Dardanelles straight and helped Great Britain complete an objective. Russia and Great Britain took most of our troops from 01 and attacked Bulgaria defeating the central powers which had previously taken control of Bulgaria. Not much was is being declared yet, and it is mostly smaller countries that are being attacked. Russia has been attacked some, but that is not worrying us yet. Great Britain fears that the war is going to get much worse and that no country will be able to remain neutral. Italy should soon be officially joining the Allied powers and we are hoping to get portugal on our side.

Great Britain 2 1916
Today Italy went public with is alliance to the Allies. The United States and Belgium also made an alliance with the Allies, which did not go over to well with the Central Powers. Great Britain had the task of protecting Belgium’s neutrality but with the war heating up it’s almost impossible to remain neutral. We needed Belgium to move our troops through because they share a border with Germany and the is the fastest way to get our troops in. Great Britain, France, United States, Japan, and Belgium are all preparing to attack Germany. All of the countries with available navies are sending them to both Great Britain and the United States to pick up troops. We are then sending those troops into Belgium and France. With the strong build up of troops I think we may actually have a chance at defeating Germany.

Great Britain 2 1917
Today Italy attack a section on Germany with all of its troops along with some help from France. Germany sent reinforcements and were about to defeat the Allied attack. Italy was left open and vulnerable and we were all very afraid that it would be conquered. The central Powers must have had other plans because the left Italy alone. Great Britain, France, and Belgium all attacked Germany in 01. Germany’s army is very strong and they were able to defeat us. We are not concerned about this loss because it has greatly weakened Germany’s army and the Allies still have plenty of reinforcements coming from Great Britain and the United States. Portugal also joined with the Allies today so we can also pull troops from there if need be. The war is beginning to come to a close but we still can not count Germany out. The have proved to be very strong and driven, and are doing very well with what little resources they have left. Russia is planning to soon attack Austria Hungry in hopes of weakening the Central Powers even further.

Great Britain 2 1918
Today is the last day of the war and everyone is preparing their final battle plans in hopes of winning. Russia went through with the attack on Austria Hungry, but Germany sent reinforcements and Russia was defeated by the Central Powers. The United States, Great Britain, and France also made another attack on Germany. Again we were unsuccessful in beating them, but there troops are down in the single digits and I believe if we can just get one more attack in they will be defeated. Russia was left vulnerable when it lost its battle to Austria Hungry and now a section of Russia has been attacked by Austria Hungry and the Ottoman Empire. Russia did not hold enough troops back and a section of their land has been conquered. Germany and Austria Hungry launched one final attack on Bulgaria and the Allied powers did not have enough time to send help, so it has once again been taken over by the Central Powers. The war has ended and it is very hard to tell who the victor is. The Allied Powers are still standing pretty strong so I feel that this war belongs to us.