WWI Simulation

WWI Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

WWI Simulation

1914:  Right now as we beggin 1914 there are many countries mobilizing for war. This is rising the tensions and has Great Britain I feel the pressure to mobilize for war as well. Japan has conquered some German colonies in SE asia which does not concern me. Right now my biggest concern is getting troops to Russia to strengthen their army. We know that Japan is on our side so we should be good. We are currently in good relations with Italy yet they want our help if there is a german offensive. So we plan on keeping some in the mediterranean. Austria hungary has taken over serbia. This creates ultra high tensions for 1915. I feel we may be busy with Italy.

1915: All caos has erupted, we tried to get some troops to russia but apparently it wasn’t enough because the german and austria hungary combined forces and took R3 in Russia. I felt that my plan was going to do well yet I didn’t realize how swift Germany would be. They have wasted no time starting to conquer countries, and the world on the street is that they have gave ultimatums to many of the remaining neutral countries in the balkans. As this progresses I am struggling to find a whole in them in which we could launch a counter attack. I feel our best option may have something to do with the ottoman empire. Right now their forces #’s are not high and I don’t see them being able to scrounge any backup. As far as the next year goes I feel (Great Britain) should try and capture the ottomans themselves while the other wage war on the east and west fronts. By doing this we may be able to get a more reliable supply train into russia to help them fight back because Germany and Austria combined are just too much. I think I will do this by transporting troops through the mediterranean to Egypt which we occupy. From egypt we may have a good chance at defeating a weaker ottoman Army. Once we secure this we should be able to work our way up the balkans and through russia and time it perfectly to take germany out. Yet as it happened before I’m sure there will be a wrench thrown into this plan. Tomorrow at the beginning of class I will call an Alliance meeting to get everyone on board (including Portugal).

1916: To start things off we did convince portugal to join the allies. This is what we wanted to do to gain whatever help we could have left. We tried to execute the plan that I had illustrated in my previous entry. This was to have russia take over part of the ottoman empire. They made an attempt at this yet despite having more troops the ottomans were too good and won. I have a gut feeling that it will not be much longer until all of russia is taken over considering that they don’t have much troops left. On top of this the central powers have taken full control of the Balkans. Some of these countries 

1917: This is a big year for us as britain because the central powers are nearing to our homeland, and it is essential that we retain our original land. This is where what I call the battle for Belgium goes down. In this war there are troops from Us, the united states, belgium, France, and Others from the central powers. This was a very close war that we lost by only a couple hundred troops. Despite losing in a way this was a strategic win for us. This is because in doing this we greatly depleted their army so they could not take all of France. Along with this we made it so that they would 100% not have any time to make an advancement on France. What else we did was send troops to F1 to help stall France being taken over. In my opinion anything we can do to stop them will help us defend in year 1918. For next year it is in ur best interest to have america help us. This is because I have learned that once they mobilize their army grows massively. Along with this their navy can help us knock out the German Navy.
1918: In the begging of this year we are preparing to help defend rance in the battle for F3 Overall I do feel that we can win this one considering we have help from the U.S.. Along with this there are two fleets of the france navy in position to transport troops along with a Big Fleet from us and the U.S. As I had expected we were victorious in this war against them. This is a huge victory considering it is the first time it seems we have won a ground war. Ultimately this is going to be enough to ensure that France does not completely fall to the central powers. My next Idea is to have help from the USA, and french Navy to help destroy the german fleet that has just moved into the North Sea Zone. I feel winning this is key to making sure that Germany cannot move troops from the east to help on the western front or even to prevent them from getting to england. As I expected we defeated them with ease. Like I said earlier this in a way immobilizes the German army from moving troops across the sea. I believe this is something we should have done much earlier. My final plan is to attack the italian fleet that is in the Adriatic. I hope that I can have the help of Japan for this even though I don’t feel that we need it. Like I had anticipated we beat the Italian navy and secured the Adriatic. The reason for this was to prevent the Italian navy from moving troops to take portugal. Because if they had enough time this would allow for them to sandwich us right before the end of the war. Overall we lost the war yet i feel that as the war went on we got a lot better at strategizing our attacks, and defences.