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World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany 8 1938

I lay awake at night, thinking, planning, body rigid with anticipation of the coming battles. The end is nigh for any opposition of the glorious Third Reich. The year itself has been long with planning, checking, then double checking, then re-cechking again just to make sure the first hit can lead to a knockout blow against our advisors. Those foolish French know not what is in store for their ‘mighty army,’ for we shall play a simple game of cat and mouse. My sources lead me to believe that their leaders react soly of emotion, with little forethought to their next move. It matters not of the British fleet in the channel, they shall little difference, if any at that. Their remoteness, once seen as their strength, shall become their crutch. We shall sweep upon the fields of northern France like a plague from the old testament, exterminating all who shall stand in our way. I wonder, though, if our influence could be spread more thoroughly throughout the Benelux, say a potential agreement with our Dutch neighbors? 

While the west shall dissolve in a storm of lead and steel, the navie Poles will look upon us and pray, though no god shall listen to the prayers of weak men. My fuhrer and that slavic peasant the Russians call a leader have been able to strike a deal, for they are allowed to take the eastern polish lands and the Baltic states. I pray that they fools are stupid enough to challeneg the Finish army, for even peasents can have a strong resolve. Those fools fail to realize that they are simply a tool to be used, nothing more. And the grande finale to this wonderful, shall we say blitzkrieg bop, is the our planned occupation of both the Danish archipelago and Norway itself. Hopefully this will be enough to make those soft bellied Swedish bureaucrats that hope for neutrality is meaningless. Though I am only mortal, something tells me that for right or for wrong, our strength is an extension of God’s will and the will of our beloved fuhrer.

Germany 8 1939

The year of 1939 has passed with little development on either side of the war. With permission from the future, I was able to launch a successful invasion of not only the low countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, but we were also able to finally eradicate a large portion of the Polish army during our initial invasion. I’m starting to believe that we should have taken everything and left the barest of scrapes for those Russian peasants. It would certainly show them that they are a tool and nothing else in this war. Though it has been slow in Europe, our eastern allies have had a much better experience in taking what they need, for they have conquered almost all the islands in the West Pacfic. Not only that, but they have dealt a serious blow to those peasants that call themselves the Chinese army. Nothing but a bunch of pretentious fools if you ask me trying to resist the power of a nation such as Japan

On a more serious note, it does make curious that the Allied nations would outright attack a nation such as Norway. On one hand they had made no moves to intervene on anyone’s behalf, but they do also hold strategic value. It annoys me though that we weren’t able to get there first, but in the end it would probably be best to conserve troops for other battles. I’ll have to convince the fuhrer, but it might be best to send one of our army groups from Austria down to Italy just to be sure against an allied breakthrough in the southern mountains. For now we can only wait and see what they’ll do.

Germany 8 1940

This rotten world is full of traitors, and may God have mercy on their souls. Those soft bellied Swedes have signed not only a defensive treaty with the Russians, but have allied themselves wholly with the Allied nations. Even more, those Russians have broken our truce and invaded our ally Romania. May the history books that the Romanian legion took more then their fair share of the communists pigs. We’ll have to begin preparations for one of our eastern armies to not only retake to oil fields, but also deal with even more inserections from Yugoslavia. My take away from this is to never trust a slav, for they are all cowards and traitors at heart. They will soon learn the error of their way. To add even more salt upon an open wound, our Italian allies floated our advice and launched a failed invasion on southern France with not only more than half their total army strength, but also convinced the general in charge of the southern army to join them. Those fools deserve the cold embrace of the grave they had brought upon themselves. I swear that the only point of Italy existenting at all is for Germany to waste even more of superior strength protecting their feeble armies and territory. We’ll have to move an army into Austria eventually as a deterrent of any further allied incursions.

Though the year has seemed bleak, it is not without some good news. We have reached the point in our war that I’m starting to consider our japanese allies are invincible with how they have taken most of China and the colonial possessions of  France. It does worry me though that there are still Russians in the Siberian region. If our reports are anything to go off of, we’ll need to deplete them as soon as possible before trying to make any further actions in the west.

Germany 8 1941

This year was full of possible hope, only for it to be dashed away by complete foolishness. We were able to deploy a sizable enough army to recapture Romania with enough success, as well connecting our territories with our Bulgarian allies who have now declared for us. Along with this, the former country of Poland is now under complete German control with extensive defensive fortifications along the eastern border as a just in case preparation. Victory, however, does not exist without a certain taste of defeat. Our Japanese allies were able to strike a massive blow to the allies by capturing Burma, thus cutting off all rubber to any nation outside of the Axis powers, but at the same time lost the provinces of Manchuria and Korea to the russian devils. The reports I read indicated that it was valiant, but in the end resulted in a Russian victory. Their role was not in vain as the Russians nearly lost ⅔ of their total forces in the initial assault; it might be best to look into defensive preparations our allies could make. The worst part is that this isn’t even the worst event of the past year. No, that would go to the fact the Japanese dragged the American doughboys into the war by conquering the island provinces of Hawaii. I wish those fools thought ahead before striking eastward; they could’ve done more damage if they took both Hawaii, Australia, and Alaska, thus forcing the allies to spread their armies and navies across three different territories. Alas, now that the Americans have joined, it’s time Germany starts preparing for the eventual end.

Germany 8 1942

We may not realise it, but time plays an effect on all of us that sooner or later, we will notice. The years continue to fly by in even more tragedy. Our Bulgarian and Hungarian allies got it into their head that their armies are strong enough to take Yugoslavia on their own. What fools, for they choose to challenge a nation of their home territory. I had hoped to send a Germany infantry division to help reinforce their lines, but the fuhrer shot it down, staing “we need to protect the oil fields at all costs.” It’s moments like these that I truly start to wonder if they fuhrer is the right man to lead our armies. He wishes for a strong victory, yet he has both Boch and Gudairan sitting in Poland and Romania, respectively, in defensive positions, hoping for the Russians to take the bait. They simply do not understand that they have lost all momentum by failing to take France, thus preventing us from even making a move westward. Eastward, however, is still ripe enough if we think it through and spread the Russian army out over a greater area. Along with this, we had also failed initially to take Denmark, forcing us to draw more troops away from the Belgium lines to retake it, and Japan lost Burma to the American dogs because their forces were spread so thinly.

The only positives, if you can call them that, is that all of the British Grakata divisions in India were wiped out, thus allowing Japan access to the middle east if they so wish. Italy was also able to do something right today in that they finally took Greece, though the true benefits, I cannot see in such an act. Since we are entering another year of hell and waiting, I will be doing everything in my power to assume complete control of the German legions and hopefully salvage something from this horrible mess.

Germany 8 1943

Lady Luck has finally shown us some favoritism, though it’s too late in the war to really call it that. Earlier this year, a coalition of Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Italian forces finally stomped out the last of the Yugoslavian resistance, thus removing one less piece from the board. I have since recommended that they start moving the last of their divisions to Italy to reigonce against an allied assault. I have also received word from the east that the last of the Chinese army, and thus the Chinese United Front, has been erased from this word, along with a successful naval invasion by the Japanese on the Philippine islands, and the recapture of Burma from American forces. I truly wished this how the entire year had transpired, but alas this was not so. The doughboys were successful however in taking back their precious Hawaiian territory, though not without substantial loss to their initial invasion fleet to use against Japan. Along with this, for one reason or another, our Italian allies, though I’m seriously considering them saboteurs, launched not one, but two failed invasions trying to take the entirety of Northern Africa. Initially they tried for the French territories and failed, they decided to try their luck and take Egypt with the same results. It might be time to start considering what side their failure of a leader is truly on. If need be, let them know how it feels to have German steel shoved down their throats 

Germany 8 1944

The year of 1944 shall be known for its great air of anticipation and preparation. After thoughtful consideration, half of the German army group in Belgium was pulled back, with the second half staying as a deterrent against allied attacks. Also, by recommendation from the other generals and field marshals, I have decided to move an extra division to Poland in preparation of a Russian push on Berlin, though it might best to revert that order with the French and British breathing down our neck. The commusist dogs, however, are as perplexing as they are pitiful. Our intelligence reports would have us believe that they are amassing troops in Iran in preparation for an all out assault on occupied India. If that is the case, then I pity them more than when they were defeated in Romania. The Japanese army, no matter how depleted, is never one to be underestimated in a fight, especially if they are given the time to prepare. Other reports also indicate an influx of Americans into France, more than likely in preparation for an attack on Italy. In response to this, I have deployed an army into Austria as a precaution against further aggressive actions. Though I feel the end is nigh, I believe that every leader should go out with a bang. The question is how? I’ll have to consult with my generals, but I hear Northern Russia, for the most part, is vastly empty of all military personnel. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future options.

Germany 8 1945

If there had ever been a God, let it be known that he favors German superiority above all else. The beginning of the end seemed bleak for both our Hungarian and Italian allies sided with the allied dogs. Try as we might, their surprise led to the loss of our Austrian territories to the Italian dogs. Though we were not able to liberate our brethren in arms, we were still able to accomplish our greatest goal that shall go down in history as the great miracle. The allied dogs decided they had the strength to rip away the fatherland from the hands of true rulers of this earth. Reports indicated there were legions upon legions of French, British, and American soldiers, though none stood a chance against our ironclad will. We were forced to pull all our troops from Denmark, Finland, and Norway to prepare, and I’m almost thinking that it was completely unnecessary. Everyone who survived proved they were worth every bit of training they were given. Let it be known from here on out that no army of this earth can match the pure tenacity and raw power that is the German army. For above all, our ideas are right and our will is absolute in face of all difficulties.  

German invasion of Finland

German assault on Ukraine

Hungarian and Italian assault on Egypt

Great Britain recaptured Egypt

Conquered Moscow & the Baltic States

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