WW2 Lesson Plans

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Japan

Japan 8 1938

With conflict rising, I sense it is only a short matter of time until the outbreak of a second world war. However, if and when it happens, as President of Japan, I can assure you we will be prepared–we have been. Leading up to this moment, we have pushed the limits of the Allied Powers in which they have proven their own gullibility. We have been working and training tirelessly to improve and grow our territory and troops. Allies, I am afraid you are too late. You should’ve stopped us Axis Powers a long time ago. Although we have proven to be a force to be reckoned with, our thirst for power and improvement doesn’t stop there. Our next move is the remains of Asia. Specifically, we have our eyes on South China, the French-Indo territory, and the Eastern-Indies. Their militaries don’t stand a chance against our high-ranked army and navy. This should make attacking and assuming control a breeze. With the possession of these territories under our belt, we will further mobilize into these regions, allowing us access to the resources we desire: Oil, iron, coal, and rubber. If we are able to get our hands on these prized resources, there’s no telling how unbeatable our industry will be! 

Japan 8 1939

It is official: The second World War has formally kicked off. While we stand against the remaining, corrupt forces in Europe, as President of Japan, I stand confident that they are no match for our strong, military forces in which we hold great numbers of troops. Not to mention, our mindful strategy. The only thing holding our powerful nation back is our lack of natural resources. However, a quick annex of the East Indies contributed as a milestone on the path to fixing this problem–all according to plan. With control over the rule of this territory, we assumed all of the resources with it. Overall increasing both coal and iron deposits by a hugely 13 units! Before, we held so much untapped potential. These resources were the key to unlocking it as we were able to industrialize and modernize, improving the damage we could do. Following the Eastern Indies, China had been in our field of view for conquest next. China occupied the heart of Asia. Had we been able to wipe out the Chinese, we would hold the power of Asia in our hands under Japanese rule. Therefore, we proceed to attack and defeat both French-Indo and North Central China. While they carried the numbers to put up a battle, the Chinese were simply unable to hold back the river in which our troops were. In addition to the conquering of land, we began moving and mobilizing troops westward. With this strategy, we will be able to corner the enemy and wipe out the Chinese, giving us all of Asia. 

Japan 8 1940

Another day of war brought another day of conquering. Our trend of expanding west seems to be bringing us great success. Our well-thought out movement of troops into our new land of North Central China benefited us immensely. With reinforcements nearby, we were able to conduct battle in South Central China. While the battle paved out to be a little too close for comfort as allied forces called for backup, we were still able to pull through victorious. With both the north and south central territories of Asia under our wing, we were more than prepared for the land along the west coasts of Asia that would come next in our plan. Specifically, the territory of North West China which lacked a ruler, making them an easy target. However, other war casualties and conflict distracted our ficus from China. Instead, the United States demanded our attention. The U.S. has been the only roadblock in our country’s goal of Asian pacfici unity for years. However, they made up for being a nuisance by supplying us with the oil we strived for. Desperate for peace, the Americans have begun posing rising tension and conflict with us by threatening to cut off our supply if we don’t do as they wish. Japan will NOT stand for this. No foreigners will control us in that aspect. Something needs to be done about the U.S. and fast before they are able to mobilize and grow out of our control…

Japan 8 1941

1941–an eventful year to say the least. The year began like any other with our victorious streak of power and war wins remaining. With plans to conquer all China, if not all of Asia, our first strategic move began with the land of Burma. A quick defeat Burmans gave Japan and the rest of the Axis Powers a leg up as we inherited their stock of oil. With an increase in oil, we were able to innovate and produce more mass amounts of machinery and weaponry to assist our military in the war. This set us on the perfect route towards the remaining unconquered land toward the western parts of Asia. However, before expanding in that direction, we figured it was time to cut the puppet strings in which the Americans were playing us by for once and for all. It was now or never before the U.S. became too strong of an opponent for us. While the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the Pacfic was a victory in our books, looking back, this was the first mistake to set not only the Japanese, but our allies on a downward spiral. Once peaceful Americans became outraged and officially joined the war later that year…unfortunately on the wrong side–the Allies. Suddenly the confidence we Axis powers once flaunted had decreased as the amount of resources and power the Americans had became a reality. While our ego was fading, the Allies were not. Russia built up the nerve to come for our Manchukuo territory. A quick defeat allowing them access to even more land. Next, they halted our troops in Koreas and took it with ease. The war has just taken a hard right turn in the wrong direction. 

Japan 8 1942

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the events to come in the year of 1942 proved me wrong. The previous year had been a wake up call for our nation of Japan. While our allies began to hang their hands in sorrow and defeat, Japan was resilient and refused to give in just yet. While they may have what once belonged to us, Manchuko and Korea, they were wrong if they think they’d be able to expand any further. To halt the ally enemies, we stocked up our troops in surrounding countries to ensure the heart of Asia would remain in our hands–especially our homeland of Japan in which was guarded with extra precaution and even greater armed forces. With certainty over the security of our territories, we shifted our focus to a new region. A region beyond what we thought was possible at first. In fact, a region beyond Asia: the Urals. The Urals had seemed like an easy target as there were no other nations mobilized within it, as well as no nearby nations strong enough to stand a chance against us. Had we been able to make it the Urals, there’s no telling what we couldn’t do! The Urals were rich in both iron coal…areas where we lacked. Therefore, attaining these resources would boost both our industry and rank. From there, we’d even be able to expand as far as the Caucasus and sweep their large collection of oil as well. The most difficult part of this plan is to safely get to the Urals. From there, everything had seemed as easy as pie. Our first step in our plan was small yet strategic in avoiding tipping off our plans to the enemies. For one second, we shifted our focus from Burma into the neighboring country of India. In that small second, we had become vulnerable. Those wretched Allies stunned each and every surrounding country containing Japanese troops, and took Burma right from under our noses. Things had just got even more difficult. Before carrying out our goal of the Urals, we would now have to backtrack from Burma. Great. 

Japan 8 1943

This year was an action packed year full of redemption and emotions for us Japanese. Following a losing streak from the previous two years, it was time for us to turn the tables in this war. Saying we are annoyed by the Allied Powers would be an understatement. However, we channeled this inner anger as fuel to the fire, motivating us to do everything within our power to make a comeback–and that is exactly what we did (kind of). As president of Japan, I made the executive decision to go after the Americans yet again. They want to cut off our supplies? Fine. Two can play at that game. I ordered our naval forces to focus on the Philippines, an easy victory as we outnumbered and overpowered U.S. forces in this area. While we didn’t gain any resources from this territory, it felt awesome to stick it to the Americans. It also helped us accomplish and check another objective off our list. This important victory restored our hope and confidence we once beared, making us feel unstoppable. I’ll even admit, it may have boosted my ego. In fact, it had even influenced our next plans in getting revenge. Sparing a few troops from South Central China, we nearly captured both Tibet and reclaimed Burma! Our huge win over the Allies at Burma was especially important in increasing our oil supply. However, not everyone was happy to see us succeed as we were. Disgusted and I think jealous, the Americans just couldn’t keep our name out of their mouth. Out of embarrassment, they halted their plans in Europe. Instead, they were too busy fighting our navy in the Central Pacific, and strategizing to get ahold of Hawaii once again. Meanwhile, we had bigger problems to worry about than the U.S. A growing Russian army was beginning to get a little too close for comfort. We feared they would begin closing their way in on our Chinese territories…and even worse, our homeland of Japan. As a result, we spread our troops from the middle of Asia to the outermost parts. They would have to get through this wall before getting to the heart. 

Japan 8 1944

After the previous, action packed year of 1943, it made 1944 seem like a bore. With few, safe options on the offensive left, we chose to take the defensive route this year. Had we made any attempt to acquire new land, it would have just resulted in a suicde mission as we were no match for the thousands of high-ranked Sierians surrounding us. In addition, one single small mistake could lead to the ultimate downfall and defeat of Japan. Stacking our troops, we shifted our military around to protect our land. In particular, our mainland of Japan. A defeat here would hurt most, like a shot to the heart. Suddenly, our plans had shifted from the divide and conquer strategy. It became more than just accomplishing our objectives. Our priority now was simply staying alive. With an increase in industrialization in the Siviet Union, there’s no telling how powerful their military forces are now–and I don’t want to find out either! While it hurts me to admit, I’m not sure we would be able to hold off their troops. But we would sure put up a fight trying! And that is exactly what we plan to do to play out the rest of this war! 

Japan 8 1945

1945, a true tragedy… But not for us!!! Victory is ours!! Similar to last year, with little conquerable land left in Asia, we played it safe, choosing to take the defensive route once again. Korea had seemed attainable, yet wasting our troops there would expose our mainland of Japan. Plus, I don’t mean to brag, but we had already doubled, nearly tripled our own territory! It was simply not worth it. America, getting a little too big for their bridges, began moving in on Australia with hopes of moving their way up north towards Asia. If this was supposed to be an intimidating factor, it wasn’t a very good one. Our wall of defense had proven to be a difficult barrier to break. Meanwhile, with communication with our fellow allied Axis Powers across sea, we encouraged them to go big or go home. That is exactly what they did to help us win the war! With little time, resources, and troops left, the allies grew frantic. Our allies, Germany took advantage seizing eastern Europe territories. With nothing left to defend, the war had officially been called off. I couldn’t believe it! 1945 will be a year that will remain in history! People will be talking about it forever! It was the year of the underdogs! The year when even through all of the betrayal and doubt, Germany, Japan, and Bulgaria pulled through with a win. World War II Simulation