WWI Simulation Journal: France 2

World War I Simulation

France 2 1913

During this time of crisis I am the president of France and I will do whatever I need to keep my country safe and do my objectives. I  will keep control of my original territory, gain more land, stay loyal to my alliances, and make new alliances. During first year I plan to make alliances and talk to the Allied Powers to get a game plan. I want to wait a little bit, maybe two or three years, to regain Alsace & Lorraine from Germany. That way I can help my allies fight against the Central Powers break down Germany, and then go in and fight for it. My soldiers are set and ready to go for moving or going into war. My strategy is to help my allies and stay loyal. I don’t want to make a big target on my back and make other countries to come at me and try to take me over. I want to mobilize right away, because that way I have all of my men standing ready for anything that may happen. I’m ready to protect my people and land and bring home a big W for the Allies!

France 2 1914

It’s the start of the war and you can feel the tension around. Right away my allies of Great Britain, Russia, and I rush away from the group to make a plan and get on the same page. We all agree Germany is the number one target, and we need to close them so we can defeat them right away. I made an open alliance with Montenegro and secretly made one with Italy. It’s good to know that I have other countries and soldiers behind me, just in case I’m in need of some help. Germany declared war on my good buddy Belgium, and I rushed up there with 1,000 troops and Great Britain came to her aid as well. This gave us 1,981 plus what Belgium had against 2,000 German troops. We fought hard and unfortunately we lost. I’m pretty sure that I was so nerve I almost had an anxiety attack. This war is going to be hard and I need to keep my head in the game.

France 2 1915

Central Powers are at it again, attacking the Allied Powers and not giving in until they have it all. I had to sit there and watch as they attacked Serbia twice in a row, the first time Allied Powers were victorious but the second time couldn’t fight back against Central Powers. They tried to take Italy but I was quick to send help and we were victorious. Then they turned their eyes on me, my stomach was twist and my palms were sweating. I felt the beads of sweat falling off my face, I looked around my army getting ready for war and I prayed for a miracle. Great Britain and Italy came to my aid and luckily the first time we won. But they came at us a second time and we were not as lucky. They took over F1 and now I have to take it back. I only 615 troops left, but I need to keep punishing and fighting. I need to win back F1, protect my land, and take over Alsace & Lorraine. My plan of attack for next year is take back F1 and slam into Alsace & Lorraine. I need my plans and my allies’ plan to work next year or else we are done for.

France 2 1916

No words can expressed how stressed out I am about this war. My army and my allies’ army are getting tired and we are losing a lot of soldiers with each war that is declared. The Central Powers is being lead by one Head Master, which is the Leader of Germany, and the rest are just puppets on his string. Unlike Central Powers, we are all making plans and doing what’s best for us and each other. I also think that is our downfall, with each of us making plans and doing what we need none of us know what’s going on. We need to communicate a whole lot better. All of us are sitting on the edge of seats, waiting for Central Powers’ next move and trying to figure out what they are doing next. But none of us expected Germany to declared war on Belgium, but yet they did. In a blink of an eye 2,000 German troops were headed straight for Belgium and Allies needed to think fast. Right away Great Britain moved 981 and I moved 1,000 troops. We all send a little pray, or at least I did, but unfortunately it didn’t help. It was another Central Power and another land lost by us. I need to help reinforce land so I sent 379 troops to Great Britain. That concludes another crappy year for the Allied Powers.

France 2 1917

I wish I could say 1917 was the year everything turned around for the Allied Powers and we started kicking butt and taking land, but it wasn’t. Actually it was far from it. The year started off with Germany attacking me in F3, British was quick to my side with 552 but I only had 382 to fight with. We fought hard and unfortunately was over powered by the Central Powers. I lost another piece of land to the Central Power and I couldn’t help but feel ticked off. My head was about to explode  from the all the anger in my body. I helped move British troops to Belgium, and then went to get revenge. I declared war on F3, which is German territory, I was running on pure luck so I used poison gas and unfortunately lost. At that moment in the war I couldn’t help but let a tear fall down my face. I felt so defeated I just wanted to throw up a white flag and give up. My allies came together and discussed our plan, the war would only last one more year and we needed a game plan. The United States is coming over and can start helping us. I’m just going to do everything i can do to help my allies out and start winning!

France 1918

It’s the last year of the war AND WE FINALLY GOT SOMEWHERE! With all the happiness in my body, I’m so glad to tell you that the US came in and we got F3 back from the Central Powers! My territory is turning back to orange and man oh man I’m so excited! Germany tried to get back F3 by attacking me but that was a no go. I only had 83 troops to defend but France, Britain, Portugal, Italy, and America all came to help me and we stopped that plan right away and defeated them. Now that the war is done I can sit back and reflect about what happened and what I could of done better. I think that I should of taken advantage of the fact that F3 and F2 are isolated and that I could of left them with little and attacked G2 and gotten my objective done. That could of been the start of the Allies kicking butt and taking names. This war was tough and it was very very stressful and emotional. I’m glad at the end we got victories but I wish we could of started with those victories and kept them going threw the years.