WW2 Simulation Journal: Poland and The Netherlands 2

World War 2 Simulation
Period 2,  Poland and Netherlands

Poland/Netherlands 2 1938
What I plan on doing is to try to keep my territory neutral for as long as possible. It’s going to be tough because I am so small compared to other countries. With that I plan on becoming allies with some other countries, not sure on what countries yet. But a lot of people are mad because I am the one that started world war two.

Poland/Netherlands 2 1939
Germany tried to take over the Netherlands today and Great Britain sent troops to help me with it. Now that I have been attacked I am going to join the allies so that I can achieve one of objectives for the Netherlands. Germany took over P1 right at the beginning and I tried to retain my territory by moving troops from P2 to P1. I wasn’t able to have anyone help me because everyone was around there original territories.

Poland/Netherlands 2, 1940
Today is a big day for the allies we are declaring war on the germany navy. France, Great Britain, and I are declaring war on their navy so its easy to move through the sea zones to get where we want. I am forming a lot more defensive allies that are helping me fight to get my land back. Great Britain and I are going for the Dutch East Indies-Netherlands. The axis powers took it away from me and now since I have defensive allies they are helping me keep my land and resources. We are trying to declare war more on the axis powers to weaken there army so then we can attack and get more land eventually in the end. Germany is invading my land with 100 troops and their is really nothing I can do about it. Our navies are moving from the Baltic Sea into the North Sea to try and defend my land and drop off troops into the Netherlands. We are victorious with defending my land. I want to take my time and thank Great Britain and france right now because without them, I’d be nothing. As of now I think I did the right thing by joining the Allies. Germany is trying to attack me again and its kinda ticking me off. JUST LEAVE ME AL ONE.

Poland/Netherlands 2, 1941
Today I plan on helping move troops from Great Britain into France to help France fight off Germany because yesterday I did some spy work and found out that one of Germany’s objectives is to take over France. We moved the troops from France to Belgium so that we could fight off Germany. We wanted to do that because Germany’s objective is to take over France. Axis have Belgium now, which makes me nervous for France. I believe that I achieved most of my objectives besides obtaining my own land but I hope if I keep helping the Allies they will help me get my land back. Its going to be awesome and Japan and Germany are going to be shocked. They don’t know what is coming.

Poland/Netherlands 2, 1942
I still have 8 Navy in the North Sea zone and I basically plan on helping the allies until I can’t no more so I can say that I tried to do my part and what not. If I continue to help them they will help me get my land back and the allies will take over. Soviet Union broke an alliance with Japan. This made Cassie (Japan) furious. The Axis powers are trying to take over France as of now, its a two front war.. They have Germany coming from Belgium and Italy coming in by F2.
Poland/Netherlands 2, 1943
We moved our convoy down by French-north Africa to take over. I plan on to still help the Allies and to keep my defensive allies to potentially get my land back. If we attack Japan we will have more land and start a two front war from Great Britain and the USSR. I pretty much do what Brandon tells me because he is probably the most powerful. I am glad that U.S. is on our side because they mobilize and get a crap ton of troops. I made a smart choice by joining the allies.
Poland/Netherlands 2, 1944
With Poland helping the allies I have got back my land in P1 and P2. I now have poland back and the allies are basically taking over everything possible right now. The whole map is orange. By Poland helping them the whole time and not switching sides I now have my land back and I am pretty happy. I have been taken over at the beginning by Germany and then the USSR took me back over. Its basically a fight over who gets Poland because if we get Poland we can get to the center of Germany. I’m excited because I was suppose to retain my land but now that I let them take me over and the side with the allies they now got my land back and I am happy.
Poland/Netherlands 2, 1945
The allies plan on taking over the whole world basically. Today we are trying to take over G1 and the countries surrounding it. This is exciting because we are going to probably be the strongest allied power in the grade. Germany is going to be crapping themselves. If we get G1 we are basically done with war and have everything under our belt. Its a nice feeling to have so much power even though I only have 8 navy! But I am helping in a way!!