WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 5


Today I just sat back and let everyone do there thing. I am trying to think of ways to get my troops to europe when I get them.  I was thinking that I could use Great Britain’s (Logan) fleet to help get them across the pond, but I talked to Logan and he said he could send what he had that was not engaged already. Now for the next couple days I will just let Europe start tearing themselves apart and I am just going to watch.

Today I watched Europe tear themselves apart. I really didn’t do a whole lot. I stayed neutral and I talked with both sides.  As this goes on it is making me really mad that I can’t do anything!

This year was full of a bunch of shit but I couldn’t join in the fight because that would go against my objectives. I have made deals to get France and Great Britian’s  navy to be in america by the end of 1916. I can not wait until I can join this thing because all of the allies are looking to GB’s leader to come up with a scheme and this certain leader is clueless. Once I join the war it will be “I’m america now do what I say and we will win!” For goodness sake this is war you do not pass on a time to take out another area just because you don’t want to yet!

This year I just made sure my plan would work for getting all of my people over to europe. I plan to send everyone strait for G1 and A1 right away tomorrow. I want to just bull rush them and hopefully win and if not try again.

I finally joined the war and I did the plan and I lost. I can’t believe that I outnumbered them by that much and still lost. I really think I should’ve done the math. I plan to do the exact same thing tomorrow and pray it works. If I decide to change plans i may take over russia because there are like no troops there.

I sent everyone strait for G1 just like I had planned and I lost all of my troops.  I really should’ve done the math to find out I could’ve even one but I didn’t. I really just didn’t care if I lost everyone though because if I cut Germany’s army down like I did then I thought that great Britain would send everyone to to G1 and take out everyone who was left, but they didn’t do that. I held up my side of the plan but Great Britain didn’t hold up there side of it. I really think if they would’ve hit Germany right after me we could’ve beat Germany at least.