WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 1

World War 2 Simulation

USSR 1 1938
Today we learned about the simulation, and we decided that tomorrow we are going to take over Poland, and that we are going to make an alliance with Germany and Rumania. I am worried that Germany is going to go against us, but I guess we’ll see what happens. I do plan to annex Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia within the first two days, I’m hoping we’ll get at least two turns. Im thinking that Finland may be a little harder to take over, and still trying to decide what to do with Japan, whether to make and alliance with them or not.

USSR 1 1939
Today was a stressful hectic day, we allied with Germany and Romania. With the help of Rumania we were able to take over Poland. We made an agreement that Rumania could have part of the Ukraine, in order to get almost all of the resources from Poland. In the agreement they get the land, but I plan to annex that land, and just keep the resources. I also annexed Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. I want to take over Finland, but I don’t think we will be able to move enough troops today due to the Axis Powers taking a long time to make their decisions.

USSR 1 1940
Today was a pretty slow day, I decided not to get involved in anything, just to move troops. Today I wanted to watch to see what other countries are doing. This may help me to decide what to do next and where to keep my troops at in case of an attack. I decided to keep troops down towards China in case of an attack from China or Japan. I also moved my navy towards the Japanese navy in case they would like to go at it. Tomorrow I’m thinking¬† I’m going to annex the Ukraine, in hopes that Rumania does not invade us.

USSR 1 1941
Today I’m moving a lot of troops towards Germany, Rumania, and Finland. I want to protect myself from Germany, but they think that I am moving troops in to help them take over France. I want to take over Finland but am worried that I won’t have enough troops to get the job done. I went ahead and attacked Finland, but did not have enough troops. But on the bright side they now have about half the troops that they did, so next time it should be easier to take them out. I also said that I moved troops down by Rumania, this is to eventually take them over and in hopes that they do not strike first.

USSR 1 1942
Today we won Finland!!! We sent in a ton of troops and have about five hundred troops left over. I would like to move west with those troops, but I don’t want to spread my troops too thin. I am worried because Germany wants to move troops throughout my land to protect their land. This worries me because I don’t want them to move troops in and attack me. So today I decided that I’m going to cut all help to Germany in case they might attack. I also don’t want to help them win a war, and then lose a massive amounts of troops. I have talked to Great Britain and France to see their point of view and they transferred some resources to us. Thinking I’m going to stay neutral unless attacked by Germany.

USSR 1 1943
Today we moved more troops towards our western front, and a ton more troops towards Rumania. We finally got another turn and we are going to attack Rumania. We attacked but failed due to not enough troops being sent over on our side. We do need Besarabia though, so we will plan to attack again but on the last day. This will help us because they will be worried about helping Germany and not defending themselves from us. The next day we think were are just going to be sitting ducks and watch and see what happens. We also moved our troop towards Japanese territory in case they plan to attack.

USSR 1 1944
Today we were sitting ducks