World War Two lesson Plan Student Journal: Italy

Italy 5 1938

I can’t begin military action until 1940 (Tuesday) so I’m not going to do much tomorrow. Once I’m able to begin moving, however, I’m going to attack France with Germany. They’re strong, so we want to take out as much of them as we can right away.

Germany’s also going to help me take out Northern Africa once we take out some of the more menacing countries. I’m also going to need to find out how to attain some national resources since I’m really lacking in all of them right now. I’m going to ask Germany to give me some of their resources because they’re planning on taking out some of the smaller countries and they’ll be gaining resources pretty soon.

Italy 5 1939

I can’t start any military operations today. I have to wait until 1940, so today I’m just watching everything that’s going on. Germany is taking over Norway, the Netherlands, and Poland. He wants to secure the Baltic Sea. He’s also taking over Belgium so that he can get into France, and then on Tuesday when I can begin military operations we’re going to attack France. He’s attacking F1 and I’m attacking F2 so that they have to fight on both fronts and hopefully won’t be able to defend themselves much.

I’m moving my Navy in order to back Germany in taking over Denmark, but I’m not attacking at all so I’m not going against my objective. Just gotta look menacing. I’m leaving some of my Navy by Italy, however, so that I’ll be able to use it to attack French North Africa.

Germany is going to help me attack French North Africa on Tuesday, and then I can meet that objective. 

Germany got Belgium, so we should be good to attack France on Tuesday.

France decided not to let me into the Mediterranean, so I decided not to go through. I can’t attack yet. 

Italy 5 1940

Today Germany and I are attacking France. We want to control France and then Great Britain so that the U.S. won’t have a place to keep their troops so that we don’t have to worry about them as much since Japan ran out of time to attack them in 1939.

France has 2,000 troops in F2 which is where I’m planning on attacking, so I’m thinking about sending in 3,000 troops so that I can win the battle. Even if I lose, I’ll still have 1,500 troops and I think that should be enough to take over French North Africa, Egypt, and the other countries in the Middle East.

I need to convince Germany to give me some natural resources. Sage says he only has coal to give away and he’s been giving that to other countries, so I think I’m going to need to wait until we gain some more land and gain the natural resources from there.

France took out my troops, so I’m kind of upset about that. I really didn’t expect France to be so strong, but it’s okay because we weakened it. 

I’m talking to Germany about attacking Yugoslavia so that I can get into Albania and Greece and take them over.

Great Britain and France took over Libya which isn’t good for me because I lost more troops and now it’s going to be hard to take over French North Africa.

Italy 5 1941

Today Germany is going to take over Yugoslavia so I can move into that land and take over Greece and Albania. I’m wanting Germany to take Yugoslavia so I can preserve some of my troops and still be able to take the Middle East.

Romania and Hungary were the ones who attacked Yugoslavia and won. I’m going to move 500 troops over there. Germany took over F2 and I’m going to move 200 troops in there to help defend it to honor my alliance with Germany.

I’m going to attack Albania first because France doesn’t have any troops in there, and if they move in their troops from Greece they won’t have a defense bonus. Hopefully from there I can attack Greece and win so that I’ll acquire that land. From there I want to move into the Middle East and start taking over those countries. I would have started doing that sooner if France and GB hadn’t wiped out my troops in Libya.

I got Albania! I’m going to be gone tomorrow, so I’m giving Sage some war slips and I hope he’ll attack Greece for me tomorrow. I’d also like him to move into the Middle East and start taking over those countries because I’m going to need them.

Italy 5 1942

I wasn’t here today, but if I had been I would have attacked Greece first with all 500 of my troops. If I won, I would have then used my Navy to pick up my remaining troops from Greece and 300 of my troops from Italy. Then I would have gone into Syria and taken that over because it isn’t being defended. Then I would attack Iraq because Great Britain only has fifty troops there. I then would have moved into Trans-Jordan, Palestine, the Suez Canal, and then Egypt.

I would get some natural resources for this, so I would be a little stronger. This is why I wouldn’t go into Egypt before Syria and Iraq. I’d want to have some extra strength first so I might have a little better chance at defeating France.

I would attack Libya, but France and Great Britain have troops there and France’s strength makes me nervous. Hopefully I’d win and then be able to take over French North Africa, but once again France has troops there and they’re a lot stronger than I expected.

However, I gave some war slips to Sage and I’m counting on him to at least attack Greece for me tomorrow.

Italy 5 1943

Sage did take over Greece for me on Friday, so I attacked the French Navy so that I’ll be able to reach the Middle East. I also took out the British Navy so that they’ll be out of my way. I’m picking up 111 troops from Greece and then moving into Syria so that I can start taking out the Middle Eastern countries.

Great Britain has been trying to convince me to switch over to the Allies, but things don’t look hopeless for Germany yet so I’m going to wait. However, the United States has a lot of troops, so things aren’t looking too great for the Axis Powers, and I’ll probably have to switch sides eventually. This will help me retain my land.

I took Syria. Tomorrow I’m going to take Iraq, Palestine, and Trans Jordan.

Italy 5 1944

Well things are starting to look bad for Germany and I’m pretty sure Great Britain is planning on taking over Italy, but I still need to get the Middle Eastern countries. I’m going to pick up 111 more troops from Greece so that I have a little more power in the ME, and then I’m moving the rest of my groups in Greece up towards Italy so I can at least try to defend myself. I think I’m pretty much past being able to join the Allies, which is too bad because Germany’s going to be defeated but at least I’m still able to work toward my objectives.

I got Palestine, but I still need Iraq and that makes me nervous because I think Great Britain is pretty strong, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to take them out. I need to do it though, so I’ll just make an attempt. 

Italy 5 1945

I signed an alliance with the United States so hopefully they’ll restrain from attacking me. However, I still plan to continue taking over the countries in the Middle East which is why I don’t want to sign an alliance with Great Britain or France.

I attacked Iraq and Trans-Jordan and got both of them. I’m going to pick up some troops from Italy and bring them into the ME so I at least have a chance of getting Libya back.

Great Britain is advancing towards my troops, so I wanted to take 98 troops from Italy to have more defense, but Great Britain is going to attack Italy from France so I’ll leave them there to help retain my territory.

They attacked and I don’t have any troops left but I defended and still had my land left. He attacked me again, but I sent in my 13 troops from Greece and won. Unfortunately he attacked me a third time and I didn’t have any troops left to defend, so I lost my country.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job at at least attempting my objectives.