Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Student Journal: Netherlands 5

Netherlands 5 Orientation 

So. I don’t really know how this is supposed to play out. I really don’t want to participate in this simulation. I have an easy enough role to play I guess. I did hear someone say in our class it was the USSR’s plan to just bomb everything. If that happens then maybe I’ll have no choice but to just go along with it. That sounds easy enough. Either way I won’t know until I get there so it is what it is. I just have to try and keep the peace within my group. I hope all the countries agree that way I don’t really have to compromise for the group. I don’t like talking in class and arguing with people. I also hope that no one wants to fight because that’s another thing I’m against. If they don’t then I assume I’ll have to say something.

Netherlands 5 Day 1

Well now. The USSR is not messing around one bit. DefCon 2 and already done some bombing. We’ve only been in class less than 20 minutes. I really feel like NATO is basically going to be whatever Sage and Jacob want to do because let’s be honest, they are not going to be persuaded to do anything other than what they want. This is why children are not allowed to run wars. We would end all forms of civilization. In a week most likely. There goes my country. I officially now have no say in the simulation any more. It happens. Okay. One of my objectives is to keep the peace between the countries in NATO and so far, I’m doing a pretty good job. It’s easy enough because they all are in agreement with one another already. Even if they weren’t I doubt there is much I could do to get them to agree. It’s Sage and Jacob. They’re not going to listen to anyone other than themselves. For my second objective I can guarantee that my own country will not be participating in any fighting. Well. I tried to tell Sage and Jacob to slow down on all the bombing but the other side wasn’t backing down so neither were they. I’m done now.

Netherlands 5 Day 2

I would not at all be surprised if we just destroyed the entire world. We just destroyed the world.. Children really should not have control over nuclear bombs. This doesn