Student Journal: Cold War Simulation, United States

Orientation Day:

Initial Thoughts: Answer: 

It seems like it will be almost impossible to avoid nuclear war. We definitely know that by moving up defcon levels that it will provoke them to actually use those weapons, but if we don’t raise them, they will definitely try and take over all of Europe by traditional war. Going though this orientation shows how close we actually were to going into a nuclear war. If we did so, then it definitely would have been the end of everything as we know it. 

Strategy: Answer

Nato’s strategy will be to use anything possible as a deterrent of the USSR using nuclear weapons. This is what we want to avoid at all costs. We will begin by saying that we will take our missiles out of Turkey if they take theirs out of Cuba. We know that they have them there because that is how it was in real life, and the simulations usually go along with what actually happened. If this fails, then we will use Cuba as a bargaining chip, because if we take over then they won’t have any missiles within close range of the United States. If all of these fail, we will be forced to raise the defcon levels, which has the possibility of provoking a nuclear attack by the Warsaw Pact. This is a very delicate situation.

Day 1:

Thoughts: Answer

This has not gone to plan at all. The Warsaw Pact will keep advancing and we don’t see a possible way out of it. The attempt of taking missiles out of Turkey has failed miserably. They saw through all of our plans, and they just conquered Turkey instead of letting anything happen with it. This is very bad. It seems that every plan we have is falling through, because our plans with Cuba failed as well. The attempt to prevent them from conquering Turkey by threatening Cuba didn’t work. We were forced to stand by our words, and we have conquered Cuba. This eliminates the concern of short range missiles that they had in the area. Our great reconnaissance confirmed the fact that they were harboring nuclear weapons on the island. They, of course, denied all of these allegations. That spelt the doom for Cuba. We have no more bargaining though, this looks very, very bad. 

Strategy: Answer

Our strategy going forward is simply to try and deter them from advancing anymore. No matter the cost. If we have to go to the brink of nuclear war, so be it. We will do anything to protect our NATO allies. The current plan is to raise the defcon level as high as possible, without causing them to launch their nuclear weapons. We will not launch first. I do not see a world in which we launch first. I don’t feel that there is any other outcome though. We need to prepare for the worst, in life, or in death. We will survive as a nation if it does lead up to that point, there is no doubt. It is unlikely that we will go that far, but if it does, then I have no doubt that we will prevail.

Day 2:

Strategy: Answer

We are coming in with a different strategy for this day. We will be on the offensive. I have devised a plan to take out all of the USSR’s ICBMs. They pushed too far away from their homeland, and now will face the consequences. We can take their land, without them being able to reinforce with anything. All of their long range missiles will be disabled, and if we do go into a nuclear war, it will weaken any of the damage that we will take. This plan seems flawless, although we are unable to prevent their submarines from launching seaborne missiles. That will still wreak havoc on the people of the United States. Nuclear war seems unavoidable, so we may as well prevent as much damage as possible…

Thoughts: Answer

It went too far. The unlikely became reality. The end of the world as we know it. We pushed the USSR and their allies too far. We didn’t think that they would lack that much empathy for human life. This is it. I cannot believe that they would result in this. This is a tragedy. We shouldn’t have reached a defcon level one. I believe that this would have all been prevented if we didn’t go to that extent. They believed that they were going to launch, which never would have happened unless they had first. But, there is no point in looking back now. It is behind us. Now it is time to rebuild: bigger and better than we were before.

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