WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 1

World War 2 Simulation

Germany  1938
As we learn about the simulation, my partner and I are coming up with good ideas and plans for the future. Will we win, I hope so. Nevertheless, we will do our best to work on and do our best.  We are meeting with our allies, thinking out a plan to take out our enemy before they attack us. We shall see what goes on.

Germany  1939
As war goes on, the Motherland has taken over the Netherlands and also taken out Great Britain’s Navy. This was a great win for the Motherland as we work on taking over the world. Our military is right now is taking over Poland with the help of U.S.S.R.  Together we can work to take over as much land as we can.

Germany  1940
As the year goes on, the motherland creates the plan for world domination. We are gathering our troops to move into Belgium. Our country invaded Belgium and now we have conquered more land. The motherland is now going to conquer the rest of Europe. We will win this war. I can tell that the Allies power are getting worried as we acquire more and more land.

Germany  1941
A lot is going on right now. Many countries are working together to acquire more land. Greece and Sweden have been taken over by the Axis Power as we move to surround France and once we get France, we will send help to Italy to help them with taking North Africa.

Germany  1942
As the war goes on, we come up new ways to fight the Allied Powers. We came up with a plan to invade the France. We want them to attack us in Belgium and then we will retaliate and destroy Britain and France.

Germany  1943
Today is the day, we will either take most of France or fail to do so. As the simulation goes on and is near the end, we are coming up with a plan that involves a lot of troops. We are going to take France head on with the help of Italy.

Germany  1944
Today has been a good day. We have taken all of France and now we are going to move troops to the east.  Once we defend the west, we will strength our territory to the east to stop the Soviet Union from taken Romania. Once we defend our land, we will attack Soviet Union. Will have already taken most of Europe and we will keep take more.

Germany  1945
Today is the last day of the war. In the last few years, we have taken almost all of Europe. Now we go to strength our eastern border and attack the Soviet Union. Our plans are to take as much of the Soviet Union as we can in the last day.